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[Beijing / remote] recruitment of rust / solidity engineers for the new layer 2 project of blockchain

2022-02-04 00:12:47 Q & A of Denglian community


<h1> About Scroll</h1>

Scroll It is a new blockchain protocol , By the world's top universities ( Stanford university , Tsinghua University ) Our professors jointly initiated the establishment of , Intended use layer2(zkRollup) Solve the problem of gas The problem of high cost .

Scroll Hope to build a new general platform , Transfer transactions on Ethereum , Decentralized Finance (DeFi) And other complex applications are transplanted to the chain (layer2), Maintain the consistency of data on and off the chain through zero knowledge proof , Only in layer1 Do liquidation on , So as to reduce the use of DeFi The handling charge .Scroll A new proof of zero structure of knowledge is proposed , new layer2 On DApp How to interact , And the new layer2 Mining mechanism ,Scroll Hope to bring users the best experience with stronger technical means .

<h1> What kind of people do we need ?</h1><h2>Rust The engineer </h2>

  1. Be responsible for the implementation and optimization of cryptography library related to bottom zero knowledge proof
  2. Responsible for circuit implementation and optimization related to zero knowledge proof
  3. Be responsible for the docking of the bottom system with the mine pool and Ethereum interface
  4. Code maintenance , Optimize , Frame design, etc

We know that zero knowledge proof and related cryptography are still in the early stage of development , It is not necessary to have a strong relevant background , We will train patiently and give loose study time . But we hope you can start a new project quickly , Have solid basic skills , Have strong ability and interest in learning new things , thole , Willing to communicate and discuss , Do not exclude learning mathematics and some papers .

<h2>Solidity The engineer </h2>

  1. be familiar with DeFi The underlying design and implementation logic , such as AAVE Contract design details like ,
  2. Project experience , Can actually realize DeFi project
  3. Strong learning ability , Willing to discuss

DeFi The implementation of layer 2 requires a very deep understanding of contract logic , And convert it into circuit logic , It requires a lot of cooperation and discussion within the team , Here we hope you will not reject learning new things , Willing to actively explore , And actively discuss in the engineer team , Help zero knowledge proof engineers design basic circuit logic , Or try some conversion yourself .

<h1> salary </h1>

Above the industry average , We will discuss it in person .

<h1> Resume delivery </h1>

We welcome online remote work , We can also build our technical team in Beijing , Please send your resume to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>, If you have Github Or other technology Blog Welcome to attach .

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