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Lilihui: blockchain technology innovation and industrial upgrading

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Two years ago : We should take blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology , Define the main direction of attack , Increase investment , Strive to conquer a number of key core technologies , Accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation . The central committee of the communist party of China 、 Issued by the State Council 《 National standardization development outline 》 Put forward : In the integration of the two 、 New generation information technology 、 big data 、 Blockchain 、 Health and hygiene 、 New energy 、 New materials and other technical fields with broad application prospects , Synchronous deployment technology development 、 Standard development and industrial promotion , Accelerate the industrialization of new technologies .

For two years , Blockchain technology accelerates innovation , Expand applications , It shows broad prospects in promoting industrial upgrading .

One 、 Blockchain technology innovation strengthens digital trusted interaction .

Blockchain solves trust problems through mathematical methods , Express rules in algorithmic programs , As long as we trust the common algorithm program, we can establish mutual trust . such Digital trust has high efficiency 、 Low cost inclusive . One is to form a trusted bond in an environment where trust is unknown or weak , Save the time and cost of credit formation , Add business credit ; Second, in the wide area 、 Establish zero time difference in high-speed network 、 Zero distance authentication tool , Improve the efficiency and reliability of the Internet of things .

Recent blockchain technological innovations focus on expanding interaction and storage functions . Cross chain technology can realize the communication between blockchains 、 Interoperability between blockchain and Internet , Information and assets can be in a non reproducible form 、 Don't falsify 、 In a way that cannot be tampered with, it flows on a larger scale . The distributed storage technology of blockchain can store files in different spaces , At the same time, the document storage right confirmation certificate is generated , In reliability 、 Edge storage costs 、 Data privacy protection has certain advantages over traditional cloud storage .

The information technology architecture we are familiar with is big centralization 、 Local closed , The business society we are familiar with is that the market subjects are independent 、 Planar interactive , The traditional credit mechanism we are familiar with is self-contained 、 Divided . Blockchain technology establishes a digital trusted three-dimensional interaction architecture , It is possible to recreate industries and business models , Promote economic upgrading .

First, industrial identification analysis and equipment management . Realize globally unique identification management , Solve the problem of equal interoperability between different identification and coding systems of industrial Internet , Build industrial identification infrastructure based on blockchain , Implement industrial device identity management and device access control , Processing of products 、 assemble 、 Sub packaging and other production processes and product circulation 、 consumption 、 Carry out life cycle management in recycling and other links .

Second, industrial chain coordination . In core enterprises 、 supplier 、 Distributor 、 In the industrial chain collaboration network composed of customers and other multi subjects , Realize data synchronous sharing and management action coordination , Optimize supply chain management , Improve collaborative efficiency , Improve market response efficiency , Improve the efficiency of commodity and capital allocation .

Third, supply chain finance . Establish multi-party cooperation architecture and trust mechanism , Overcome the limitations of traditional commercial credit , Transfer core corporate credit to more levels ; Establish an ecosystem of mutual trust and exchange , Reduce the financing threshold and financing cost , Accelerate logistics turnover and capital turnover ; Incorporate business agreements into smart contracts , Prevent misappropriation of funds and malicious breach of contract .

Fourth, rural revitalization . Build a digital platform for physical assets , Realize the digitization of physical assets , At different time points in the blockchain 、 Physical assets in different locations and their ownership and value , Form traceable 、 It can be traced back to 、 Tradable digital assets , Conduct whole process operation and management , Revitalize the value of physical assets , To promote the revitalization of the countryside . for example , On the trusted supervision and financial service platform of biological assets , Beef cattle become tradable 、 traceable 、 Traceable digital assets . On the Pu'er tea blockchain platform , Pu'er tea can verify the authenticity and trace the source , It can be stored centrally and traded separately , It solves the problem of tea cake counterfeiting in Pu'er tea market 、 Preservation difficulty 、 The problem of virtual value .

Fifth, smart city . Integrated blockchain 、 Artificial intelligence 、 big data 、 Digital technologies such as the Internet of things , Build a trusted data standard supporting urban digital upgrading , Make the whole city real-time 、 visualization . Achieve personal identity credibility in the field of citizenship 、 Asset ownership is credible 、 Health status, trusted and effective privacy protection , Realize intelligent public service in administrative field 、 Intelligent public management and intelligent public supervision , Realize distributed real-time monitoring of carbon emissions in the field of green economy 、 Measurement and emissions trading , Realize intelligent route guidance and parking guidance in the field of transportation , Form high efficiency and low carbon 、 Harmonious and safe urban ecology .

Two 、 Accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation .

The experimental application of blockchain technology in China is in the forefront of the world .2021 year 2 month , The United States 《 Forbes 》 Selected global blockchain companies 50 strong , tencent Blockchain is listed in the list . Universal blockchain provides blockchain for customers + Industry solutions , Covering supply chain finance 、 Automobile Supply Chain Logistics 、 Industrial Internet 、 Biological assets 、 Digital city and other fields , Enabling industry upgrading .

Blockchain technology innovation is a global hotspot , Great progress has been made , However, it has not yet reached the level of large-scale and reliable applications in the high concurrency market , The new cross chain technology also has potential safety hazards . We are in a period of great opportunities for the innovation and development of blockchain technology and industry . In this period of development opportunities , A sober institutional innovation can eliminate potential local bubbles in time , Positive technological innovation can continue to create scalable business wealth .

First of all , Technology in geopolitics makes a country .

China is a big country of data resources and digital market , But at present, it is still a weak software country . According to the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO Number of international patent applications issued ,2019 Year and 2001 Year contrast , The proportion of the United States consists of 40% Down to 21.8%, China's share consists of 1.6% Up to 22.3%, Japan remains at 20% about , Germany consists of 13.0% Down to 7.3%, Korea by 2.1% Rise to 7.2%. Although the proportion of international patent applications in China has exceeded that of the United States and other western countries , However, the intellectual property rights of core technologies are mainly controlled by the United States, Japan and other western countries . Bertelsmann foundation in Germany 2020 A study in , stay 58 In this cutting-edge technology , America's role in it 50 Has the most patents .

Digital technology equality is digital economy 、 Digital finance is the cornerstone of equal competition . In the field of core digital technology , China can only make up for its shortcomings , Only then can we truly establish equal and mutually beneficial relations with western countries .

2020 year 10 month , Released in the United States 《 Key and emerging technology national strategy 》,20 The list of items includes high-end computing 、 Data storage and distributed technology , clear “ The United States must develop these technologies , Protect these technologies , Can't provide these technologies to competitors .”

In core digital technology , We can't borrow , nowhere to buy it , Such as not , The only path is self-reliance , Make efforts , Seek a breakthrough .

second , Data protection in the interconnection of all things .

Data resources are personal wealth 、 Collective wealth . In the era of digital economy, we need to protect data privacy . The basic rights of data owners to private data should be emphasized . for example , It is stipulated that the collection and processing of data by enterprises must obtain the explicit consent of the data owner , It is stipulated that enterprises shall not collect information beyond the agreed scope 、 Process and use data , At the same time, it gives the data owner the right to ask the data owner to delete the data related to his privacy .

Data resources are the wealth of a country , Data security is the guarantee of data development and utilization and the development of data industry . for example , The financial industry must build mutual trust among users 、 The technology environment in which information is true and symmetrical , It is required to ensure reliable data transmission , Protect your privacy ; It is required to adopt information authenticity mutual verification technology , Establish an identity authentication system , Feature recognition of people or objects 、 Spatiotemporal location and identity authentication , Carry out user authorization verification and information data verification , Confirm end-to-end control .

The State supports data development and utilization , Support data security technology promotion and business innovation . Data resource sharing and secure application can be realized through technological innovation . for example , China Internet Finance Association takes the lead in the research and development of financial industry data element fusion application system . This system integrates the use of multiparty computing 、 Federal learning 、 Data desensitization 、 Differential privacy 、 Trusted computing and other technologies , It can protect data privacy while realizing data sharing , Protect data security while enhancing the value of data resources .

Third , Penetrating regulation in industrial integration .

Digital technology innovation is changing the mode of financial services , Gradually form interaction 、 cross 、 New financial business forms of intersection . for example , The future digital asset market includes both digital financial assets , It also includes capitalized patent data 、 Book data , Will form an asset owner 、 investors 、 Registration of property rights 、 Property right certification 、 Financial intermediaries 、 Regulatory body 、 Tax authorities 、 The complex architecture of the intersection of arbitration institutions and other parties .

Financial innovation calls for regulatory innovation . Digital financial supervision system should be jointly built and shared by financial supervision departments , It should cover all financial institutions , It should penetrate different financial markets and financial businesses , Realize the whole process of financial supervision 、 All-round intelligence , Beyond the complexity of the process 、 Resource intensive on-site supervision , Reduce regulatory and regulated costs .

Fourth , Security barrier in distributed architecture .

Decentralized finance may penetrate a country's financial infrastructure barrier, monetary sovereignty and regional financial regulatory boundary . Decentralized finance is the focus of international financial competition in the future , It is also the focus of global financial supervision in the future .

As a big economic country , Implement a higher level of economic opening up 、 Financial opening includes capital market opening , It is a basic national policy ; Maintain economic and financial stability , Take the initiative to guard against systemic financial risks , Is the financial bottom line .

therefore , It should be necessary to deeply analyze the distributed peer-to-peer architecture 、 Digital technologies such as decentralized architecture already have and potential “ Subversive ” performance , This paper focuses on the possible path for decentralized financial instruments based on new digital technology to cross the barrier of financial infrastructure , Study technical countermeasures and policy plans , Build a digital financial security barrier .

The fifth , Security responsibility in the open source pattern .

Open source is infiltrating more and more software products . Some experts think , Open source has become the mainstream of digital technology innovation , Open source can cross company boundaries 、 National borders , Transformation and upgrading of enabling industries . It should be noted that , Open source will also constitute system bindings and technology dependencies , Some open source software lacks clear security responsibility subjects and authoritative security performance certification , There may be a security hole .

In the open source pattern , One is to establish software security technical standards , Establish software audit and certification system , Prevent potential safety hazards 、 Even open source software with malicious Trojans has entered China ; Second, increase investment , Increase policy support , Encourage our own scientific research institutions 、 Scientific innovation enterprises and digital technology talents develop software with independent property rights , Realize the basic performance of core software 、 Expansion performance 、 Optimization and balance of safety performance , Promote the progress and growth of China's software industry .

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