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Such as the free fall, the controversial stable currency ust (linked to the US dollar) plummeted

2022-05-14 21:33:31Sina Finance blockchain

   Block heavenly eye : Fall like a free fall The controversial stability currency UST( Linked to us dollar ) tumbling

   From a troubled encryption project Terra The two main tokens fell freely on Wednesday .TerraUSD(UST) Fell to 26 cents . The so-called stable currency is designed to maintain a balance with the US dollar 1:1 The hook of . according to Coinbase The data of , Its latest trading price is about 47 cents .

   Its sister token luna Once it fell short 90 cents , Then it rebounded slightly , to 2.77 dollar . in the past 7 In the day , Bitcoin lost about 96%, The current market value is lower than the stable currency .

   Blue chip tokens bitcoin and Ethereum fluctuated sharply throughout the day , Traders monitor UST The decline and higher than expected 4 Monthly inflation data . Bitcoin has recently risen 1%, to 31,377 dollar , Had previously fallen below 30,000 dollar . Ethereum fell 1%, to 2309 dollar .

   A stable currency is similar to a bank account in a crypto economy , Provides a reliable way to store value , To avoid the volatility of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin —— At least in theory .

  UST It's called “ Algorithm ” Stable currency . It uses a complex system of casting and burning tokens to adjust supply and stabilize prices . lately , Under the pressure of cryptocurrency selling ,UST The price of , Cause further panic in the market .

   The creator of this coin made a final effort , By improving the daily casting of new luna The speed of , Give Way UST go back to 1 The pegged exchange rate of the US dollar . The company is actually allowing its supply of stable currency to be consumed , It hopes this will push up prices .

   Quan Yongzhe said on twitter Wednesday :“ I know the past 72 Hours are very difficult for all of you , I am determined to go through this crisis with each and every one of you , We will come out of the crisis .”

   Investors had hoped for new capital injections to boost the project . As report goes ,UST Supporters are seeking to raise more than 10 Billion dollars to support the stability currency .

   Cryptocurrency exchange Luno International head of Vijay Ayyar Express ,Kwon Your statement did not inspire confidence .

  Ayyar call ,“ They let the system bleed too much , Hope to be ‘ excess ’ Of UST When the supply runs out , The system will return to normal .”

  Kwon Through him Luna Foundation Guard The fund has accumulated billions of dollars worth of bitcoin , To support in times of crisis UST. The worry now is ,Luna The foundation guards put these bitcoins on the market , Leading to a bigger sell-off .

   Wednesday , Bitcoin once fell below 3 Thousands of dollars , This is the second time in a week that it has fallen below this level . As investors worry about rising inflation and slowing economic growth , Fleeing risky assets , The world's largest cryptocurrency since last year 11 It has fallen since its all-time high in January 50% above .

   Algorithmic stability is still a relatively new phenomenon . but UST Has grown into a major player in the crypto economy , Circulation supply 160 Billion tokens .

  CryptoCompare Research analyst David · Moreno · Darrocas (David Moreno Darocas) Express , This situation highlights UST Such an algorithm stabilizes the currency “ Vulnerability ”. He said :“UST Has grown into an integral part of the crypto ecosystem , But there is also controversy .”

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