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2022-02-04 00:23:59 Q & A of Denglian community

if (var0 == 0x56c715d9) {// Dispatch table entry for withdraw(address)var var1 = msg.value;

if (var1) { revert(memory[0x00:0x00]); }

var1 = 0x00a9; // Problem Division var var2 = 0x04;var var3 = - var2;

if (var3 < 0x20) { revert(memory[0x00:0x00]); }

withdraw(var2, var3);stop();

} else if (var0 == 0x16c025a9) {var1 = msg.value;if (var1) { revert(memory[0x00:0x00]); }var1 = 0x00c0; // Problem Division stop();

Please ask the teacher for the above code // Problem Division Of var1=xxxxxx What's the function , I don't think we can use... After the assignment , So I don't understand the specific meaning

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