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Remix suddenly lost connection

2022-02-04 00:08:06 Q & A of Denglian community

remix Suddenly I can't connect . Show You are using an https connection. Please switch to http if you are using Remix against an http Web3 provider or allow Mixed Content in your browser. All the previous documents are gone .

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remix The version upgrade led to the loss of files , It can be recovered . as for http/https In fact, both can be used , Note that it's best to have a ladder .

1、 The recovery file has just entered remix Actually home page , There are two titles below ,File / Resources Try... First Resources Below Migrate old filesystem to workspace, If it gets stuck , Unable to respond .

Just reload , Click on file Below Download all Files; You can download the previous file back . Generally, this can be used .

If remix There are other questions ... For example, the button to create a file is not displayed at all , Will use F12 You can click on it and then , stay Application Let's make it clear remix Of , basic ok 了

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