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Bloody wash! 170000 people broke their positions, and the "currency circle Maotai" Luna plunged 99%

2022-05-14 19:21:51Sina Finance blockchain

  5 month 12 Japan , The cryptocurrency market continues to play a big escape . Once called by coin circle players “ Coin Ring Maotai ” Of LUNA Money has been pouring more than 99%, This peak has reached 119.5 The cryptocurrency of the dollar , The latest price is not enough 6 cents . meanwhile , Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum also plummeted , Down to 10% and 20% above .

   Reporters noted that , This round of sharp decline in cryptocurrency or a stable currency known as the dollar Terra Slump related . at present ,Terra The price has been seriously decoupled from the dollar .

   Cryptocurrency market staged a bloody storm

  “ Coin Ring Maotai ”LUNA The collapse of the currency , It's really coming fast .5 month 12 Japan ,LUNA Money from 6 Prices continued to plummet around the dollar , As of press release , The latest price is not enough 6 cents , Only 0.0562 dollar , A drop of up 99.04%.

   stay LUNA In the event of a currency crash , Cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are also in a bloodbath .5 month 12 Japan , Bitcoin prices fell in the previous trading day 7.27% after , Plunge again , Once to 25174.8 dollar , Since the high level of the year, it has been nearly halved . As of press release , Drop down 11.96%, The price in 27435.1 dollar , set up 2020 year 12 New low since the month .

   Ethereum also continued to plummet .5 month 12 Japan , As of press release , Ethereum price is 1883 dollar , Drop down 20.57%, The lowest point on the plate is 1691.69 dollar . Besides , Dog money 、 Cryptocurrencies such as coin Ann coin and Ida coin also fell 20% above .

   Contract data shows , lately 24 Hours , The cryptocurrency market shares 175791 Position explosion , about 6.46 Billion dollars ( Renminbi conversion 41 One hundred million yuan ) The money went up in smoke .

   It is considered to be related to the stable currency TerraUSD Slump related

   The collective collapse of cryptocurrency , Considered a stable currency known as pegged to the dollar TerraUSD The decline is related to .

  TerraUSD also called UST, It should have been with 1 dollar “ Stable hook ”, Through sister tokens with floating prices Luna Cooperate with each other to maintain a balance between supply and demand , So as to keep the price anchored at 1 dollar . Each casting UST when , amount to 1 The dollar Luna Will be destroyed or removed from circulation , vice versa .

   In other words ,Luna Money as UST A form of price fluctuation “ Shock absorber ”, Help traders always put value 1 The dollar UST Exchange for value 1 The dollar Luna The coin .

   However , It started last weekend ,TerraUSD and Luna But it began to spiral down .5 month 11 Japan ,TerraUSD Once fell to every 26 The record low of cents ;5 month 12 Japan ,Terra Plunge again , As of press release , A drop of up 96.60%, The price is less than 4 cents , Only for 0.036 dollar .

  Oanda Senior market analyst Ed Moya Express , In the controversial stable currency UST After collapse , The encryption market is in a very tense period , Most institutional cryptocurrency investors who invested last year are now losing money .

   face UST The collapse of the currency ,5 month 11 Japan ,UST The biggest position holder behind 、 Korean cryptocurrency entrepreneur Do Kwon Announce the latest plan , take BasePool from 5 Ten million dollars to 1 $billion SDR , take Pool Recovery Block from 36 Block reduced to 18 block . This will enable UST The coinage ability has changed from 2.93 Billion dollars to 12 Billion dollars . however , from 5 month 12 Japan UST The currency plummeted again , This plan obviously didn't work .

   With UST Currency crash , It has been heavily decoupled from the dollar , Rather than being called “ Stable currency ” The properties of are very different .

  LUNA Whether the currency is a Ponzi scheme in cryptocurrency ?

   in fact , Since its launch ,LUNA In the case of near zero mortgage , Give Way UST Become the third stable currency in the market value of encryption market , This makes LUNA Always encounter “ Ponzi scheme ” The question of .

   according to LUNA And UST Operation mechanism of , UST To stabilize the currency , Keep... With the dollar 1:1 The anchoring relationship , In order to maintain UST Growth , You can use LUNA exchange UST.Terra The platform is UST Our users designed a lending platform , Can pay 20% The interest of . This leads to LUNA Value goes up all the way , But when UST When the price itself falls off the anchor , There will be a run and a crash .

  UST With the dollar “ Decoupling ” Considered to begin with Terra A series of recent major withdrawals by lending platforms . Last weekend, , The platform UST Total deposits from 140 US $billion to 112 Billion dollars (UST The total circulating supply of is 180 Billion dollars ). meanwhile , A giant whale wallet address sells value on the Ethereum blockchain 8400 Thousands of dollars in UST, Sell value on the currency security cryptocurrency exchange 1.08 $ UST, Cause panic among the holders .

  5 month 9 Japan , The Fed's semi annual release 《 Financial stability report 》 The warning is aimed at stabilizing currencies linked to the US dollar, etc , Asset support that may depreciate or lose liquidity under pressure .

  ( The original topic is 《 A blood bath ,17 Ten thousand people burst their positions ,“ Coin Ring Maotai ”LUNA tumbling 99%, Bitcoin once cut back from its high position … What happened? ?》)

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