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Urban meta universe and the development path of meta universe City

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What is the purpose of developing a city ? What principles should urban planning follow ? And how to evaluate the development of the city ? After answering these three questions , Further consider the impact of digital transformation on urban development ? And what kind of changes will the recently proposed meta universe bring to urban development ? Compared with the impact of digital transformation on cities , Where is the value of developing the meta universe ? This article will discuss these issues in detail .

key word : Urban meta universe 、 Meta cosmic city

Yuancosmos has broken the pattern of geo economic development , Give people unlimited imagination , Let the future be full of more possibilities . Some people in the market applaud the concept of meta universe , Some people think that the metauniverse is a hoax , But as Seoul, South Korea, announced its five-year plan for metauniverse , Shanghai, China 、 Wuhan and other cities have also been added to the layout of the meta universe , A meta universe construction around the city officially kicked off amid various discussions . therefore , What is the purpose and value of the meta universe around the city ? We need to see the essence through the phenomenon , Starting from urban economics , Looking for the meaning and value of the meta universe .

Urban economics 2022 Annual report list

The definition of city

“ City ” It has two meanings :“ city ” The concept of administrative region , That is, the gathering place of population ;“ City ” For business concepts , That is, the place for commodity exchange . And the first “ City ” It is because the commodity exchange gathers people , To facilitate the exchange of goods , In situ processing has emerged 、 The phenomenon of local sales , Under this background, industrial cities are also slowly forming . Industrial cities have brought about changes in commerce , Including the size of the city 、 Urban function 、 Urban transportation 、 Urban environment and other impacts . Cities have also evolved from the earliest market-oriented cities ( A distribution center for agricultural and handicraft commodities ), Evolved into functional ( Advantages of natural resources , Such as heavy industry 、 Travel, etc )、 Comprehensive ( Make use of regional advantages to develop finance 、 trade 、 service 、 Culture 、 Entertainment, etc )、 Urban agglomeration ( Satellite city ) Etc . No matter what type of city , Basically, it is made up of residential areas 、 industrial area 、 The business district is composed of and has the function of administrative jurisdiction .

The development of the city

The development from a market-oriented city to an industrial city , Pictured 1 Shown mainly around the industry 、 People and cities : Industrial development needs more labor , Attract a large number of people from surrounding cities or rural areas to the city through high salary and high-quality welfare , The development of commerce makes the scale of the city expand rapidly , The economy is developing more rapidly .

chart 1: The initial stage of industrial city development

However , Rapid expansion increases the difficulty of urban governance , Including city life 、 Business environment, etc . traffic jam 、 Environmental deterioration 、 Medical care is in short supply 、 Insufficient educational resources, etc “ city disease ” appear , Let the living conditions in the city drop but the cost soar ; At the same time, industrial expansion leads to overcapacity , High labor costs , Industrial development has entered a bottleneck period , People's life in the city is even worse under the competitive environment . In this environment , Figure appears 2 Situation in , People began to flow out of the city , Look for other cities with low cost of living and high income .

chart 2: Population outflow from industrial cities

How to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of the city ? This is the country 、 The government and scientific research institutions are looking for the answer ,2020 year 10 month ,习近平总书记 stay 国家中长期经济发展战略发 surface 讲话, It mainly refers to 6 Three aspects of strategy :

First of all 、 Firmly implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand

China has 14 Billion residents , It is the largest and most potential consumer market in the world , Residents' consumption should be upgraded first , Combined with modern technology and production mode , There is huge room for growth .

second 、 Optimize and stabilize the industrial chain 、 Supply chain

You can't simply repeat the past pattern , Instead, efforts should be made to reshape the new industrial chain , Comprehensively increase scientific and technological innovation and import substitution ; Accelerating the digital economy 、 Digital society 、 Digital government building , Promote digital optimization and upgrading in various fields , Active participation in digital currency 、 International rules and regulations , Creating new competitive advantages .

Third 、 Improve the urbanization strategy

The urbanization rate of China's resident population has reached 60.6%, In order to better promote people-centered Urbanization , Make the city healthier 、 More secure 、 More livable , Become a space for people to live in high quality .

Fourth 、 Adjust and optimize the input and output structure of scientific research

Optimize the layout of scientific and technological resources , Improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation , A path of scientific and technological research and development in line with China's national conditions , Try to produce more 0 To 1 The results of .

The fifth 、 Realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature

Deepen the understanding of the regularity of the life community between man and nature , Comprehensively accelerate the path of ecological civilization .

The sixth 、 Strengthen the construction of the public health system

According to the speech of General Secretary Xi , We list them as shown in the figure 3 The urban development framework shown in :

chart 3: Urban sustainable development

The key to optimizing and stabilizing the industrial chain lies in innovation , Have independent and controllable core technologies , From the original role of the world factory to an innovative power . chart 3 You can see , The city reasonably plans the industrial structure , And accurately put resources into core enterprises , The industry is supported by the local government and capital , Expand talent introduction , Increase R & D investment , Improve the output of innovation achievements . The output of achievements will promote the market upgrading , Increase city taxes , A closed loop of urban governance has been formed .

Urbanization construction 、 Man and nature live in harmony 、 Public health system construction, etc , Are included in the figure 3 In the public basic services of . Reasonable and accurate allocation and construction of public facilities to improve service quality , Make cities more livable 、 Suitable for travel 、 Appropriate to learn 、 Suitable for Industry and other aspects can convey the unique temperature and charm of the city . After meeting the need for food and clothing , People pay more attention to spiritual satisfaction , In recent years, people are not only interested in the issue of income when choosing a city to live in , At the same time, the city's culture 、 Environmental Science 、 education 、 Medical environment and other comprehensive factors .

We mentioned two key words above : Precise governance and rational and accurate allocation of public facilities , How to achieve “ accurate ”? The current urban operation data , The specific measures are the digital transformation we are familiar with , All cities apply the Internet of things 、 Artificial intelligence 、 big data 、 The urban brain constructed by blockchain and other technologies 、 Industrial portrait 、 Knowledge map, etc . In the aspect of government affairs, we will promote the "all through one network" 、 Government affairs cloud, etc , Let residents reduce the time and procedures for handling government affairs .

The meta universe with the city as the object

Just as the digital transformation of the city is in full swing ,2021 year “ Meta universe ” The concept suddenly became popular , Cities around the world have successively launched their own meta universe layout plans , One time the meta universe becomes unknown 、 A new term that everyone knows . But what is the meta universe ? The meta universe with the city as the object and what the mainstream media mentioned Meta、Roblox Are isomorphic universes the same ? Compared with digital transformation , What changes can it bring to urban economic development ?

There are many versions of the concept of the metauniverse , Different people have different perceptions of the metauniverse . Same as the real world , Whether it's the city 、 Industry and so on belong to a subset of the meta universe , But through combing various literature materials , We found a metauniverse with cities as its objects , Some people in the industry call it “ Urban meta universe ”, Some people call it “ Meta cosmic city ”, In fact, there are certain differences between the two , In order to let everyone understand these two concepts in the same dimension , This article will distinguish between the two concepts .

The urban meta universe from real to virtual

The urban meta universe is through AR/VR Other equipment , Let people experience various elements of the real city in a more immersive way , And more specifically 、 The image of the scene makes the residents of different places 、 The merchant 、 tourists 、 Scholars socialize together 、 A literary creation 、 game 、 transaction 、 Learning, etc. , The urban meta universe includes but is not limited to virtual government 、 Virtual cultural tourism 、 Virtual medicine 、 Virtual Education 、 Virtual game entertainment 、 Construction of virtual shopping and other contents . The construction of urban meta universe is divided into two types: government led and technology company led , There are certain differences in construction purposes , Let's take Seoul yuancosmos five-year plan and XR Master Take the project as an example .

1、 The government led construction of the urban meta universe —— With “ Seoul yuancosmos five year plan ” For example

(1) background

2021 year 11 month , Seoul, South Korea announced “ Seoul yuan universe ” Five year plan , We are going to create a set called “ Meta universe 120 center ” Virtual government hall , fictitious AI Civil servants will work with civil servants' virtual avatars to provide more professional services to the public 、 Efficient and intelligent consulting and one-stop service , Provision includes economy 、 tourism 、 Communications 、 City 、 Administration 、 Municipal Services in seven fields of construction and education .“ Seoul yuan universe ” The construction of the project will be divided into three stages : Introduction period (2022 year )、 Expansion period (2023-2024 year )、 complete (2025-2026 year ), The total investment is about 39 Billion won .

(2)“ Seoul yuan universe ” Construction purpose

“ Seoul yuan universe ” The construction mainly aims to achieve the following three purposes :

① Enhance the competitiveness of cities

The Seoul municipal government plans to build... In metauniverse “ Seoul financial high tech laboratory ”, To build an online and offline cluster to cultivate the financial technology industry , Assist enterprises to attract foreign investment in the meta universe , The staff will pass the virtual role , The project will be associated with the business of offline investment in Seoul Center , Provide virtual avatar investment consultation for foreign investors 、 Virtual meetings and education 、 Seoul propagandizes tangible experience and other investments 、 Entrepreneurship and other one-stop volunteer services .

② Enhance the city's mobility

“ Seoul yuan universe ” Will be built “ Meta universe 120 center ” Virtual comprehensive service hall , Various businesses currently operating in Seoul 、 Consulting and negotiation services , Both can pass AR/VR Glasses in “ Meta universe 120 center ” Easy to handle anytime, anywhere . Besides , The mayor's office will also be built in the metauniverse , Provide communication with residents 、 Listen to opinions and suggestions and other diversified functions , At the same time, it will become an open communication space for citizens . in addition , The platform will also be built “ Yuancosmos intelligent working platform ”, So that the municipal work in the post epidemic era will not be restricted by time and space , Staff can work remotely through the network virtual space .

③ Enhance the attractiveness of the city

“ Seoul yuan universe ” It will be built into a special tourist zone , Guanghuamen square 、 De Shou palace 、 South Damen market and other major tourist attractions in Seoul will be moved to the platform , form “ Yuancosmos sightseeing Seoul ”, By doing so, we can realize city sightseeing 、 Reappearance of Dunyi gate 、 Experience the memorial ceremony of the ancestral temple and other functions . future ,“ Yuancosmos sightseeing Seoul ” It will also introduce physical stores such as popular restaurants , Carry out virtual space group tour through travel agencies , Watching street performances and other new tourism services combining reality and virtualization . in addition , Seoul also plans to provide “ The celebration of the meta universe 、 Show service ”, Seoul Drum Festival 、 Lantern Festival 、 Traditional celebrations in Seoul, such as the Zhendong night walk, will be presented in the metauniverse in stages ; Some major museums 、 Art Gallery , Even if visitors can't see it in person , You can also experience the same exhibition experience on the platform anytime, anywhere .

(3) The layout of the meta universe plan of various cities in China

China includes Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Shenzhen 、 wuhan 、 Hefei and other local governments , Mention the construction of the urban meta universe in the government report or relevant work meeting , Some main contents are shown in table 1 Shown .

surface 1: Shanghai 、 Beijing 、 Wuhan yuan universe layout

In addition to the above urban layout meta universe ,2021 year 11 month 18 Japan , Zhangjiajie meta universe research integration and development seminar and Zhangjiajie meta universe Research Center listing ceremony were held at wujiayu ticket station of Wulingyuan District big data center , Since then, Zhangjiajie has become the first scenic spot in the world to set up a yuan universe Research Center .

Besides ,2022 year 1 month 11 Japan , Wuyishan has also released the meta cosmic star chain project , The project includes “ Chain Shang Wuyi ” The digital collection platform goes online 、 The first “ natural + Culture ” World Heritage online 、 National Park themed digital collections are online , And blockchain social platforms .

2、 The urban meta universe project led by technology companies

The government led meta universe project , Mainly to enhance the competitiveness of the city , Maintain the sustainable development of urban economy . And the meta universe project implemented by some technology companies , It mainly adopts the Internet thinking , To attract traffic and profit . Most projects are in the early stages of development , The product content is simple , Even in the conceptual stage , Now let's XR Master Take the project as an example .

(1)XR Master Project introduction

XR Master The project was founded in 2015 year , Mainly engaged in geographic information systems GIS The extended reality of XR technological development . The mainstream of the market XR Most of the products belong to the stand-alone version , If you need to support multiple people online , Need to rely on AR Cloud technology ,XR Master The project is based on Open AR Cloud, Let multiple people participate online at the same time AR Content production, management and sharing through the cloud . After the user enters a certain area , You can use your mobile phone APP、AR and VR Helmet and glasses capture or scan the target scene to form AR Geographical coordinates , utilize XR Master Various low code and zero code tools provided , Create in the target location space . For example, a restaurant can put coupons into a virtual box and place them in AR On the street of space , Once the user finds the box, he can receive the coupon and use it when checking out .XR Master At present, it has been implemented in four cities , Including Las Vegas 、 Bari, Italy 、 Helsinki, Finland and Ankara, Turkey .

(2)XR Master Content

at present XR Master It mainly supports seven functions :

The first one is , Space browser ; User arrives at a coordinate space of the city , Use XR Master Scan the space to browse other people's virtual creations .

The second kind ,AR Road exploration ; Users scan target buildings or roads through hardware devices , Augmented reality technology will provide instructions about buildings or roads .

The third kind of , Creative content delivery management ; Created content can be set to be visible to all , It can also be set to be visible to specific users .

A fourth , Space advertising management ; Use XR Master Space advertising management tools , Advertising creators will get corresponding traffic revenue .

The fifth , Rich experience and content creation ; Use XR Master Interactive engine participates in more real and intuitive content creation ;

6 kinds of , Business intelligence and analysis ; Users can use App Analyze your behavior data in the metauniverse ;

Seventh kinds ,AR Scene production is gamified ; Share for target groups or communities AR Play and make connections , As in the early days Pokemon Go game .

3、 Summary

The essence of the development of urban meta universe is not divorced from the scope of traditional urban economics , The layout of the meta universe still revolves around the concept of administrative region , Promote urban economic activities through the meta universe , Including improving the efficiency of government affairs , Promote city tourism and culture , Attract foreign investment . There are also some technology giants trying to embed smart city content into the urban meta universe , That is, the cities mentioned in the digital transformation stage “ Number twin ”, Realize at least the following four aspects : Monitor the whole situation from God's perspective 、 Urban governance simulation decision-making 、 Emergency response 、 Urban planning and construction simulation, etc . Can the metauniverse be right “ Number twin ” Technology further empowers , Let urban governance to a higher level ? Looking at the schemes mentioned at this stage , Only the smart city stage “ Number twin ” The concept shifts into the metauniverse , There are no new feature upgrades or content iterations . The present urban meta universe , Compared with the urban brain proposed by the digital transformation 、 Industrial portrait , Not a replacement or upgrade , They are more complementary . Again , Led by technology companies and under the leadership of “ Urban meta universe ” Flag items , Users' entry into the meta universe only enhances the sense of interaction between tourists in real cities , It belongs to a potential drainage method .

A meta cosmic city from virtual to real

Metacosmic city refers to users living in different countries or regions in the real world , Gather into virtual space through digital avatar , Start working 、 entertainment 、 social contact 、 A series of social activities such as shopping . The metacosmic city has an economic system independent of the physical world , Its unique economic resources within the system , Such as various digital products and digital resources , And does not map to any city in the physical world .

1、Second Life

Now let's Second Life For example .

(1)Second Life Introduce

A group called Second Life The virtual world of 2003 The year was born , It is also considered by the industry to be the form closest to the prototype of the meta universe . Users create one or more avatars in a fully virtual space (Avatar), Define according to personal preference Avatar Gender and identity characteristics of , Used to socialize 、 game 、 shopping 、 Travel and so on ,Second Life It is considered an online game + Social networking platform +Web 2.0. A large number of well-known media including Reuters are Second Life A permanent press station has been set up in , harvard 、 Stanford and other universities have set up education centers and experimental centers inside ,IBM stay Second Life It arranges employees to work and hold meetings ,Second Life The number of active users once exceeded one million . However ,2008 Years later ,Second Life Down from the altar , The number of users fell sharply , Finally out of people's vision .

(2)Second Life Our economy

stay Second Life China has its own economic system and a system called Linden Virtual currency of currency , Residents can make new goods or provide services , And then in Second Life In the virtual world of .Linden Coins can be bought in US dollars , But only for Second Life Internal projects use ; To keep the exchange rate stable , The operation team will adjust from time to time Linden The amount of money in circulation .Second Life It can be divided into free members and paid members , Fee paying members can own their own land (512 There is no extra charge within the average ), When a resident buys a piece of land , Free to trade in the market or for any purpose . As early as 2007 year ,《 Business week 》 The cover article of the article reported a pseudonym AnsheChung Of female users , Buy the land and create it , And then sold and made millions of dollars .

(3)Second Life Creation in

The content construction in the virtual space mainly depends on the residents rather than the development team , Virtual space provides a set of 3D Modeling tools , Any resident can use it with appropriate skills to build virtual buildings 、 scenery 、 The traffic tools 、 furniture 、 Machines, etc , These things can be used 、 In exchange for 、 transaction , This is also the main form of economic activity . Use the animation or sound in the standard library , Any avatar can make all kinds of “ action ”. To protect the copyright of all digital works , The creator can mark a work as “no copy”, Others cannot copy the work ; Marked as “no mod”, It means that others are not allowed to change the characteristics of the work ;“no trans” Means that the work is not transferable .

(4)Second Life The reason for the failure

About Second Life The reason for the failure , There are different interpretations , founder Philip Rosedale My own explanation is : First of all 、 People have no reason to stay in the virtual world ; Because there are no fixed rules and playing methods , Cause users to do nothing , It's hard to make users sticky like ordinary games ; second 、 People will spend money on virtual objects , But few creators really make a living out of it , After all, only a few people make money ; Third 、 The operating experience is Second Life My biggest challenge ,Second Life The interactive interface of is very complex , Higher learning costs are needed , Let some users flinch ; Fourth 、 The virtual world is still hard for some groups to accept ; The fifth 、 Identification is difficult , Rule making is just as hard to do ; stay Second Life There are many immoral phenomena in , Including unhealthy contents for minors 、 Money laundering and copyright infringement , Compliance and review in the face of these issues , Very difficult , This is also the main reason for the failure .

2、 Summary

With the development of time and Technology ,Second Life founder Philip Rosedale Some of the problems mentioned were gradually solved , Nowadays, people are used to spending a lot of time using mobile phones and computer devices to browse the content of the digital world every day , In particular, the arrival of the COVID-19 has forced people to get used to online work 、 Online meeting 、 Online education and learning , Also gradually feel the efficiency that the virtual world brings to people . Apart from the problem of habit , There are also many developments in technology , Including the development of blockchain technology ,FT and NFT Application in intellectual property protection and digital goods circulation , It's solved Second Life Many questions about creators in . Although many problems have been solved in the development of the times , But there are still many remaining problems to be solved , Including how to do a good job in the compliance of the meta universe city ? How to operate the meta universe city to make users sticky ? How to solve hardware problems ?

Summary and reflection

The urban meta universe has not changed the essence of urban economics , It is still an economic activity around the administrative region ; And the meta universe city presents some problems different from those studied by traditional urban economics , First of all, the administrative division of jurisdiction may no longer be applicable in the meta universe city ; secondly , With “ Digital products ” An increase in , The production and exchange of goods take place more online , This is different from the traditional city “ City ” The concept of .

The meta universe across administrative regions will break the pattern of geo economic development , As a result, the existing relevant policies are no longer applicable , How to solve the compliance problem will be a new problem , For example, how to coordinate tax issues across regions ? From the development of financial application scenarios of blockchain, it can be concluded that , Any business behavior that breaks through the scope of centralized management has potential operational risks . If this logic is correct , How to maintain the centralized management mode “ Urban meta universe ” Whether it will become the mainstream direction of market development ? This problem is in the early stage of development , Especially when the future is uncertain, it is difficult to answer , But what can be observed from the moment “ Urban meta universe ” project , They are icing on the cake, not just to meet the needs of urban development . But with the deepening of digital transformation , Residents' lifestyle 、 Great changes have taken place in the business environment , Whether it will become a rigid demand in the future or new content will appear to solve the rigid demand problem , Remains to be seen . Compare with “ Urban meta universe ”,“ Meta cosmic city ” The development of may encounter more compliance risks , A set of economic forms constructed by the virtual space broke the tradition , From a compliance point of view ,“ Meta cosmic city ” May be limited to the game can not be out of the circle , The development of the game will also face some compliance problems , Such as gold fusion regularity .

Last ,“ From reality to emptiness ” The urban meta universe and “ From emptiness to reality ” The metacosmic cities of come from different directions , I will pass by halfway ? Or will the final path merge ? Enter into “ The real and the virtual are living together ” The true metacosmic state of , It is difficult to predict at this stage , Only through future technology 、 business 、 Policy and other issues , To find out .

author : Office of chief economist of Wanxiang blockchain   Wang Puyu

to examine : Chief economist of Wanxiang blockchain   Zou Chuanwei

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