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It is reported that LFG is seeking more than US $1 billion to maintain the currency stability of UST

2022-05-15 04:31:15Sina Finance blockchain

   According to three sources : After the shock of the weekend , Headquartered in Singapore 、 And committed to Terra A non-profit organization for the ecological development of blockchain Luna Foundation Guard( hereinafter referred to as LFG), Is seeking to raise more than 10 Billion dollars .The Block Reports said : On Monday ,LFG The algorithm is stable (UST) At one point it fell to 0.61 dollar , But then it went back to 0.91 dollar .

   Breakaway from the dollar , It has had a huge impact on market confidence . even so ,LFG Or actively engage with large encryption investors and market makers . It hopes to raise 10+ Billion dollars , To support the troubled UST The algorithm stabilizes the currency .

   Unfortunately , In the case of the overall collapse of the cryptocurrency market ,LFG It's hard to be alone . The relevant transaction negotiations are still ongoing , Even gave a half price to buy LUNA Token opportunities ( Even with a two-year limit ).

  LFG Did not immediately respond to requests for comment from foreign media , But it's obviously trying to use all kinds of means , To inject confidence into the market .

   Like on Monday ,LFG Declare that the value has been 15 $ BTC and UST Lent to a third party , Although it initially sought to buy up to 100 $ BTC To maintain the UST The stability of the .

(The Block Crypto Data)(The Block Crypto Data)

   As an algorithm to stabilize money ,UST Need help LUNA Token to maintain its anchor with the dollar . Through a special set of coins / Consumption code ,LUNA Can be maintained for a long time UST With the dollar 1:1 Exchange relationship .

   However, critics point out that , The success of this wave of operation , Depend on LUNA How strong is your price . And its key is decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform Anchor, It should also be able to continuously produce up to 20% To stimulate liquidity .

   Recent trends , To display Anchor Total from 140 US $100 million high , Slide quickly to less than 100 Billion dollars . If market confidence remains , Arbitrageurs can still take this opportunity to buy low and sell high .

   Unfortunately , A lot of in the past two days UST To withdraw money , Have been to LUNA This system has brought great pressure .


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