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Who is making money by NFT when a picture is sold for 2000W?

2022-05-14 21:05:32Operation Research Society

Following the Internet giant 、 After the first-line brands have entered the yuan universe , Byte also officially entered this 100 billion level new market recently .

4 month 25 Japan , Tiktok quietly launched a new business —— Boiling silence (pheagee), The community is committed to 「 Digital fashion 」 Exploration of the field .

「 Digital fashion 」 Sounds like a new industry , But in fact, there are precedents abroad .

Overseas digital fashion platform RTFKT It has been out of the circle before , The platform is the founder of Tesla musk (Elon Musk) Created a pair of virtual shoes , Quote up to... Online 5w dollar ( About the yuan 33w element ), And trigger looting .

Picture source :Instagram

then , The company is also associated with Nike digital , Introduced value 7500 dollar ( About the yuan 5w element ) Of Sneaker series NFT shoes .

A pair of virtual NFT Shoes are going to 5w element , It also caused people to raise prices and loot .

NFT It has attracted big manufacturers to join the game one after another , Billionaires rush to buy .NFT What is it? ? Why is it sought after by everyone ? Who else is relying on Ta To make money ? This article , The operation agency will talk about these topics .

NFT What is it ? How did it explode ?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Literally , namely “ Heterogeneous token ”, Heterogeneity , It means that it is unique ; Tokens, , It refers to its potential trading attributes .

because NFT With unique characteristics ,NFT Can be used to control property rights 、 Asset history 、 identity 、 ownership 、 Encoding and encryption protection of resale royalties and other data .

simply , Is that the collection has a unique “ Id card ”, Let people know its context at a glance , Will not be counterfeited .

NFT This characteristic and the pursuit of the art field “ unique ”、“ only ”、“ Anti-counterfeiting ” The characteristics and requirements of , therefore NFT Initially, it became popular in art related fields . And NFT Formed a kind of digital copyright and ownership certificate , Let digital art be bought and sold , Let everyone see the details of ownership changes and transactions .

for instance , In foreign countries NFT On the trading website , Users can not only see the purchase price , You can also see the owner of the digital collection history 、 Copyright change information .

To understand the NFT The concept of , that ,Ta How to move from the technical field to the public , It has become popular all over the world ?

1) The celebrity effect has expanded NFT Influence

Many people may find , I know for the first time NFT, Mainly from the news “ sky-high NFT”. In the past year , Many celebrities buy NFT, as well as “ Celebrity information 、 Works and other contents ” Made into NFT News of the sale .

last year , Twitter co-founder Jack · Dorsey 「 The first tweet 」 Made of NFT Image & Text , Be subjected to 291w dollar ( renminbi 1958w element ) At the price of .

thereafter , Celebrities from all walks of life NFT There is an endless stream of news . Jay Chou once owned one worth about 50 Thousands of dollars in “ Boring ape ”NFT.

Picture source : The Internet

also , Jay Chou is still here INS Sun out what you have Phanta Bear( Phantom bear ) Of NFT image .

According to media reports ,“ Phantom bear ” NFT The issuer is EzekClub, The founder of the parent company behind the publisher is Jay Chou's good friend , Now normalized “ Fitness coach ” Will Liu .

besides , Cai Wensheng, founder of Meitu company , Also in the 5 month 1 Show off the boring ape you bought in your circle of friends NFT.

In the circle of friends , Cai Wensheng also said reluctantly that he FOMO(fear of missing out), Bought this for fear of missing NFT, It can be seen that in the celebrity circle ,NFT Become a player that everyone wants to join “ The bestselling ”.

Picture source : The Internet

2) Big factory 、 Brand entry and NFT binding

In addition to celebrities , Internet factory 、 Brand merchants have also begun to join NFT market .

One side , With BAT It has set up a digital collection platform for the representative Internet companies .

In the last six months , There have been 70 Yujia digital collection platform , among , Ali's whale detective 、 tencent Its magic core 、TME Digital collection 、 Baidu's “ Baidu digital collection ”、 Netease's “ Netease planet digital collection ” Are the representatives of .

The products of these mainstream platforms are PGC(Professional Generated Content Professional production content ) Mainly , The collection mainly includes calligraphy and painting works of art 、 Audio 、 Video and other forms .

for example ,5 month 20 Japan , litchi APP It will be launched jointly with Alibaba's “ Advertising wave ” Digital collection , limited 5200 Share “ Advertising audio ”.

On the other hand , Sports brands represented by Li Ning also cooperate with fashion digital collections .

for example , In recent developments , Li Ning released and “Bored Ape Yacht Club” News about the cooperation between boring ape Yacht Club , And changed the avatar of his official microblog to “ Boring ape ” Image , Also let more “ People outside the circle ” Fooled around with boring apes “ Familiar face ”.

Another example , Luxury giants Gucci Then choose and tide play company SUPERPLASTIC To cooperate , Jointly launched SUPERGUCCI. at present , Its limited edition teddy bear dolls can be seen on the market NFT, The reserve price is about 6299 dollar ( 3.4 ETH Ether money ).

also , This kind of NFT Also completed the interaction with the real world , Its owner will receive a hand-made ceramic doll in kind .

Picture source :superplastic

Starbucks also aimed at NFT market , Ready to build a “ Online third space ”. According to the announcement on Starbucks' official website ,NFT Will qualify as a member of the community as a holder , Can be in this “ Third space ” Get exclusive Starbucks experience and benefits .

  Picture source : Starbucks official website

Simply speaking , Users buy one from Starbucks NFT Collection , You can enter Starbucks' digital community .

3) The official media will jointly sell the digital collection

Some official media have also come to an end ,4 month 13 Japan , and China foreign culture group signed a strategic cooperation agreement , Enter the field of Digital Collections .

And then , On May 4th Youth Day , People's network science and technology joint data collection China , Released 《 The People's Daily 》 Youth day front page digital collection .

On the same day , The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League announced , To celebrate the founding of the Communist Youth League of China 100 Anniversary of the , Launch Tuanbao digital collection .

Picture source : Microblogging

Celebrity help 、 Internet company 、 Brand entry 、 Official joint name , Under the publicity of all parties ,NFT Gradually came into everyone's sight , Become Web3.0( The next cycle era of the Internet ) in “ The hottest ” One of the pronouns of .

NFT Critical fire , Who are relying on Ta To make money ?

stay NFT There are also some different voices in the market , Someone advertised NFT A windfall , Others think it's pure “ stupid tax . that ,NFT Can you really make money , How much can you earn ?

1) online celebrity KOL:NFT Bring a piece of goods for tens of thousands of dollars

According to one in Twitter Owned on 23w Big fans V fact , Many Internet Celebrities abroad have begun to serve NFT Take the goods .

From the picture , On the right side of the table package deal We can find out , According to the number of fans , Quote from the lowest 600 Dollar to 3.5w Dollar inequality .

among , The blogger with the least number of fans (1.23w people ) Quotation for 600 dollar .

Picture source :@ZachXBT

Have... In it 12w+ Fan singer @The Cryptomist For example , The quotation for every two posts is 1600 dollar .

Operating agency found , There are nearly... Under her account 30 Article NFT Tweets for the project , A conservative estimate , By promoting NFT, She has made a profit of nearly 1.6w dollar ( About us 10.8w RMB ).

In addition to cooperative promotion , Have 827w+ Fan singer @Lindsay Lohan Also put their own animal images in foreign countries NFT Auction on trading website , Finally, make an appointment with 2522 dollar (1.3ETH Ether money ) At the price of .

stay 4 month 2 Japan ,Lohan Announce again , Its NFT Music —— One is as long as 39 Seconds of video is @realCoinUnited In about 28w dollar (100w TRX Wave field currency ) At the price of .

Picture source :Twitter

At home , Some digital collection platforms have also begun to invite creators to join , For content creators , They don't need to understand the meta universe 、 Blockchain 、 The etheric fang Technology , Just give the works you want to sell to the platform .

The operator learned that , This year, 2 month , A photographer works on an online art platform in China , A photographic work was put on the shelf , Price 29.9 element .

To his surprise , This limited edition 800 Pieces of photography , stay 40s Sold out in , The gross profit of only one photographic work is close to 2w+.

For online celebrities or star talent , Whether through influence for NFT Platform or product advertising , Or sell their own prototype NFT, Or put your own content work “ Upper chain ” Make it NFT, Can get a lot of benefits .

2) Platform Builder : The entry threshold is low , High return

In addition to the online celebrities with their own influence , Some users have also targeted NFT This cake , Want to publish it yourself NFT, Build a platform for sale .

According to the report of semi familiar finance , The operator only needs to invest “ Software 4 Ten thousand yuan 、 The server 1 ten thousand -2 Ten thousand yuan 、 Collection distribution fee 3 element / Share ”, You can build a digital collection platform . Operating costs are also low , Relevant platform people said ,“ Just five staff can ”.

On the specific profit model , Semi familiar finance inquired about a blockchain operation platform and learned that ,“ issue 1w Share NFT, Distribution fee 3w element .”

If it's time to NFT Product price 20 element / Share , In the case of all sold out , It can not only completely return to the original , One issue can make a profit of tens of thousands of yuan .

also , A one-time investment in the early stage “ Software cost ” And other infrastructure costs , Only a small amount of maintenance fee needs to be paid in the later stage . thus , Marginal costs are reduced , Profits are also faster .

It is also because of this low access qualification and “ A windfall ” attract , The domestic NFT The number of digital collection trading platforms is increasing day by day , Quality is also mixed .

however , face “ expensive ” The temptation of , The digital collection platforms on the market are also mixed , And the market is gradually getting rid of , such as , Wechat was banned some time ago 10 More than a small and medium-sized digital collection platform .

Currently include Art Meta Yuanyi number 、 One point collection 、 Homing meta universe 、 Painter Meta、 Meta principal space 、 Shenda shuzang 、One Meta、 Earth Zero 、iBox And official account such as nuofangti have been banned .

Most platforms are prompted as “ Complaints from users and reviewed by the platform , Failure to obtain legal permit or license , Release 、 Spreading or engaging in relevant business activities , Account has been stopped ”, Some platforms are banned on suspicion of fraud .

3) Player secondary market : Some people earn naked words , Someone paid tens of millions

stay NFT In the player's market , There are many such legends , Take the initiative to leave when you make money :

Some netizens said that the reason for their colleagues' resignation was to buy NFT A month to earn 5w block , Direct resignation .

Some people earn their lives on thousands of principal “ The first bucket of gold ” Of :

however , There is also a huge investment , But tens of millions of ;

reportedly , The first tweet from the founder of twitter mentioned earlier NFT, Collectors want to 4800 When $10000 is auctioned again , But no one took the offer at all , There are only a few 6-6000 The offer in US dollars , Loss as high as 99%.

In such a situation , In the market ,NFT Players are clearly beginning to be cautious .

One side , On the BBS , More and more players realize “ Wool still comes from sheep ”.NFT Behind the huge profits , It's stubble after stubble waiting to be cut “ New leek ”.

If you only look at it with the mentality of hype NFT Collection , Then no one wants to be the last person to accept the offer at a high price .

some NFT In the collection , Players say , At present, the overall market is cold , Take your time NFT The work entered “ No one bought it 、 No enthusiasm ” In the state of .

A digital collection trading platform also began to appear “ Destroy before sale ” The situation of .

Picture source : A digital collection platform

On the other hand , Judging from the market data , In the near future NFT There is also a tendency to get cold .

According to the data platform NonFungible The news of ,2022 year Q1 quarter NFT Sales fell to 745w , Compared with the fourth quarter of last year 46.96%, Only more than half of the fourth quarter of last year .

From the global NFT From the performance of the market , The overall number of transactions 、 Transaction amount 、 Number of active wallets ( A wallet that can be used for trading ) Are falling , whole “ In the cold ”.

however , You can see that , The number of buyers (169.6w) Is far greater than the number of sellers (96.7w) Of ,NFT Supply is still in short supply , You still have to buy NFT The enthusiasm of the , At present belongs to the “ Seller's market ”.

Picture source :NonFungible

alike , According to the Google Trends, From this year 2 Month begins , People for NFT The number of word searches has decreased significantly .

Picture source :Google Trends

The operation agency interviewed a digital collection lover , He said , When the market is cold , Buy NFT The meaning of is not to hype or make money , It's collecting , Based on Technology , To record things that are valuable and meaningful to yourself .

another “ The Buddha is ” Enthusiasts also say , I have set my daughter's birthday as NFT “ Upper chain ”, I hope such a memorable moment can be permanently preserved in history .


NFT At present, the development of the market is still in an emerging stage , Chaos happens from time to time , This year, 4 month , There were news reports “ Someone stole the value together 28w The dollar NFT”, But I don't know how to spend it .

Picture source :Twitter

This huge amount of theft can not help but remind people of Jay Chou ,4 month 1 Japan , He was in Twitter On file , Your own boring ape NFT Stolen , And stressed that this is not an April Fool's Day joke .

Remove the shell of sky high speculation , Can't help thinking NFT What is the essence . If the metauniverse is the mapping of the virtual world to the existing physical world , that NFT Is the necessary condition for the recognition and transfer of physical world assets .

for example , If a manufacturer like Nike wants to release 1w A pair of limited edition running shoes , You can authorize the shoe factory to 1w individual NFT Make a number or two-dimensional code and print it on the shoes , In this way, consumers can determine the uniqueness of shoes according to the number .

And now NFT The problems exposed by the market , just NFT One side , Where will this technology go , We don't know .

however , Perhaps we can learn from the history of the development of the Internet “ To see only one spot ”, from 1969 From the birth of ARPANET in, to today , The overall development of the Internet can be roughly divided into three stages :

Web1.0 It is an era of content discovery , Users can get information from the Internet , for example , You can read news articles , By searching , Play some web games , Enter the chat room and so on ;

Picture source : The Internet

Web2.0 It is an era of content creation , Users can independently produce Tiktok video 、 Tweet .

Picture source :Instagram

some time , May enter Web3.0 Time , and Ta Exactly what it looks like , Countless people have been giving their own blueprints and fantasies , And constantly test your ideas through investment .

As an important part ,NFT For you to see Web3.0 One side of , Put aside the new concept of “ scum ”, Just NFT The recording significance and sense of value brought by itself , It has caused countless people to think ……

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