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China's first blockchain national standard is expected to be released next year and has entered the status of submission for approval

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Blockchain helps cross-border trade and payment settlement 、 Anti money laundering with blockchain 、 Trace the source of ancient Pu'er and high-end Baijiu …… The new generation information technology blockchain relies on its unique technical advantages , In various fields , Various application scenarios are gradually demonstrated . Who is the leader of Western blockchain innovation ?

10 month 27 Japan , The western regional competition of the 5th China blockchain development competition was held in Chengdu . From Sichuan 、 Chongqing 、 guizhou 、 yunnan 、 Xinjiang, etc 10 Provincial 13 Detachment Wu competes for the ticket of the national finals .

according to the understanding of , This competition is based on “ Standards lead , Innovation driven ” The theme of , By China Institute of electronic technology standardization 、 Sponsored by Chengdu New Economic Development Committee , China blockchain technology and Industry Development Forum 、 Organized by Sichuan blockchain Industry Association . After a day of fierce competition , The first prize was decided in the competition 1 name , The second prize 2 name , The third prize 3 name , Award for excellence 7 name , Cloud chain integration 、 Titanium Rongyi, etc 6 Teams were shortlisted for the national finals .

China's first national standard for blockchain is expected to be released next year

Li Ming, director of the blockchain Research Office of China Institute of electronic technology standardization, disclosed , The Institute is participating in the development of national standards for blockchain . China's first national standard for blockchain has entered the state of submission for approval , It will be released next year .

What is a standard ? Li Ming said , Any industry , The most fundamental thing is to have standards , There is a baseline only when there is a standard . Just as Wifi And the bluetooth , Not up to standard , You can't access the network .

Li Ming said , Standardization does not come out of thin air , You have to be right about the whole technology 、 application 、 Conduct a detailed study of the industry , Find out the object and scope of standardization , Only then can we truly form relevant countries 、 industry 、 Relevant local standards .

Blockchain is “ encapsulation ” Technical system of data . Simply speaking , This standard will specify which interested parties and functional components of the system exist in the blockchain . such as , An enterprise enters blockchain related industries , What role are you playing , As a technical service provider , Or as a user , Or as a software developer , Or as a third party .

“ If we just look at the standard , It's just a few sheets of paper , We need to train talents 、 Development competition 、 laboratory 、 Application demonstration 、 The open source community , Even combined with capital , Let the standards be applied to the industry .” Li Ming said , In the future, China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute will also study standards based on the standard system 、 Develop evaluation system , Building a benign ecology based on the evaluation system .

The number of applicants in Sichuan ranks first in China

since 2017 Since the first China blockchain development competition was held in , The performance of the participating teams also reflects the growing maturity of the domestic blockchain industry . In the fifth competition , Supply chain management 、 E-government services 、 financial service , Blockchain is more and more widely used , More and more in-depth .

Revealed by Li Ming , This year, the number of applicants across the country reached a new high ; The number of registrations in the western division ranks second in China ; among , The Sichuan team reached 21 home , Accounting for% of the total number in the preliminary evaluation 19%, Ranked first in the country .

Li Ming said , In these five years , Sichuan's blockchain development advantages are gradually emerging . The biggest feature is the cluster effect . Sichuan's blockchain enterprises are evenly distributed in various fields , Covers the platform 、 Security 、 application , There are outstanding enterprise representatives in all directions . Li Ming thinks , The western region, especially Sichuan , In the future, the blockchain industry will have greater development .

The data also confirms Li Ming's judgment . As the main battlefield for Sichuan to develop blockchain , Chengdu has performed well in recent years .

Member of the leading Party group of Chengdu New Economic Development Committee 、 Deputy director Zhoucheng disclosed at the meeting , Blockchain, with its unique advantages and technical characteristics, has promoted the transformation of the Internet from information transmission to value transmission , Reconstruction of information industry system and digital economy ecology .

According to CCID blockchain Research Institute 2020 Chinese blockchain patent white paper data in ,2020 Number of patent applications for Chengdu blockchain in 327 Pieces of , Ranked sixth in the country .

In terms of infrastructure construction , The national blockchain infrastructure spark networking super node will soon be settled in Chengdu , Sichuan blockchain infrastructure Shuxin chain has developed into the largest regional blockchain application ecosystem in China , The operation center is located in Chengdu .

By 2020 year , Chengdu blockchain enterprises have reached 831 home , Year-on-year growth 178.9%, The existing China network security 、 Sichuan changhong 、 Sichuan Shangtong 、 Ray technology 、 Linkbo Technology 、 Xinhua Wenxuan and other well-known domestic enterprises , It is also interesting for leading enterprises in the industry introduced from other places, such as chain technology , It covers platform research and development 、 Technical support 、 Application services and other fields , Outstanding competitive advantage .

The blockchain industry has entered a new inflection point

An Hongzhang, Secretary General of Sichuan blockchain Industry Association, noted , Blockchain from 2020 From the beginning of the year to now , It is different from the previous business . The original business form , It is an application that blossoms everywhere . But to 2020 Years later , It often refers to large platforms , It is often a national chain 、 Regional chains , There are fewer and fewer small dedicated chains .

Why is that ? Anhongzhang thinks , This represents a turning point for the blockchain industry .“ This inflection point is a change destined for this industry .”

Anhongzhang thinks , Blockchain is to solve the trust problem , If it is not recognized by everyone 、 recognition , It doesn't work . therefore , Anhongzhang believes that there should be a strong 、 A large blockchain platform with credibility .“ In the future, we must gather on centralized platforms , It must be a big platform 、 Macroecology , A number of blockchains will be eliminated in the future , Settle down a batch .”

For blockchain , It must be solved “ Base problem ”, Big infrastructure . An Hongzhang introduces , Now we have a national infrastructure platform , for example , Spark chain led by the Ministry of industry and information technology ; Each region also has a regional platform , for example , Sichuan Shuxin chain , Changan chain in Beijing .

On these blockchains , Different regions have been constructed 、 Industry nodes , It has created the application ecology of different industries , Above ecology is the application layer , Serving government affairs 、 Finance 、 Private hair 、 Medical and other fields .

According to an Hongzhang , Just a few days ago , The blockchain trusted service organization alliance was officially launched in Chengdu .“ Our blockchain service enterprises should cooperate , Take standards as the link , Promote synergy between facilities and ecology .” An Hongzhang said , Remove obstacles to our trust , Bring the value of blockchain into full play , Empowering the development of digital economy .

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