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Opensea launched NFT duplicate detection and account verification functions

2022-05-14 21:47:07Carbon news

According to the official blog ,NFT market OpenSea Adding NFT Duplicate check, detection and verification function , Designed to reduce plagiarism and false projects .OpenSea Express , The new features introduced this time will improve the authenticity of the digital market , Major updates include the launch of a detection and deletion of Shanzhai NFT New system 、 Adjust the account verification process, etc .

Besides ,OpenSea It also revealed that it is deploying a new copy detection system , The system can use image recognition technology to scan images on the platform NFT, And compare them with real collections , Find flip 、 Rotation and other variants .OpenSea The manual reviewer of will also participate in the detection and will view the deletion suggestions .OpenSea Express , They have begun to delete violations , And will expand the deletion process and scope in the coming weeks . In terms of account verification , Current holding value 100 ETH above ( contain ) Your account can use an invitation only authentication application , The scope of subsequent verification function participation experience will be further expanded .

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