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"Cryptocurrency" winter is coming! Luna coin price collapse 150000 people burst positions

2022-05-14 21:57:21Sina Finance blockchain

5 month 12 Daily news ,TerraUSD (UST) The stable currency is decoupled from the US dollar , At the very lowest 0.609 dollar . and UST from Terra Chain and its original assets Luna The coin drive , After two consecutive days of sharp decline , Cryptocurrency Luna For a time, the price of RMB fell below 2 dollar , Market value fell to 11 Billion dollars .

It is reported that , In cryptocurrency ,Luna The circulation market value once ranked the fifth in the whole network , Once called by coin circle players “ Coin Ring Maotai ”. Besides ,Luna Money as UST A form of price fluctuation “ Shock absorber ”, Help traders always put value 1 The dollar UST Exchange for value 1 The dollar Luna The coin . According to the coingecko,Luna The coin has gone from its lowest point 0.12 The dollar soared all the way to 119.5 dollar , Also reached the highest market value 410 Billion dollars ( about 2700 More than 100 million RMB ).

Due to the continuous sharp decline of cryptocurrency ,15 Ten thousand people burst their positions , near 24 The hour burst 1073 billions .5 month 11 Japan ,UST The biggest position holder behind 、 Korean cryptocurrency entrepreneur Do Kwon Tweet the latest plan , take BasePool from 5 Ten million dollars to 1 $billion SDR , take Pool Recovery Block from 36 Block reduced to 18 block . This will enable UST The coinage ability has changed from 2.93 Billion dollars to 12 Billion dollars , This will change the coinage ability from 2.93 Billion dollars to 1.2 Billion dollars .

It is worth mentioning that , The Federal Reserve on 5 month 9 Semi annual release on the th 《 Financial stability report 》, The warning is aimed at stabilizing currencies linked to hard currencies such as the US dollar , Asset support that may depreciate or lose liquidity under pressure .( writing foolfish )

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