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Did your NFT make money?

2022-05-15 04:31:28Sina Finance blockchain

   According to the data website NonFungible The data of , This week, NFT Further decline in sales , To daily average 19000 individual , This is more than last year 9 month 22.5 The sales volume of 10000 fell 92% As much as . although NFT The foam in the market has already been prepared , But this cooling wave is still earlier and bigger than expected .

   What is blocking NFT The pace of crazy expansion , awakened “ Leeks ” Of reason ? Will this wave of cooling affect China ?NFT Whether there will be the next market after the crash “ Favourite ”?

   Difficult to cross “ Red Sea Area ” 

   I once asked a friend in the industry a question : Why do so many people play in blockchain ? Its essence still lies in the public “ pursue material gain ” The needs of . Then, other than blockchain, can not meet the needs of the public “ pursue material gain ” What's the need for ? Yes , Or it's hard .

   Some time ago “ Ali's market value has evaporated more than 3 One trillion ” Still fresh in my memory , and “ Internet winter ”“ Big factories lay off workers ”“ Internet bottleneck period ” And other keywords are frequently swiping the screen . Quite apart from the “ Internet winter ” Not to mention , The fact is that today's Internet , Innovative things are becoming more and more difficult . The IQ of Chinese people is really so unbearable ? Is not the case, , Otherwise, why did China realize the people's life from insufficient food and clothing to overall well-off in just a hundred years 、 A historic leap towards a well-off society in an all-round way . The root cause lies in the solidification of the centralized Internet class , Large companies hold most of the resources and customers , Small companies can only struggle on the food and clothing line , Even with innovation and ideas, we can't cross the current “ Red Sea Area ”. One of the most typical is Internet big data + Burn money + Monopoly mode , Look at some of the most commonly used in your mobile phone APP, A few are not raised like this ?

   The Internet paradigm is constantly upgrading ,web1.0、web2.0 To the heart of web3.0. Each iteration is not just the improvement of user experience , It is also a reshuffle of the wealth class . We all know that a core feature of blockchain is De centralization , That's the only way , The public can cross “ Red Sea Area ”, Have the opportunity to break down class barriers . People tend to pursue because of fair opportunities , As for the results , Is another story .

   The game of the rich

   Go back and see NFT.5 month 2 Daily news , Ji Zhu Xiaohu 、 After Cai Wensheng ,LinkVC Founder Lin Jiapeng and founding partner Zhang of Tongzhou capital bought a boring ape respectively ”NFT, Joined the “ Boring ape Yacht Club ”. A few days ago , Li Ning announced that he chose to hold hands with boring apes , Launch several co branded products ...

   a sheet “ Boring ape ” The valuation 40 Billion dollars ,B On the other hand, it is 98% Loss of players , Some even reach millions . At the end of the day , It is always the ordinary investors who get hurt in the end . With a large number of resources in hand 、 Professional investors or business institutions enter the site , This once “ Blue ocean ” Has gradually dyed red , Matthew effect is becoming more prominent . More and more ordinary speculators, rather than investors, realize that they are just leeks and leave the market in repeated fluctuations , Start looking for the next blue ocean market .

   Neglected objective existence

   Aside from market reasons , Born out of blockchain technology NFT After all, we can't escape the law of the technical curve . Throughout the world , since NFT Since the hot market , At the same time, it has also been lack of technological innovation . Digital art has not been used well NFT Authentication, traceability and other functions , music NFT We haven't seen any real progress in the past year , Website 、 Domain name and so on, not to mention , And in other areas , At present, I haven't seen NFT Application prospect of .

   that Will this cooling affect the domestic data collection industry ? Very small , Or basically not . One is the information barrier at home and abroad 、 Delay ; The second is at home and abroad NFT Different in nature . Abroad NFT It has a strong financial attribute , It's a buyer's market , Its price is affected by market supply and demand ; Domestic data collection is foreign NFT Localization and improvement of , Weakening the financial attribute , At present, it mainly focuses on the seller's market , Its price is less affected by market fluctuations . Third , This cooling is the epitome of the development of the whole industry , Domestic digital Tibet continues to move forward , It will eventually lead to the same goal , Unless you go to another fork in the road before this node arrives .

   The air outlet often changes , The sickle is always new , The discussion around tuyeres and hot spots has never stopped ,NFT Then there must be the next market “ Favourite ” Waiting for people to discover . Return to the present , Insiders predict :NFT There will always be , There will also be a burst of money , but 99% It's all rubbish . When the top layer of foam is skimmed , Admission of professional institutional investors , Maybe the industry will be more professional 、 Long span development , But this will no longer be a game for ordinary players .( Golden Finance )

editor : Zhang Jingdi

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