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[Hangzhou] talent recruitment of blockchain top company, CBD of future science and Technology City

2022-02-04 00:07:50 Q & A of Denglian community

【 Recruitment post 】

Golang Development Engineer 【 Job description 】1、 be responsible for GPU Underlying development of cloud sharing platform , Invest a lot of money to build a senior talent team , Keep looking for excellent developers to join ;2、 be responsible for AI Construction of education and modeling cloud platform , Provide customers with a high-quality developer ecological environment 3、 Write high-quality online programs , Maintainable , Auditable , Can be reproduced , Ensure platform security .【 Job requirements 】1、3 At least years of development experience ;2、 Familiar with distributed system , Experience in cloud underlying development is preferred ;3、 be familiar with Golang Ecosystem related microservice framework uses , Operation and maintenance development , Monitoring and early warning system , Experience in hardware virtualization ( Master one or more );4、 Have a good sense of teamwork and hacker pioneering and innovative spirit .

Blockchain Development Engineer 【 Job description 】1、 Be responsible for the maintenance and development of the original chain ;2、 Lead the team to conduct high-performance research based on blockchain , High stability enterprise application development and system transformation ;3、 be responsible for Dapp Intermediate key development with blockchain ;4、 The responsible architecture is based on docker, k8s Microservice system of ;【 Post requirements 】1、 Bachelor degree or above , Experience in system transformation and team leadership ;2、 Have a good command of unix/linux, Database application and design , Good ability to identify and design general framework and modules ;3、 Familiar with the design and application of distributed system , Distributed cache 、 news 、 Search for 、 monitor , Log and other mechanisms , It can be used in distributed technology , solve the problem ;4、 be familiar with docker, k8s The architecture of microservices ;5、 Have a deep understanding of blockchain , Read the white paper and source code of bitcoin or Ethereum ;6、 Strong expression and communication skills , Serious work 、 rigorous 、 dedicated , Have a sense of almost stringent requirements for system quality .

Blockchain technologist 【 Job requirements 】1、 Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related field ;2、 Master C/C++, GO, Python Other languages ;3、 be familiar with Linux System , TCP/IP Network protocol ;4、 be familiar with Bitcoin, ethereum, fabric At least one agreement ;5、 Familiar with cutting-edge technologies such as lightning network , Intelligent contract , Side chains, etc ;6、 Good communication and presentation skills 、 have a lucid brain , Strong hands-on ability and logical analysis ability ;7、 Recognize the value of blockchain , And previous experience , Experience in public chain development 、 Excellent oral English is preferred .

Automation test engineer 【 Responsibilities 】1、 Be responsible for the testing of moment pool cloud products , Including functional testing 、 Smoke testing 、 Performance testing 、 Stability test, etc , Guarantee product quality ;2、 Participation needs analysis 、 Technical review , Make a test plan according to the characteristics of the product 、 Strategy 、 technological process ;3、 Introduce testing tools and methods , Develop automated test framework and use case script , Improve test efficiency .【 Post requirements 】1、 Proficient in test theory , Familiar with the testing process , Have the ability to understand system architecture ;2、 Master at least 1 Programming languages C/C++/Java/Python/shell/ruby Develop automated test scripts ;3、 Experience in team building and management 、 Cloud product related testing experience is preferred .

IOS Development Engineer 【 Job description 】
1. Responsible for the project iOS Client development and optimization work ;

  1. Participate in workflow optimization ( Demand analysis and follow-up , file 、 Graphic arrangement, etc );

  2. Rich mobile terminal engineering design and implementation capabilities .

  3. Team management and organization of mobile terminal team , Complete the project process 【 Job requirements 】

  4. Master iOS Development , Skillfully use Swift, Objective-C, be familiar with Flutter Priority ;

  5. be familiar with TCP/UDP Network protocol ;

  6. Have complete commercial application development experience , Or individuals have posted more concerned APP;

  7. Learning ability 、 Strong adaptability , In different business scenarios 、 In a technological environment , Complete requirements iterations with high quality and on time ;

  8. active , Willing to discuss and share .

【 About us 】

Babbitt is a leading blockchain information service provider in China , We are value oriented , Serve blockchain innovators . We take information service as the starting point , Further open up community operations 、 Financing services and blockchain technology and application services , It aims to lay out and build a value Internet ecological chain with blockchain technology as the core .

Babbitt has now completed 1 One hundred million yuan financing , Shared by the team 150 More than one , The core teams are industry experts who have been deeply involved in the blockchain field for many years , From the University of Ottawa, Canada 、 Zhejiang University and other universities at home and abroad .

Welcome to the official website link [], Learn more about the company .

-- Strongest information , Blockchain industry TOP Enterprises

※ Published the first bitcoin monograph in China 《 The currency : An illusory and real financial world 》

※ Selected at the second Hangzhou all things growth conference “ Quasi Unicorn ” camp

※ The third Hangzhou all things growth conference was selected again “ Quasi Unicorn ” camp

※ Successfully hosted “ World blockchain Conference · wuzhen ” Summit

※ Successfully hosted 2019 Global blockchain Hangzhou Summit Forum

※ and more……

-- Strong alliance , Back to back partners

※ Capital Partners

The speed of light 、 Qibin capital 、 Dream chaser Fund 、 Plum angel 1100 Ten thousand yuan Pre-A Round of funding ;

It was jointly invested by Puhua capital and pan city capital , Enlightening capital 、 Bitland followed 1 One hundred million yuan A Round of funding .

※ Business partners cooperate with Hangzhou Yuhang District government , Hangzhou future science and Technology City Management Committee 、 Babbitt hosted 2020 Hangzhou blockchain international week ;

United with Wuhan Municipal People's Government 、 Jianghan District People's Government 、 Wuhan Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology , Hold the world blockchain Conference .

【 We can provide 】1、 compensation open, Bonuses and benefits belong to the industry-leading level ;2、 There is a lot of room for development , The company has excellent employee option incentive ;3、 Frontier market ecology , Continue to enjoy the company 、 Industry development dividend ;4、 Fruit snacks and afternoon tea are essential , The gym 、 Massage chair is always available .1.png2.png3.png4.png5.png

【 Contact information 】 Contacts :Cindy contact number / WeChat :15268090832 The CV :[email protected] Address : Future science and Technology City, Yuhang District, Hangzhou CBD

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