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Grayscale report: Cardano, the third largest blockchain

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Crypto asset management company  Grayscale Investments Issued a report , Introduce readers to the third largest blockchain by market value Cardano. The report provides a unique perspective , Let people know like Grayscale How does such a more traditional financial company view Cardano Of .

Cardano It is the next generation Internet platform (Web 3.0), Its structure is a blockchain encryption network based on public transactions .Cardano The open source software network coordinates the global de Sinochem computers into a unified cloud platform completely owned and operated by users , and ADA Tokens represent a part of ownership in the ecosystem .

Grayscale My report lists Cardano Advantages and disadvantages of , And the analysis of future development trajectory . It mentions Hoskinson Of “ Iconic founder ” status 、 Large community 、 Completely open source software protocol code base 、ADA Accessibility at the exchange , as well as Cardano Of 16 US $100 million .

The report also points out that Cardano The problem is , Like a strong competitor 、 Lack of home network applications 、 Low network cost income 、 Regulatory uncertainty and network security .

According to the report ,“Cardano There is still a lack of main network application ecosystem , Although the basic smart contract function has been added , but dApp How it will work , It remains to be seen how developers' interests and user adoption will unfold .”

Grayscale The report also discusses Cardano Possible use cases . It shows that , New tokens on the blockchain may lead to ADA Holders change their assets in the short term . This situation may continue . Medium and long term ,Cardano It could be The currency Of “ Higher beta ”.

According to the report ,“ Whether the community has the ability to create eye-catching cloud super application platforms and services for users dApp The ecological system , Will decide Cardano Whether it can achieve long-term success .”

Greyscale The report also provides some measures Cardano Indicators of growth . last year , Pay to Cardano The cost of the equity pool increased by about 65 times . therefore ,2021 year 9 The monthly annualized value of the month is 5600 Thousands of dollars . stay 8 month , This value is 2030 Thousands of dollars .

When it comes to user groups ,Grayscale According to the report of ,Cardano The number of active addresses has been increasing , This summer even surpassed The etheric fang .

Cardano Has successfully established a large and rapidly growing user community , I have an appointment at present 280 10000 monthly active users (MAU). by comparison , Ethereum currently has about 700 ten thousand MAU, yes Cardano Of 2.5 times . However , since 7 Since the month ,Cardano Active addresses have been growing , The Ethereum activity address has been declining .

Interestingly ,Grayscale In this year 7 Months will ADA Add to its digital Large Cap Fund (Digital Large Cap Fund) In the portfolio . what's more , The announcement is on Alonzo Released before the upgrade . Whether this is Grayscale A signal of confidence in the asset ?

Last , The report concludes ,“ Encrypted network is the platform for the next network and the next wave of Cloud Computing .Cardano The target is the encryption cloud platform market . The smart contract is Cardano A key technical function being explored , If it works , It will enable the network to be used in a wider dApp Compete in use cases .Cardano Has been able to obtain a large active decentralized user base , This has led to the rapid growth of the network . If Cardano Able to achieve its technology vision , The network may see more utility 、 use 、 Use and growth .”

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