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Bitcoin plummeted and the wealth of cryptocurrency tycoons shrank sharply

2022-05-14 22:15:57Chinese industry information station

But according to the Bloomberg billionaires index , Due to the selling of digital currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum Coinbase The market value of has fallen sharply , At present, this figure has fallen to 23 Billion dollars .

As of Wednesday , The company's share price has increased from last year 4 month IPO The high point fell 78%. The stock fell on Wednesday 26.4%, Closed at 53.72 dollar . The company had previously reported a loss in the first quarter 4.3 Billion dollars , And warned that , It is expected that the trading volume and monthly trading users in the second quarter will be lower than those in the first quarter .

This has aroused people's concern about Coinbase Doubts about the ability to resist the sharp decline in the price of cryptocurrency , Forced Armstrong to Twitter Defend the company on , Even if it happens “ The black swan ” event , The company also “ There is no risk of bankruptcy ”, Users' funds are safe .

After a sell-off that began with technology stocks spread to digital currencies , The wealth of the fast expanding cryptocurrency rich over the past two years is disappearing . The prices of the two most popular cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and Ethereum, are down from last year's record high 50% above . The algorithm stabilizes the currency TerraUSD There is a risk of complete collapse .

This is very different from what happened a few weeks ago , The cryptocurrency community was still reveling in Miami .

Although the wealth of almost all cryptocurrency holders has declined , But some of the biggest 、 The most obvious losses are concentrated on the founders of the cryptocurrency exchange .

At least on the books , Currency security CEO Zhao CHANGPENG lost more wealth than Armstrong . This year, 1 month , He is in 960 A net worth of $billion appears on the Bloomberg billionaires index for the first time . As of Wednesday , This figure has shrunk to 160 Billion dollars .

Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini Taylor, co-founder of - And Cameron - The winklevos brothers lost about... Per person this year 21 Billion dollars , About of its wealth 40%. Cryptocurrency Commercial Bank Galaxy Digital Of CEO Michael - Novogratz's wealth from last year 11 The beginning of the month 85 $billion plummeted to 29 Billion dollars .

Armstrong is not Coinbase The only billionaire who lost money . The company's co-founder Fred - Elsam (Fred Ehrsam) Once a trader at Goldman Sachs , At present, my family 13 Billion dollars , It has shrunk this year 60% above .

according to Coinbase Of 2022 Age statement of rights , Armstrong owns the company 16% Shares of , And control 59.5% Voting shares , And elsam holds 4.5% Shares of , control 26% Voting shares .

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