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How does the fashion circle play the NFT card well?

2022-06-24 02:37:00The heart of the meta universe

2022 year 1 month , American artist Mason · Rothschild (Mason Rothschild) On the occasion of Art Basel in Miami , Launched 100 The name of the piece is “MetaBirkins” Of NFT works , I hope that through the form of virtual handbag , Pass on “ Zero animal fur luxury ” The concept of . One of them is in Basic.Space In the auction , With 23500 Sold in dollars .

And then , Hermes issued an official statement , Accuse Rothschild “ Without authorization and consent , Create and sell platinum handbags ”.

On the surface , This is just one of the many rights protection actions of Hermes for its products . But at the end of the day , In fact, fashion brands hope to firmly control their own value in the virtual world in their own hands .

stay NFT Of the first year 2021 year , The concept of non homogenous token was born in the field of E-sports , Popular in the field of digital art , And it blossoms everywhere in the fashion field that pursues new things . In the previous issue ,《 Yu Jianjia 》 Discussed NFT Infinite possibilities in the sports industry .

In this issue , We will explore NFT Two way empowerment with the fashion field .


fashion NFT The amazing value of

1858 year , Paris fashion designer Charles · Frederick · wo (Charles Frederic Worth) Pioneered the concept of haute couture . In the context of real fashion , Advanced customization is the existence of the top of the luxury value pyramid , This value , Combined with the huge cost of manual production , And the noble cost of raw materials , Of course, it also includes scarcity and cultural added value .

And in the 2021 year , The fashion value rules that have lasted for a hundred years have encountered subversive innovation .

2021 year 12 month 8 Japan , Paris old fashion house balman (Balmain) With high-end gym brands Dogpound Launch two pairs of unique NFT Sports shoes , The starting price of each pair is as high as 71400 element . meanwhile , They have also introduced a series of purchase incentives , When a bidder makes a breakthrough bid 28 Ten thousand yuan , That is, you have the opportunity to get tickets to balman show , Even visit the backstage of the show .

As a fashion piece that only exists in the virtual world , fashion NFT How much value can it carry , LVMH group (LVMH) Consultant Yi an · Rogers (Ian Rogers) Once said :“ When consumers decide to buy luxury goods , It's not just the material and quality that matters . And the cultural connotation of the long established brand , Public identity 、 Cultural status and scarcity , Is the important factor ”.

so , Made by balman NFT The value of is based on the brand value , Grasp the scarcity attribute , meanwhile , It also gives consumers a rare noble experience .

Gucci, an Italian luxury brand (Gucci) Then find another way . When Gucci was founded 100 Anniversary , Brand art director Alexandra · Michaely (Alessandro Michele) Put one 4 Minutes of fashion video 《Gucci Aria 2021》 Cast into NFT, With 2 The price of million dollars is on Christie's , And use the money for charity . This is undoubtedly a two-way bridge between brand value and brand culture .


NFT What problems can fashion solve ?

Aesthetic feeling 、 innovation 、 pop culture , When these additional elements are stripped from fashion one by one , The essence of fashion may ultimately be a consumerist dream whitewashed by capitalists . When the commodity still has use value , The brand continues to push through the old and bring forth the new , And tell consumers “ What you need is the latest model ”. This game rule is still the core of the fashion industry today .2021 year , The total output value of the global fashion industry has reached 4400 Billion dollars . Behind it , Of course, there is also the pain that the fashion industry will never face —— A huge waste of resources . As a virtual form , fashion NFT Appearance , While maintaining the consumption relationship , It also reverses the waste of material in a certain sense .

Most fashion brands are used to using the with magnetic stripe and number “ ID card ” Fidelity for some products . Now, , British jewelry brand ESPRAY (Asprey) We have tried to associate our products with NFT, And make use of NFT The encryption principle of is product fidelity . future , This way of combining reality with virtual reality may become popular in the fashion field .

meanwhile ,NFT The open and unchangeable nature of circulation records , It also provides a lot of opportunities for the second premium of fashion items . In the art collection industry , Many artists 、 The value of works has doubled due to the collection of celebrities . In the fashion field where celebrity effect is more obvious , fashion NFT Beautiful “ Curriculum vitae ”( That is, keeping records ) It may also bring a win-win situation for brands and consumers .

2021 year , Burberry (Burberry)、 Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton)、 Balencia (Balenciaga) All will NFT The breakthrough of the game is in the game field . Limited edition cooperative skin 、 The sale of pendant , So that the brand side and the game manufacturers have a double harvest . What fashion brands value more , Brand awareness through the game , For the penetration of more potential customers .


fashion NFT What kind of dilemma are you facing ?

When we peel NFT Layers of “ myth ” halo , It's not hard to find out , As a non homogenous token ,NFT The real value of is still reflected in collection and circulation . And in the ever-changing tide , The price of fashion products is time sensitive . therefore , After the freshness , fashion NFT Whether the value of , It has become the most urgent problem to be solved in the rapidly changing fashion industry .

2020 year , A Hermes treasured leather handbag was photographed at Christie's autumn auction in Hong Kong 286 A record high price of 10000 yuan , The scarcity of complex processes and materials , It makes Hermes firmly hold the ceiling of fashion product collection value . however , In the field of fashion collection , Chanel (Chanel) And compete with Hermes with a sense of design .

Through this phenomenon , It's not hard to see. , Does not exist in the real world NFT If fashion products want to stick to the collection value , We have to keep the scarcity at the same time , From creativity 、 Make progress on the aesthetic level , Break through the present NFT Fashion products stay in the image 、 The status quo of 3D models , And give NFT Items have more cultural significance .

2022 year , Italian jewelry brand Bulgari (Bvlgari) Also announced the March NFT field . Different from fashion , Jewelry brands that cherish resources and precision craftsmanship want to NFT turn , It seems more fantastic . Maybe , Unpack and buy Bulgari NFT Our customers value , Only “ bulgari ” This gold signboard . After dematerialization NFT Luxury consumption in the times , For brand cultural value and designer's personal value , Or will become a more difficult test .

So , Louis Vuitton even developed and launched a mobile game 《Louis the Game》, Lead users in the form of games , Re perceive the culture and value of the brand , And in the game released a few pieces of limited collection significance NFT.

Stripped away the fashion of consumption , It can't be called fashion . The satisfaction of identity and vanity , Make the relationship between consumers and fashion very close . therefore , Personal fashion NFT Display form of the collection , It has also become a problem that luxury brands need to solve . at present , Virtual fashion consumers can only use games and meta universe products , Show off your fashion NFT Collection . Maybe , Today's fashion industry is for NFT Attempts to , They are fighting back for the coming social transformation in the near future .

Now? , Embracing new forms of socializing “ A whole new generation ” Already in the game 《 Fort night 》 Go to virtual luxury stores 、 Watch the concert 、 Even visit KAWS Art Exhibition . So in the future ,NFT What wonderful reactions will take place with the game ? In the next issue , We will go back to NFT Of “ Birthplace ”, Talk about games and NFT Two way empowerment .

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