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With a floating loss of more than $1billion, bitcoin whale sailor: bitcoin will live longer than us

2022-06-23 23:06:43Sina Finance blockchain

   Bitcoin super bull 、MicroStrategy CEO Michael · Seiler remains confident in the bitcoin after the recent slump , And compare the recent cryptocurrency crash with the early days of the oil and automotive industries .

   The price of bitcoin has increased from last year 11 The moon is near 6.9 The record high of $million fell 70% above , Result in holding nearly 13 Million bitcoins MicroStrategy The book loss exceeds 10 Billion dollars . But Seiler insisted , Will not sell any bitcoin held .

   Saler said in an interview on Wednesday :“ We are here for a long time . Bitcoin will last longer than all of us .”

   He then added ,“ We are witnessing the birth of a new industry .”

   He said ,100 Many years ago , Thousands of oil and automobile companies have been established , But most of them failed .

  “ Many companies went bankrupt ——99%—— But the rest is history . We have cars , The oil industry is a huge industry , It has changed the future of the world .”

   Saler has always been a strong supporter of bitcoin , Push MicroStrategy Become one of the largest public holders of bitcoin . Earlier this year , The company borrowed more than from a crypto lending bank 2 Billion dollars , To buy more bitcoin , So that the total value of bitcoin positions at that time reached 60 Billion dollars .

   But as its losses related to bitcoin continue to accumulate ,MicroStrategy Since the beginning of this year, its share price has fallen by nearly 70%, Over the past month, it has fallen by nearly 16%, Wednesday fell to 170.93 dollar .

   For all that , Saler still said :“ We are here for a long time . It is incorruptible , Indestructible , programmable , It will always exist .”

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