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Analysis of DAPP game development mechanism of Qian'an roast beef system

2022-05-14 22:28:32InfoQ

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USDTBBQ yes Roastedbeef Stable currency version of roast beef . according to the understanding of , Hot Roastedbeef Roast Beef BNB Capital pool Z High breakthrough 12000BNB. because BNB Wave ...

1: The contract has been audited , The white paper mentions that the daily revenue is about 7-10% This interval .( It is mentioned that it may be released later token) The audit report is displayed on the official website , Those who understand the code can go in and have a look at the audit report . The audit said that the contract pool had been locked, no problem , No, rug risk , If the contract is safe , You can rest assured .( But to be cautious , Or don't make too big touzi, It is recommended to invest in 1BNB following .)

2: Need to invest BNB, also BNB It can't be retrieved , You can only get the return or reinvest . It is suggested to make a small attempt with affordable principal , After the book is published (z late 8 Back to the day ) Play big with multiple shots .

3: This model is not available at present token Of , Do you use BNB Buying is Beef( beef ), Understand it as a metallogenic machine . Because no token, So there is no such risk of selling down ( It's impossible to have no selling pressure at all , After entering the early book return, the book will basically be published , Profits are playing in the back ), So as to stabilize the income . Then over time Beef It will be more and more expensive , and Beef Determines how much you can produce every day bnb. So there are geometric growth .

4: At present, few Chinese people play , Something new . Yesterday afternoon, a group of South Koreans entered .TG Community , They are also active in English .

There are only three buttons . pledge - Re cast - Receive income .

   tip :

  1: Don't receive income three times in a row , Otherwise, your earnings will drop to 0.5%/ God .

  2: I've tested reinvestment and income , All normal functions .gas It costs about 0.29U about .

  3: Good mode 6 1( front 6 Every day every day , The first 7 Days to receive income , One month to receive 4 Time .) Enclosed 100U Algorithm table .

  4: If you want to be steady, wait until you get back to your roots , Receive income , Then re vote .

  5: Pay attention to risks ! Pay attention to risks ! Pay attention to risks ! Not more than 1BNB.

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