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Developer survey: more than 40% of blockchain "novices" think Web3 is the future of the Internet | 9% think it's a scam

2022-05-15 05:02:24MissD

1998 year , The inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee For the first time Web3 The concept of . today ,Web3 Has been redefined —— That is, the decentralized Internet running on the blockchain technology . Since last year ,Web3 The heat of once swept the world , Even regarded by insiders as “ The future of the Internet ”.

In recent days, ,StackOverFlow The website has done a project about... For community developers “Web3、 Blockchain 、 encryption ” Research on related topics , Want to understand the above concept is fashion 、 Hype is still the real future of the Internet .

Under investigation 595 Among developers , Quite a few people don't know what this is :36% Answer “what's Web3?” Among those who know ,25% People think Web3 It's the future of the Internet ,15% Of people think it's hype ,14% People think it's important for encryption and related applications ,9% Of people think these are scams .

The blockchain experience is built outside of work :85% Developers do not use blockchain for development

because Web3 It's a kind of “ Decentralized Internet running on blockchain technology ”, So I want to know Web3 related data , You have to understand blockchain practitioners first .

According to the survey , At present, there are the vast majority of (85%) Developers do not use blockchain for development , I haven't even used blockchain more or less . Among these people , We can see that most blockchain development is carried out as an auxiliary project or hobby .

Among those who use blockchain development at work , Yes 31% People who are most likely to work for software companies (72%), More than half (55%) People also use it as a supplementary project or hobby . This hobby code also seems to be useful , Because we see 60% Blockchain applications developed by people in their work have been put into production .

Blockchain novice : super 40% People think Web3 It could be the future

The survey shows that , For those who know Web3 For developers who have no blockchain experience ,40% People think Web3 It could be the future ,25% Think it's just hype ,20% Think it's important for encryption ,15% Think it's all a hoax .

Among those with blockchain experience , Have a similar feeling ——41% Think this is the future ,29% Think this is important for encryption ,19% Think it's all hype ,10% Think it's a hoax .

In addition to what blockchain novices believe , The investigation also found that 20-30% Blockchain related issues raised by new stack overflow users . Due to interest in blockchain , These new users may be in the early stages of their coding career . For beginners , With the two most common programming languages (JavaScript and Python) Most related blockchain problems also support this point .

Blockchain related tags :JavaScript Continue to dominate

By studying the most common non blockchain tags in blockchain tags , The investigation found that when the stack overflowed , There can be up to five different tags .

among ,JavaScript and Python Continue to line up “ What non blockchain tags are used on blockchain related issues ” The survey topped the list , It's no surprise , Because they have been one of the most common programming languages for many years (JavaScript Has topped the list for nine consecutive years ,Python It's in 2021 Just took third place ).

This result ,Stack Overflow Developer rights advocate Matt Kiernander Express :“JavaScript Yes Web3 crucial , but Web3 Not at all JavaScript The foundation of ecosystem .”.“ Whether you believe in blockchain or not Web3 The durability of , Obviously JavaScript and Python It's a long-standing . They are all in Web2 Evolved in the process of , As for whether they continue to adapt Web3 The need for remains to be seen .”

All in all , Both languages are important to blockchain , Of course, there are some subtle differences in the relationship between the problems they are marked . for example ,python The tag is asking about encryption API And transaction encryption . On the other hand ,javascript In more questions about building distributed applications , Therefore, solidity、web3 and smartcontracts There is an association between tags .


so to speak , For blockchains and Web3 Is it the future of the Internet , The answer to this question is still “ Not sure ” Of . Most developers build blockchain experience in their spare time , Or you haven't touched the blockchain at all . As developers learn and build , They began to turn to their most commonly used language :JavaScript and Python.

Besides , Whether it's hype or not , What is the heat and trend of speculation , For those inexperienced blockchain developers , They still think Web3 It's the future of the Internet . Blockchain and Web3 The popularity of is undeniable , The question is whether these can stand the test of time ?

According to the 《 Forbes 》 reports ,2021 In, the total market value of encryption market has exceeded 3 Trillions of dollars . In the past year , Encryption startups get 300 $100 million venture capital , among 50 The family raised 1 Billions of dollars , Yes 40 Home into Unicorn state .

Despite a lot of money , But what does this mean for the future of Technology ? Blockchain and Web3 Is it the future or just a fashion ? After reading this survey , I believe you will have your own answers to the above questions .

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