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How to write eth smart wallet contract similar to Huizhi?

2022-02-04 00:07:45 Q & A of Denglian community

Consult the smart wallet similar to Huizhi : How his contract code is implemented ?(? Or is there a similar contract source code )

The biggest feature of publicity is

  • Real platform unmanaged wallets , The platform does not need to manage a large number of user address keys, and there is no loss of security
  • There is no need to inject Ether You can complete Ethereum /ERC20 The collection of tokens , The process is simpler , More efficient
  • Support the collection of multiple user addresses in a single transaction

Take the answer 1:

Should be create2 An application for creating contracts , Generate addresses for users in advance .

You can read this article : adopt CREATE2 Get the contract address : Solve the problem of recharge account of the exchange

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