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What is the most direct content to learn to be a DEX Trading Robot?

2022-02-04 00:06:02 Q & A of Denglian community

Want to be one in uniswap First-class dex A robot trading on , The transaction logic is simple , Monitor the wallet , The wallet receives the token and sends out the same gas price My deal is in uniswap etc. dex Sell on the market .

At present, it seems that you can call alchemy Interface implementation , However, the current understanding of Ethereum is limited to daily use , How do you use it? alchemy And what to learn to complete this tool is not very clear . Although there is the basis of other languages , Want to finish reading solidity file , But I don't think I need to know too much to complete this tool solidity, Reading will waste a lot of time .

So if you want to make a tool like this , What needs to be learned is the most direct ?

Take the answer 1:

alchemy It provides node Services , You can initiate transactions through nodes .

The transaction itself can be initiated through web3.js or ethers.js call Uniswap complete .

web3.js Call contract Refer to the documentation :

ethers.js Call contract May refer to :

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