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The UST collapse triggered regulation, and the European Commission considered banning large-scale issuance of stable currency

2022-05-14 21:33:33Sina Finance blockchain

   according to Coindesk A document obtained , The European Commission is considering strict restrictions on the widespread use of the stabilization currency . Committee officials have proposed severe measures , It is required that the daily trading volume exceeds 100 Wanshi stopped issuing stable coins , That is, the regulator can order any market value exceeding 2 Billions of euros (2.11 Billion dollars ) And daily trading 100 The issuer of 10000 stable coins stopped issuing , Until these numbers return below the threshold , Two insiders confirmed the details .

   Reports said , The file is marked as “ Non paper ”, This means that it does not reflect the official position of the Committee .

   Lawmakers and the government are trying to hammer out a landmark encryption law 《 Crypto asset market regulation 》 (MiCA), Late closed door negotiations are under way . The European Parliament tends to adopt a more moderate approach , Reclassify the successful stabilization currency and accept the supervision of the European Banking authority .

   The document says :“ The service sector of the European Commission prefers to limit ART[ Reference asset token ] Committee text issued .” And warned that Parliament forced issuers to reimburse customers for the initial purchase of tokens , It may endanger financial stability .

   The document says ,“ There can be further discussion at the political level of monitoring and limiting the widely used means of payment ART The threshold .” The committee does favour additional measures triggered by specific numerical limits , Instead of letting regulators decide for themselves .

  MiCA Some measures have been introduced , To ensure that encrypted assets are well managed 、 Be honest with investors and have considerable reserves , Especially when they reach a considerable scale . Additional proposals would apply to widely used stabilization currencies linked to a basket of assets , Instead of a stable currency linked to a single legal tender such as the euro .

   This issue may determine the future of the EU market , Different from the United States , There is no major stabilizing currency in the EU market that can help pay and decentralized Finance . Should have maintained 1 In US dollars UST The stable currency decoupling fell to... On Tuesday 35 Less than cents , It is now possible to focus attention on the importance of sound regulation .

   According to the 《 Compare and push 》 Previously reported , At Tuesday's hearing , US Treasury Secretary Yellen (Janet Yellen) Call for the adoption of stable currency legislation by the end of the year , And emphasizes the focus on TerraUSD (UST) The risk of , She said :“ A name is TerraUSD (UST) The stable currency experienced a sharp decline and devaluation . I think this just shows that this is a fast-growing product , And there is a risk of rapid growth … There are risks to financial stability , We need a suitable framework ”. Yellen said Congress passed legislation to stabilize the currency “ It's very important , Even urgent ”.

   Two people familiar with the matter said , Although the US federal government recently said that a stable currency may pose a growing threat to the US financial system , But the FSB (FSOC) Not yet on the stability currency UST Hold a discussion meeting on the potential risk of anchor disengagement .

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