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How is the virtual human "living" in the meta universe? You don't know behind the skin bag

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In recent days, , CCTV's May 4th party showed up with three virtual people at Wuhan University 、 The campus of Renmin University is on the same screen with many young students , At the same time, rely on tencent A virtual social platform for music TMELAND Created “ Digital real fusion virtual music world ”, Many netizens commented “ Technology sense , I've really seen ”“ It's too high-tech , So many game technologies are used ”.

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Sutuyuan Space Research Institute noted that the three virtual people in the party program are from Tencent ,《 Game for Peace 》 Gilly 、QQ Dancing star pupil 、 from NExT Studios、XNOX The virtual idol Tong Heguang created by the studio . Whether the virtual human is just a singing and dancing player ? Next, let's take a look at the industry of virtual human with the author ?

From Luming to gilly's appearance , Game companies hold up half the sky of virtual people

2020 year 5 month , MIHA tour launched the virtual idol Luming , Account No “yoyo Lu Ming _Lumi” Of B Station users from last year 5 Month so far , Just released 20 Article Video , And then you get 137 Million fans and 9745 Million playback volume .

Until this year's New Year party , Many parties have virtual human appearances , In this way , Virtual people are mainly distributed in the field of entertainment “ Singing and dancing players ”, In the recent May 4th Youth Party, the appearance of three virtual people also makes many people think that virtual people still stay in the direction of entertainment , But the sutuyuan Institute of cosmology noticed that from 《 Game for Peace 》 The virtual human gilly who came out of the game , Recently, I participated in the activities of UN women and delivered a speech , Become the world's first virtual digital person to stand on the podium of the United Nations .

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according to the understanding of , before , Gilly also served as Tencent 99 Public welfare day good official , Mobilize tens of millions of Internet users to participate in public welfare , Help rural revitalization and public welfare undertakings ; During the Winter Olympics , She served as an ambassador for the promotion of ice and snow sports of the peace elite ; More Than This , Gilly joined hands with Lawrence, a famous Chinese designer · xu , Take the high set garments of intangible cultural heritage Miao embroidery in the mountains to the fashion week ; Working with the Metropolitan Museum of art , Become 《ELLEidol》 The cover of a fashion magazine .

Gilly's appearance also let the public see the attempt of the game field to the virtual human industry , In the eyes of many people , The role of gilly , Maybe it's just a collection of boring code , Can only exist in the virtual world , But from singing and dancing entertainment virtual human to speech virtual human , The use and image design of virtual human are also gradually diversified .

It is worth noting that , Gilly benefited from the behind 《 Game for Peace 》 Photon studio has accumulated many years of game technology , Different from traditional virtual idols , The technologies that gilly needs to use to build are RBF Bone binding system 、 Unreal Engine MetaHuman The depiction of technical facial features 、FACEGOOD Facial techniques and Lumen Global illumination and so on .

Besides , The virtual human star pupil is driven by Tencent's self-developed real-time technology pipeline , Including technology capture 、 Facial drive 、 Lighting rendering and real-time interaction , from NPC To 《QQ Dazzle dance 》 The spokesperson for , Star pupil has become the country's first illusory engine for 24 Hours live 3D Virtual human .

Sutuyuan Institute of cosmology believes that , In the construction of virtual human and virtual scene , Game companies have unique advantages . From a technical point of view , Many virtual people contain 3D modeling 、 Motion capture 、CG technology 、 Real time rendering and other technologies , But today, with the continuous development of Technology , The emergence of the concept of meta universe has also led to the continuous integration of Technology , At the same time, under the integration of artificial intelligence and other core technologies , At this stage, virtual human is moving towards platform 、 Specialization and other aspects .

Take the League of heroes as an example , There are different game stories behind different hero characters , With different seasons CG Trailer , In terms of content construction , The content ecology of game companies is also very strong ,《 Game for Peace 》 Gilly's virtual human applications also range from game characters to spokesmen , Behind it is also filled with game stories , Not just soulless “ Holster ”.

The end of the virtual human is not a live broadcast with goods , The digital avatar in the metauniverse also needs “ The story ”

at present , Virtual human is widely used in live broadcast and delivery , Most enterprises take “ Low cost 、 can 24 Live for hours ” According to the needs of the virtual human , But how about the conversion rate of virtual people in live broadcast ?

Guohai Securities research report pointed out that , The most popular virtual anchor IP“ I don't eat for nothing ”,2021 year GMV( The total volume of commodity transactions ) Over 100 million yuan , Become the head star in the field of virtual anchor . But there are data showing ,“ I don't eat for nothing ” Near the Tiktok platform 3 The cumulative sales of live broadcast in the last month reached 1088.99 Ten thousand yuan , Related live broadcast 37 site . Luo Yonghao's cumulative sales of live broadcasting in recent three months 9.15 One hundred million yuan , Related live broadcast 128 site . It seems , The performance of virtual human live broadcasting with goods is gradually declining .

In Taobao live studio , Sutuyuan Institute of cosmology also found WPS Live broadcast of flagship store , The virtual anchor is constantly introducing the details of the product , When the author enters the live studio , The virtual anchor can insert... Into the original product introduction “ Welcome so and so baby into the live studio ”“ Long time no see , Welcome to click the follow button in the upper left corner ” wait , The anchor's voice is also relatively flat , There is no emotional change of real people with goods , It seems more like a mature customer service system . Perhaps it can be said that the virtual anchor will not collapse , But it doesn't shine in the goods , Exactly “ No work, no fault ”.

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In the soon to be released 《2022 Virtual human Industry Research Report 》 Show , The digital virtual human industry only 2021 In, the number of virtual human related enterprises added in China exceeded 6 Thousands of families ,2022 year 1 month , Nearly 100 financing cases in the field of virtual human have exceeded 4 One hundred million yuan . Analysts at sutuyuan Space Research Institute predict , To 2030 In, the overall market scale of virtual personification will reach 3095 One hundred million yuan , The number of domestic virtual human related enterprises will break through 40 Thousands of families .

Sutuyuan Institute of cosmology believes that ,“ Customer service ” The system like virtual anchor is no longer favored by consumers , The main reason is the lack of “ The story ” Content to virtual people IP Support , Imagine if head anchors such as Li Jiaqi or Luo Yonghao are replaced by unknown virtual people , How many consumers are willing to pay for it ?

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In the final analysis , Content ecology is still the bottleneck of virtual human development , But in this year's May 4th Youth Party ,TMELAND Created “ Digital real fusion virtual music world ”, The user can go through QQ music 、 All the people K song , Custom digital avatar entry , That is, the virtual human face 、 expression 、 Clothing, etc. are selected and matched by users , CCTV host negmaiti also spoke with “ Digital person ” Image online .

There is data showing , The hot search of the whole network of this program has accumulated 182 individual , The total reading volume of topics exceeds 45 Billion , The audience always touches 1.59 Million people , The video playback volume of the whole network exceeds 2 Billion ,# CCTV May 4th party # The amount of topics discussed on Weibo has reached 1800 ten thousand +. From that , As a digital avatar , Loved by many people , When the epidemic environment is limited , Online virtual concerts have also become a way for the public to immerse themselves in the party .

In the meta universe virtual world “ You and me ”, Even if it's just an avatar in digital space , Still need “ The story ” To drain . The virtual human industry is gradually developing under the integration of the underlying technology of the meta universe , Sutuyuan Institute of cosmology believes that , Content is an important starting point for the development of virtual human industry , Virtual people look good “ Skins ” under , Only the vigorous content ecology is supported , To make it “ soul ” To be plump .

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