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US Treasury Secretary Yellen hopes to promote regulation of the stable currency by the end of the year

2022-05-15 04:31:18Sina Finance blockchain

   As a long-standing hot topic on the topic list inside and outside Capitol Hill , The US Treasury Department is trying to 2022 Promote strict supervision of the stable currency before the end of the year . Earlier this week , US Treasury Secretary Janet · Yellen (Janet Yellen) This was reiterated in the annual address of the Senate Banking Committee . meanwhile ,Terra Because its algorithm is stable (UST) I'm busy breaking off the anchor with the dollar .

   Yellen said —— New products and technologies may bring opportunities to promote innovation and improve efficiency , But digital assets may cause risks and shocks to the financial system —— Therefore, it calls for strengthening coordination and regulatory attention .

   For Senators Pat Toomey and Catherine Cortez Masto The question of , She replied —— stay 2022 It will be necessary to implement the supervision of stable currency before the end of the year , Because of its many risks associated with cryptocurrency .

   So , Yellen suggested a consistent federal framework , And sincerely look forward to working with members of Congress , To promote legislation to achieve this goal .

   At the beginning of design ,“ Stable currency ” We are committed to maintaining the link with external assets such as the US dollar . Although every stable currency in circulation has 1 The equivalent of US dollars to support , But recent market trends , It still hurt the confidence of investors .

   Stabilize the currency with algorithm UST For example , Its presence 5 month 9 Japan ( This Monday ) Once fell as high as 35% —— Although theoretically , It should have maintained a constant balance with the dollar 1:1 exchange rate .

   Yellen added :TerraUSD The stable currency experienced a sharp decline and devaluation , As a fast-growing product , This has pointed out that there are related risks .

   Even if UST After Monday's sharp fall, it rebounded to 0.91 dollar , But it has not fully recovered to 1:1 Fully anchored state of .

   even so , Implement encrypted tokens LUNA And UST Of Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon Or in a tweet ,LFG Coming soon $UST Your recovery plan , But did not share the exact Timetable .

   In addition, the Federal Reserve is 5 month 9 A report on the th said :“ The stable currency industry continues to maintain rapid growth , But there are still liquidity risks ”.

  2022 year 3 month , The total value of the stabilization currency has soared to 1800 Around $100 million , And Tether、USDC and Binance USD Accounting for more than 80% of the total market value .

   Last , Yellen said the US Treasury Department plans to “ Soon ” Release a report on cryptocurrency and stable currency , And plan to 2022 Linked assets before the end of the year “ Tailor made ” Relevant laws and regulations .(cnBeta)

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