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Diem, who broke Facebook's dream, still has blood flowing in the crypto industry

2022-05-14 16:34:50Baize Research Institute

Former leader  Facebook  Of Stable currency project Diem Of David Marcus Creating a new encryption company .Marcus In today's Twitter In the said , He and a team are creating a company that will focus on bitcoin and Lightning network New start-ups Lightspark. except Marcus I am , The new company also includes other former Diem Our employees hold important positions .


although Marcus Did not disclose the relevant information Lightspark The details of the , But he said the company would form a team ,“ In depth study of lightning network , Explore 、 Build and expand the function and utility of bitcoin ”. In view of this situation , The company is likely to create some type of encrypted payment service .

The company's first round of financing will be financed by  a16z Crypto and  Paradigm  To take the lead .Thrive Capital、Coatue、Felix Capital、Ribbit Capital、Matrix Partners and Zeev Ventures Will also be involved . However ,Marcus It didn't say how much the company plans to raise .

Marcus Also commented on the recent downturn in the encryption market , At present, it is lower than the peak 60%.Marcus Say it's now “ Focus on developing and creating value ” Good timing .

Diem My blood is still flowing

Social media giant Facebook As early as 2019 year 6 Encryption was announced in January currency project  Libra, The original idea was to Libra Create a new cryptocurrency like bitcoin , Not belonging to any group , Based on open source technology , And linked to a basket of legal tender and Securities , This attracts people including PayPal、Visa、Mastercard、Coinbase  A number of industry giants, including . Besides ,Diem It also includes stabilization currency , for example , One LibraUSD It should be value at all times 1 The dollar . therefore ,Libra Is considered to be Facebook A way for users to seamlessly trade on social media platforms , No need for third-party intermediaries or complex currency conversion .


Libra The original members of the Association

However, due to the opposition of many governments and regulators ,Libra Become the target of the public .

Later renamed Diem, As 「 Modified version 」Libra,Diem Directly became a stable currency , More similar to Tether (USDT)、 Or other cryptocurrencies linked to legal currency .Diem In the independently developed Diem Running on the blockchain , All tokens will be stored in a place called 「Novi」 The number of wallet in .

2019 year 10 month , When Facebook Mark, CEO - Zuckerberg defended the project in Congress , When trying to get legislators on their side ,Diem The regulatory dilemma has peaked . Although the project has received the support of a number of industry giants , But regulators do not believe Diem All regulatory and compliance needs are met , From a regulatory perspective , Or privacy and antitrust issues .

stay Diem After the product failed to launch many times ,Marcus On 2021 year 11 Month from Diem、Facebook And related projects . The others Diem The leader joined a16z Crypto , This may not be a coincidence , Because it's about to fund Marcus The new company .

Leave Diem Many developers have jointly established a new blockchain project , be known as Aptos, Try to realize that Diem The original vision .Aptos CEO of Mo Shaikh Wrote in a blog post :“ We are Diem The original creator of 、 The researchers 、 Designers and builders ,Diem Is the blockchain originally built for this purpose . Although the world has never seen what we built , But our work is far from over .” 

This year, 2 month ,Facebook Announce... On social media , The Diem And the blockchain technology behind it 2 Sold to Bank of California for $100 million Silvergate Capital, The funds will be used to compensate for early investment person .「 Under regulatory resistance , Through three years of ups and downs “ The world's strongest cryptocurrency project ” Diem Finally fell down 」.

although Diem Yes Facebook It's not a success , but Facebook Now we are focusing on  NFT  Integrate into its social media platform , In its Meta Pay Offline products , It retains Novi wallet .

Diem So far, there is no new follow-up , But its “ blood ” Continue to flow in the encryption industry in various forms .

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