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Coinbase CEO unveils the Super Bowl advertisement: internal team creativity, adhere to their own unusual path

2022-06-24 03:23:21Zewei

This year's United States “ Spring Festival Gala ” The Super Bowl competition has become a carnival for cryptocurrency enterprises , Well known exchanges Coinbase Put in a “ weird ” Advertisements ,60 Second ads are entirely composed of floating two-dimensional codes of different colors , New users can obtain by scanning the code and registering 15 Free bitcoin for dollars .

This slightly rude advertisement soon led to the collapse of the website .Coinbase Chief Marketing Officer Kate Rouch Express ,1 Minutes of advertising time ,Coinbase The number of hits on the target page exceeds 2000 Ten thousand times . Benefit from this advertising campaign ,Coinbase App Quickly climbed to the second place in the apple store . Although advertising itself costs 1400 Thousands of dollars , But this marketing campaign has obviously achieved great success .

2 month 21 Japan ,Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Shared the story behind the Super Bowl advertising idea on twitter .

Brian A little Versailles means , When buying Super Bowl ads , They didn't figure out what to do . In limine , An external organization is Coinbase Recommended a lot of standard Super Bowl advertising ideas . However , He doesn't like any of them himself . He thinks that , The standard Super Bowl advertising is basically “ Play tricks ” To grab users' attention , Look for a star to appear , Make the audience laugh and so on . For him , Why do stars like a product because they take money to say they like it ?

therefore ,Brian Take the team to brainstorm again , Came up with a lot of very wild ideas . There are some ideas that the team really wants to do , But time is running out , The super bowl is only a few weeks away . In the original idea , The team thought of putting the two-dimensional code at the end . This has been affected Reddit Inspired by the previous Super Bowl advertising , If you only flash something on the screen , Then people will search the Internet .

How to realize the transformation from TV terminal to mobile terminal ? Considering the time constraint , Finally, the team decided to make the whole advertisement in the form of two-dimensional code , Adopted DVD Screensaver animation theme , With the American electronic musicians Com Truise A song of .

then , The team submitted the advertisement , meanwhile , Also received a lot of negative feedback , Question whether this advertisement will work . Through some communication and assurance , Finally the advertisement was accepted , It also proved that the advertisement was very successful . The team finished a great job at the last minute . It is worth mentioning that , The entire advertising budget is very low , Less than 10 Thousands of dollars .

Brian Think , It made him realize that , Limitations inspire and nurture creativity ; As founder , They can empower teams to help them break general marketing rules . No advertising company would make such an advertisement .

Last ,Brian Express :

“ For marketing , I'm still a new person . however , I have a suggestion ,‘ Do what you think is interesting or great , Even if people tell you it won't work ’.”

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