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Bitcoin fell below 30000 Luna, directly halved

2022-05-14 22:42:16Sina Finance blockchain

   According to the CoinDesk data , Bitcoin once fell below 30000 The dollar pass , Drop down 10%. So far, “ The currency ” Since last year 11 Created by the moon 67802 The dollar has fallen from its all-time high 54%.

 Price trend chart of bitcoin in recent half a year Price trend chart of bitcoin in recent half a year

   Driven by the decline of bitcoin , Other cryptocurrencies almost fell across the board , Ethereum once fell to 2200 dollar . according to CoinMarketCap data display , In the past 24 The volume of transactions in the global cryptocurrency market is 1430.9 Billion dollars , The total market value has fallen 9.2% to 1.498 Trillions of dollars .

   because TerraUSD (UST) The stable currency is decoupled from the US dollar , At the very lowest 0.609 dollar , By the end of time ,UST Pick up to 0.83 dollar , Decoupling degree 17%.UST from Terra Chain and its original assets LUNA drive , meanwhile ,LUNA Has plummeted more than 56%, Quote as of press time 6.9 dollar .

Luna Price trend chart of RMB in recent week Luna Price trend chart of RMB in recent week

   There is data showing , Due to the recent continuous sharp decline ,15 Ten thousand people burst their positions , near 24 The hour burst 1073 billions .

   Some insiders said , Cryptocurrency recovery will not happen in the next two months , There will be more losses in the encryption market . But once the stock market finds “ Some kind of bottom ”, Bitcoin will start to rebound as usual .  

   Zhao Wei, senior researcher of Ouyi Research Institute, said to , From bitcoin 6.9 Million dollar high , And then to continuously fall below 5 ten thousand 、4 Ten thousand dollar mark , Are closely related to the monetary tightening policy of the Federal Reserve . 

  5 month 4 Japan , The Federal Reserve announced an interest rate hike 50 BPS , Raise the target range of the federal funds rate to 0.75% to 1% Between . meanwhile , The Federal Reserve announced that it would start from 6 month 1 The scale will be reduced by nearly 9 A trillion dollar balance sheet , In line with the interest rate hike , Curb soaring inflation . 

   source : WeChat official account “ Financial intelligence headlines ” zong close since : China Economic Net 、 Surging net, etc


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