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What is crypto game? Is it the future of the game industry?

2022-05-15 05:32:23Blockchain Knight

In the past few years ,Crypto It's got a lot of attention , Blockchain technology has brought changes to all walks of life .

Crypto The market has attracted a large number of young people and new investors , The development team began to use blockchain technology to build games , And these games also take this opportunity to join Crypto In the ecosystem .

Blockchain technology uses database or ledger shared by computer network to store data , Once the information is added , Blockchain will ensure the integrity and security of information .


Besides , All computers connected to the database can access the database , Thus, the control of data by the central mechanism is prevented .

What is? Crypto game ?

Having a central mechanism is the main feature of traditional games , This means valuable assets in the game , Like skin , figure , Weapons and aunts belong to a developer or game owner , Assets in the game cannot be recognized by other games .

and Crypto The game is the opposite , The player has ownership of the assets in the game , And can be certified in other games . Users get rewards in the game and can also trade in other games .

In addition to the practical functions provided by blockchain Technology ,Crypto It also has value as a means of payment .

Crypto How games work

Traditional games and developers have ownership of digital assets , Like money in the game XP、 The skin 、 weapons 、 Rune 、 Cars, etc. . These digital assets are just a set of records in the game database owned by game developers .

stay Crypto The items obtained in the game belong to the player , Because such games are created on the blockchain network , All computers connected to the network can access the same information ( All information ), Decentralized control of information , And empower players and creators equally .

Blockchain technology can be used in Crypto There are two functions in the game , Record every interaction in the game and act as NFT Mark the ownership of digital assets .

Crypto The economic model of the game

Crypto Game is a decentralized game form , Players can have unique assets in the game , And can be converted into real currency or Crypto.

Simply speaking ,Crypto The game is played by storing data about assets , These data, in turn, are subject to the principles of economic supply and demand .

Crypto Categories of games

Crypto Technology is adopted by many game types , From card trading games (TCG) To Sims and so on .

be based on NFT The game of

Play-to-earn The mode is generated through the integration of blockchain and game .

Crypto Items and tokens in the game are recorded in the blockchain network framework , Players can cast NFT To document ownership and in an open NFT Trading on the market . The gamer is NFT Owner , Not the game publisher .


In this mode of operation , In game transactions in blockchain based games are completely secure , Players can more easily control their game experience .


Supported by blockchain technology Crypto A good aspect of the game is to build decentralized applications (DApp).DApp Is a computer application running on a distributed computing system , Instead of executing on a proprietary server .

Essentially ,DApp Use blockchain technology to run on a reliable and secure network supported by users . therefore , There is no third party to interfere with their operation .


DeFi A new financial model completely out of the control of third parties , This can be done through a trusted decentralized network DeFi Access to a variety of financial products and services , Compared with the traditional environment, people will have fewer barriers to access to financial services . and DeFi The combination with games has broadened the market for the game industry .


Crypto The game is for the whole Crypto The industry has had a significant impact , Provides opportunities for millions of players .

With the continuous development of blockchain games , In the future, we will see higher quality games emerge . without doubt ,Crypto The game industry is still in a blue ocean .

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