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Stable currency terrausd collapsed, and Asian cryptocurrency stock bitcoin once lost $28000

2022-05-14 21:50:33Sina Finance blockchain

   Zhitong finance has noticed , Stable currency TerraUSD After collapse , It triggered a rush of many of the most popular tokens in the digital asset market , Cryptocurrency related Asian stocks fell .

   Have tradedestation and Coincheck Market Japan Monex Group Inc. The share price fell for a time 8.6%, To approximately 16 The lowest level in months . South Korea Woori Technology Investment Co. fall 6.6%,Vidente Co. fall 6.3%.

  TerraUSD (UST) The stable currency is decoupled from the US dollar , At the very lowest 0.609 dollar . and UST from Terra Chain and its original assets Luna The coin drive , After two consecutive days of sharp decline , Cryptocurrency Luna For a time, the price of RMB fell below 2 dollar , Market value fell to 11 Billion dollars .

  TerraUSD also called UST, It should have been with 1 dollar “ Stable hook ”, Through sister tokens with floating prices Luna Cooperate with each other to maintain a balance between supply and demand , So as to keep the price anchored at 1 dollar . Each casting UST when , amount to 1 The dollar Luna Will be destroyed or removed from circulation , vice versa .

  TerraUSD and Luna Since last weekend, it has suddenly started a spiral crash . Wednesday ,TerraUSD Once fell to every 26 The record low of cents , Then it bounced back to 49 cents ,24 Plummeted within hours 44%.

  Oanda Senior market analyst Ed Moya Express ,“ In the controversial stable currency UST After the crash , The encryption market is in a very tense period , Most institutional cryptocurrency investors who invested last year are now losing money .”

   Bitcoin on Wednesday (5 month 11 Japan ) The US market began to collapse , Intraday down and over 3000 dollar , Once lost 28000 dollar / gold , Refresh 2020 year 12 Lowest in the month , Twice in a week 3 Million dollar psychological gateway . By the end of time , Bitcoin fell 5%, newspaper 29282 dollar .

   Wednesday , Popular stocks in decentralized Finance Avalanche Plummet about 37%,Solana tumbling 33%.

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