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[Hangzhou Yuhang] NFT related posts, people with similar interests are interested to tease

2022-02-04 00:28:58 Q & A of Denglian community

Responsibilities :1、 Study the art of digital encryption (NFT, Non homogeneous assets ) Popular trend .2、 Research novel 、 Comic 、 game 、 Film copyright introduction NFT The frontier dynamics of the primordial universe .3、 Explore potential digital art from various channels NFT Or some other meta universe IP, Purchase as copyright reserve .4、 Responsible for digital art 、 A novel 、 Comic 、 game 、 Film and other copyright Links 、 Price evaluation 、 Negotiation and signing .5、 Responsible for inviting encryption artists 、 Writers come to the chain to issue NFT.

Job requirements :1、 Bachelor degree or above , Art majors such as Central American beauty are preferred ;2、 More than three years of copyright purchase or art transaction 、 The auction 、 Gallery experience , be familiar with IP Copyright is introduced and distributed on the blockchain NFT Operation process of ;3、 For copyright resources 、 Art has deep excavation and prediction , Excellent insight into its business value ;4、 Excellent business negotiation skills 、 Public relations ability , Strong logical analysis ability and organization planning ability , Strong sense of innovation , Think carefully ;5、 Have good customers ( The artist 、 The writer ) Resources and extensive social relations , And having corresponding art channel resources is preferred ;6、 Industry ( Blockchain NFT) It's a cutting-edge niche market , Need to have high learning ability and creativity , Willing to accept challenges , Jump out of comfort zone , Blockchain experience is preferred , be familiar with NFT Or the concept of meta universe is preferred .

Those with rich experience and resources develop to project partners .

Contacts :Cindy contact number ( WeChat ):15268090832

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