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Who is the next star group favorite after "boring ape"?

2022-05-14 23:07:06The heart of the meta universe

introduction : According to the Okoyun chain Released by the master on the chain 《2021 Annual data report 》,2021 year NFT The total amount of transactions in the whole year reached 171.75 Billion dollars , And 2020 Year of 1.30 Billion dollars compared to , rose 131 times .

Get into 2022 year ,NFT The market continues the heat of last year .

Beginning of the year ,PhantaBear、TheHeart Project、MetaRim etc. NFT The project relies on more than expected income , Quickly bring up a wave of market boom ;“ Boring ape ” It's all over the world , Even boring ape's company Yuga Labs Recently launched Otherdeeds NFT At one time, supply was in short supply .

What's interesting is that , These are hot NFT There are many celebrities behind the project . Take the boring ape as an example , root According to the master of okyun chain NFT Thematic list data , At present, the project is 18 Celebrities hold both , Become “ Celebrities pay attention to ” Top of the list .

picture :NFT Special topic list ( Celebrities pay attention to )

And those who continued to dominate the list at the beginning of this year PhantaBear, Jay Chou is also gathered behind 、 Jj Lin 、 Pan Weibo and other Chinese music stars .

since 2021 Year begins , Sports at home and abroad 、 The figure of entertainment stars began to appear in many NFT In the project . Stars in the game NFT project , Be able to contribute influence to the project , Drive the surge in transaction volume and asset value . that , Remove the star aura , these NFT How valuable is the project ? Can the celebrity effect drive NFT The heat lasts forever ?


“ Boring ape ” Why do audience stars pursue ?

This is called “ Boring ape ” Of NFT project (BAYC:Bored Ape Yacht Club), Among many celebrities 、 Under the coercion of stars, they go out of the circle again and again .

First of all 4 month 1 Japan , Well known singer Jay Chou wrote on the social platform , The boring ape I received before BAYC#3738 NFT Stolen , Trigger market demand for NFT Security concerns .

picture : Jay uttered NFT Stolen  

5 month 4 Japan , Tesla CEO elon musk · musk Replace your twitter avatar with a collection of avatars from the boring ape series , Send documents at the same time “ Taunt ”NFT Irreplaceable features of , But the next day , He replaced the avatar with a picture of a rocket model .

in fact , Boring ape in 2021 year 4 month 30 Day landing OpenSea after , He was warmly praised by a number of stars at home and abroad .

2021 year 8 late ,NBA Star Stephen · garage (Stephen Curry) By appointment 18 Bought a boring ape for $10000 NFT, And joined the project Discord. Before and after curry , Well known investor mark · Cuban 、 Rap superstar Eminem 、 Talk show host Jimmy · Fallon and others have boring apes .2022 Since then , Football player Neymar 、 Famous pop star Justin · Bieber and others have also joined “ Boring ape ” Holder ranks .

picture : Stephen · The boring ape curry bought  

In the orco cloud chain NFT Under the special topic list “ Celebrities pay attention to ” In the project , Boring ape NFT The number of celebrities holding the project ranks first on the list , share 18 A celebrity holds a boring ape . Second on the list 、 The third is Mutant Ape Yacht Club and Doodles It is also a hot item in the market , The number of holders is 11 Bit and 7 position .

picture :NFT Special topic list ( Celebrities pay attention to )

According to Oko cloud chain NFT Special list Statistics , Boring apes are all on the market at present NFT The most valuable project in the project .

By 2022 year 5 month 11 Japan , The lowest selling price of the project has increased by more than... Compared with its casting price 1300 times . meanwhile , Boring ape is still the whole NFT In the market , The total amount of transactions is second only to Axie Infinity and CryptoPunks Project .

picture :NFT Special topic list ( Trading list )

At the moment , This stock “ Ape craze ” Also popular in China .

Following Jay Chou 、 After Lin Junjie and other Chinese singers , Domestic investors and enterprises have entered the market one after another . In the last two months , Cai Wensheng, founder of Meitu company 、LinkVC Founder Lin Jiapeng 、 Zhang, founding partner of Tongzhou capital, and other investors , And Greenland Group, a listed company 、 Times easy 、 Li Ning and other enterprises have announced the purchase of boring apes NFT.

picture : The boring ape bought by Li Ning

Why can boring apes be in a crowd NFT Stand out from the project , By the stars 、 Celebrities are so fond of ?

In addition to being a way to increase income and meet personal investment needs 、 Besides hobbies , Stars in the game NFT To some extent, it is also out of the social needs of the circle , The most direct example is PhantaBear The distribution of , Besides Jay Chou , Jj Lin 、 May day ah Xin 、 Pan Weibo and other stars have also joined .

Regarding this , Okoyun chain master 《2021 Annual data report 》 Analysis indicates that , The success of boring ape is largely due to its strong community operation ability : The project has built a virtual community with collective identity for users from the beginning , For example, as long as the user has BAYC, You have free access to BAYC Bathroom. The report mentions ,“ Investing in it is more like stepping on the two hot sectors of social networking and Finance , Strong community connections and endless new ways to play also make it better than CryptoPunks With a stronger narrative ability ”.

And for businesses , In addition to long-term bullish NFT Off track , The cultural break and traffic blessing brought by popular projects such as boring apes are also an important reason for them to buy boring apes . Of course , Boring ape, etc NFT The new IP The cooperation mode is also the key to attracting many enterprises to join the company .


star NFT Can the heat last forever ?

Sports stars 、 Entertainment stars have a huge flow effect , about NFT The promotion in the early stage of the project plays a good role in boosting . Let the stars have more confidence in their projects . Can be estimated , There will be more and more celebrities 、 Stars will join NFT The ranks of .

Master from the chain NFT According to the list data , What is on the market now NFT In the project , Be close to 120 A project was 、 Stars hold , among , Of the top three most popular projects , Except for boring apes , stay 2021 year 10 Month launched Mutant Ape Yacht Club( Mutant ape series ) and Doodles NFT The series is also very popular in the market ,Steve Aoki Other celebrities are also fans of the latter .

According to the chain master NFT List data , In terms of total transaction volume , Existing in the current market NFT In the project ,Mutant Ape Yacht Club Sixth , By 5 month 13 Japan , The total turnover is 8.2 Billion dollars .Doodles Ranked 11th , The total turnover is 2.6 Billion dollars .

picture :NFT Special topic list ( Trading list )

that , star NFT Whether we can continue to maintain the market heat ? The answer is No .

With the fire brought by Jay Chou at the beginning of this year PhantaBear For example . The project is in progress. 2022 year 1 month 11 On the day of official issuance , about 40 All sold in minutes , Sales volume about 973.4 Thousands of dollars , It directly promotes Opensea Increase of platform transaction volume .

however , Its average price reached its highest level on the date of issuance 2.56 After about $10000, it went all the way down , By 5 month 13 Day is 1000 About $ , Fell by more than 90% .

so , Star platform can not guarantee that the market heat of the project will continue , The key depends on whether the project really has a place to attract investors .

As one of the hottest tracks in the field of encryption ,NFT The market is changing rapidly , Want to focus on NFT For people in the field , Blindly following star projects is not advisable , We need to have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the market , To make a reliable judgment .

In the near future , The master of okoyun chain will upgrade and revise the version , Basically realized the five mainstream public chains NFT Project coverage , And further optimize its NFT List function , Able to satisfy senior investors 、 Various needs of Xiaobai in the industry , Help lock the content of interest faster in the complex data on the chain , And realize the right to NFT Market dynamics and convenience 、 Fast 、 Systematically capture .

picture : Chain master (NFT Special topic list )

In the future, orco cloud chain will also start from the perspective of users , Continue to study the structured processing of data on the chain , With years of rich data expert experience , Bring more refined 、 better 、 More accurate data analysis tools on the chain , Help the healthy development of blockchain technology .

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