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Virtual Idol "collapsed" because of 7000 base salary?

2022-05-14 19:33:40The way of meta universe

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source : Prophet Tour

5 month 10 The date of , Domestic virtual Idol Top stream combination A-SOUL And its members 、 Bella boarded the hot search one after another , This is their first large-scale appearance in public view , But unfortunately , It is not their singing and dancing works and live broadcast that ignite public opinion , But the lead singer Jiale suddenly announced “ Sleep ”, Soon to be in 5 month 20 News of the farewell concert on the th .

With the Internet circle “ graduation ” similar ,“ Sleep ” It means that byte beat and Lehua entertainment are carefully designed for the virtual idol Jiale IP image , And the career of those who provide song and dance performances has come to an end . Plus A-SOUL In the past two months, the privacy information of members has been frequently exposed , That is, what the circle said “ Open box ”, Great controversy broke out among fans , People in yoga are “ Squeeze ” and “ bully ” So much so that “ Sleep ” After the news of , The anger towards the operation team was completely ignited .

before , Prophet Tour (ID:yuyanjiayoubao) Have analysed in detail A-SOUL How to combine through idol business and team operation , Tame a large number of passers-by powder and black powder to achieve a circle ( from 「 Dog fans 」 To 「 Miss jiaran's dog hook 」:A-SOUL How to conquer black powder ), In this storm , These fans who are good at fighting around on the Internet , Because their idols are treated unfairly , Aim the muzzle again “ Black heart capital ” The spokesperson and A-SOUL Operator of —— Byte beat and Lehua entertainment .

But according to the prophet travel newspaper ,A-SOUL The collapse of dreams is not an instant disaster , It is a sign that the immature business model panics in the face of profit anxiety , Under the snowball risk , Jiale and her people were the first to sacrifice , Not only does it hurt fans , More worthy of industry reflection .

All of a sudden “ Live dormancy ”, No sudden operational chaos

“ Live dormancy ” The decision was extremely sudden , Whether for the people behind yoga or A-SOUL The byte beat and Lehua entertainment behind this project .

Three days before the incident , The company's subsidiary, Zhaoxi Lightyear, has also released an article on A-SOUL The story behind the scenes , In detail A-SOUL The working environment of the Department .

Especially when it comes to the mobile capture room and song practice room , These years have given them a professional training place “ Natural and relaxed ” The atmosphere of , Avoid people working in a solid color environment for a long time , Reduce their psychological stress . Now it seems , Lightyear, who boasted that he had always kept a low profile, suddenly published such an article , It happened for a reason .

In addition to 4 month 25 When day , Jiale's first solo single 《Wandering Singer》 Just launched , All publicity work is carried out in an orderly manner . But at that time , Some rumors that Jiale is about to graduate began to appear ,5 month 10 Japanese official Xuan ,5 month 20 The news of the day's graduation came back from the eyes of everyone “ groundless statement ” It has become a cruel fact .

《Wandering Singer》 This head City Pop In the style of single , Many lyrics are still worth pondering . They all seem to no longer express the mood of the people behind them at this time . The merry go round in the heart of people in Jiale , With the disclosure of the outside world, it is gradually embodied in public .

Of all the revelations , The first thing that comes up is the issue of salary and treatment . The mainstream whistleblowers have the same caliber , That is to let A-SOUL Become the head of several virtual idols in China , The monthly salary is only 11000 The base salary of yuan and 1% Royalty , The rest should be handed over to the company and the platform .138 Yuan's captain , The man behind can only get 6 dime .

Even a few whistleblowers gave more outrageous figures , The basic salary of the middle-aged people is only 7000 block , With such a salary level, it is difficult to have a decent life in Hangzhou .

meanwhile , Fans also found , Similar problems don't just happen to Jiale , One of the people behind the other members , They are also faced with the situation that the salary is very inconsistent with the industry status . Especially jiaran, the most popular member , The man in the back can only wear a skirt of more than 100 yuan , Wear more than 30 pieces of jewelry , With a mobile phone of more than 2000 yuan , Said on the live broadcast many times “ I have no money ”, Live frugally every day and don't sleep well .

Under the most direct salary problem , Of course, there are all kinds of chaos in the operation process . For example, officials force members to sell corruption , Force members to renew their contracts , If you renew your contract, you will face a more harsh working environment , Training out of injuries , There are even a lot of problems such as workplace bullying , All in “ Live dormancy ” After the announcement, they were kicked out together .

in fact , Fans have long been aware of these operational problems . A long time ago , They have already found the music account of Yiyun behind Jiale “ San songxu ”. San songxu's mental state in the dynamics of Netease cloud music , All the fans saw it . And in this private account , Sansongxu even suggested 2 Month post bar exposes private photos of people in yoga , There are also insiders pushing .

5 month 11 Early morning ,A-SOUL The production committee is in B The station urgently issued a Q&A, Clarified key issues such as salary and bullying . according to A-SOUL The statement of the production Committee , All the online messages are untrue , But it's not convenient for them to disclose A-SOUL The actual remuneration of the members , After all, this involves personal privacy .

More Than This ,A-SOUL The official also posted the specific schedule of members' practice below . According to this schedule , Under normal circumstances, the latest dance practice time will not exceed 23 Half past six , In extreme cases, there will be 24 O 'clock . however , These responses are still vague in the eyes of fans , The impact on the authorities continues .

As of press time , Prophet Youbao once called Lehua entertainment and Chaoxi Lightyear , I hope to get the latest progress of the event , But in the end, no one answered in terms of Lehua entertainment and morning and night light years .

The dream is over , Discontent began

A beautiful dream is over , This is almost everything A-SOUL Fans face people in yoga “ Live dormancy ” The first reaction .

“ My first reaction was really blindfolded , Only feel bitter . Whether it's fans , Or one of them , It's really bitter . Sometimes I think , How can life be like this . But anyway , I can only wish them happiness and peace forever ,” Jiale “ Poison only ” Xiao Xu told the prophet Youbao .

Like Xiao Xu , Many fans A-SOUL As a pure land of their life . In their eyes ,A-SOUL Different from other virtual idols or entertainment stars , Bring them only the positive energy of eating well and living well , There are some more sincere than true . But after Jiale announced her graduation , This dream is like a sand castle , Directly swept by the huge waves, there is nothing left .

It started yesterday , Jiaran's direct tears were once again widely spread on Weibo . Who posted this video @ Tonic soda No. 2 said frankly :“ Virtual idols don't have the function of crying , But under jiaran's holster is a real person . She plays a virtual image while , Like most people in the world , It's a living person , Because of her hard work, she will live together , So she can't help crying during the live broadcast .”

In previous articles, we have introduced ,A-SOUL The fan circle is extremely chaotic , Assembled the otaku 、 Abstract hi fan and rice circle players . After sorrow , The current mood of the times is intertwined with operational issues , Gradually let the fans form a basic consensus in just two days , For official “ capital ” The attribute denouncement began to become more and more intense .

Knowable A-SOUL Fans are a typical case .“ How to treat domestic well-known virtual idols ‘ Jiale ’ Suspected of being squeezed by enterprises and terminating activities ” In the question of , Zhihu netizens who asked questions even put a letter to... Directly in the description of the question A-SOUL An open letter from the production Committee , The letter clearly hopes that the official can disclose six points of information , Dispel the doubts of fans , Including the specific treatment of one of the five 、 The work environment 、 Training schedule 、 Is there a real reason for workplace bullying and the dormancy of people in yoga .

obviously ,5 month 11 Japan's official response can not be recognized by fans , Fans also began to burn their anger to other products . The first unlucky person is a woman who studies to play games by herself every day 《 Flowers are also the moon in the heart of the mountain 》, This game has been associated with A-SOUL Linkage has been carried out , Now his B The comment area of the station was marked with a one-star comment by angry fans .

A-SOUL Our fans once again nailed byte beat and Lehua entertainment to “ Capital sucks blood ” Of “ Stigma ” On , But the prophet Youbao believes that , The business model of virtual idol has never been as perfect as it seems , And the people in Jiale and Zhongzhong have foreboding “ Sleep ”, It was the pressure of this industry that leaked out , The omen of a reshuffle .

A-SOUL A chicken feather , Behind it is the dilemma of the business model of virtual idols

Peel off the numerous and miscellaneous fan groups as A-SOUL Strong emotions and “ abstract ” attribute , This is set up by two industry giants, byte beat and Lehua entertainment , stay B Standing red “ Idol group ”, Actually caught in “ The host ” and “ idol ” Between the two tracks , That is, use the high-frequency appearance in the live broadcast room to accumulate popularity 、 Harvest fans and reward , Then take the way of idol endorsement to further realize the commercial value , This is one that looks beautiful , And avoid to the greatest extent “ collapse ” The star making model of risk .

therefore , Du Hua has the confidence to say :“ They never collapse 、 Never fall in love 、 Always love Dumas 、24 Working hours .”

As can be seen from the prospectus of Lehua entertainment ,A-SOUL Just one and a half years after his debut , Suffering from " Capital invades the second dimension " After the controversy , With the mature business ability and technology presentation level far higher than that of peers , Get wind reviews , Help Lehua's Pan entertainment business grow 79.6%, The increase in income exceeds 1600 Ten thousand yuan , Higher than the company 2017 The sum of profits in the first half of the year . here we are 2021 year , With A-SOUL The main pan entertainment business brings... To Lehua 3790 Ten thousand yuan , This is still in and bytes 、B On the premise of Station Division .

Judging from the current live broadcast results , According to the data of feigua ,B There are three group members in the top five of the live broadcast popularity monthly list , Two of the top three in the fleet monthly list reflecting the willingness to pay are also from A-SOUL, Jiaran, the most popular in the portfolio, is based on a single month 16239 The results of paying users are far ahead of other anchors , Birthday party live gift reward income up to 259 ten thousand ,

that , What's the price ?

The first is the ambiguity of business value brought by the swing of positioning .

From the income data ,A-SOUL In the year of his debut, he became one of B Station top flow , The whole network has formed nearly 10 million fans , It has made remarkable achievements in creating tens of millions of revenue for the company , But on the anchor track , And the heyday of Xiuchang network popularity B Don't use tens of millions of RMB to sign ,A-SOUL In fact, the income of has not matched the size and volume of fans .

And on the idol track , Limited by the quadratic element and the basic disk of live broadcast ,A-SOUL Unable to directly translate the business model of idol industry , At present, in addition to music and MV works , It is difficult to participate in the film and television industry with higher costs and benefits , Business resources for signing contracts are also limited to digital 3C、 Chain catering and other fields , The way of commercial realization is still in the trial stage , Some brand owners told prophet Youbao , They can see the heat of the virtual idol in the circle , But I still don't think they're stars , But closer to the popular anchor , This yoga “ graduation ” The event undoubtedly damaged the vitality of the plan ,“ No collapse ” It's empty talk .

In addition to positioning blur , The seemingly beautiful input-output ratio also needs to be recalculated . The operating cost of the virtual idol team can be roughly divided into technical reserves 、 Traffic operation 、 Skill training and manpower investment are four parts , Technology and traffic determine whether the audience will enter this door , The emotional labor and talent skills of the Chinese people are the part that really makes the audience sticky . The first two are invested heavily , Constructed the lower limit of virtual idol , The latter two have less investment , But it can determine how high the combined ceiling is .

A virtual idol operator disclosed to the prophet travel newspaper , Music element “ Fight, Jackie ” A year's investment in virtual idol planning is 1500 Wan to 2000 Thousands of yuan , During the activity period of more than four years, about 100 million yuan has been invested , The production cost of each video of Liu Yexi, the virtual human who is popular with the sound boom, is $4.5 million , The annual operation investment is up to 2000 All the above . This one number entertainment CEO Liu Chenfei said , The basic disk of domestic secondary users is about 6000 All around , At most one-third of them are interested in virtual idols , Male users account for 70% to 80%. That means ,A-SOUL Nearly 10 million fans across the network , It is very close to the ceiling of the industry .

A-SOUL Such a combination of virtual idols known for their delicacy , Using the domestic top-level character vertical drawing production level and high-precision dynamic capture technology , Then walk out “ Massive drainage ” This move is dangerous , To some extent, it has broken through the basic disk of the second dimension , But this has pushed up the operating costs of the portfolio , In order to achieve commercial returns , Further development “ expensive ” The image value of , Instead of improving the relative “ cheap ” And the treatment of replaceable people , Obviously, it is a more commercially rational choice , Of course , This also triggered this controversial event .

From the source , The reason why virtual idols appear , It is precisely because the idol industry and fans are looking for a kind of “ Never collapse ” The perfect star making model ,A-SOUL Our expensive secondary image can never change , The capture technology can continue to be improved , Provide fans with emotional value and star chasing satisfaction for a long time and stably .

But the paradox is , At present, all virtual idols have the existence of Chinese people behind them , In the emotional link between fans and idols , The emotional labor of people in the world is indispensable , Therefore, the value of the person in the will be magnified with the rise of the reputation of the virtual idol , This is the original existence “ collapse ” The risky idol industry is coupled with high technology costs and a heavy industry “ Open box ” The hidden danger of , In the later stage, the higher the cost , Against the original intention of reducing marginal cost of operating virtual image . And we should firmly maintain IP The image itself , People who change frequently like lingnabel maintain low operating costs , Emotional links and fan stickiness cannot be realized in the field of live broadcasting room , Not to mention further commercial development .

Up to now , Still dissatisfied ,A-SOUL The crisis faced by the country's first virtual idol group continues . Everything seems to be in “ Karaoke sleep concert ” The climax of the day . But no one knows , After that A-SOUL, And even the entire virtual idol industry , Will continue to flourish , Or just collapse .

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