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[recruitment] full time / part-time, remote familiar with Oracle

2022-02-03 23:47:42 Q & A of Denglian community

Article planning

  • be familiar with DeFi The business process
  • Analyze the Oracle scenario
  • Familiar with the technical advantages of the project
  • Comparison of various Oracle technologies
  • Can make Oracle video tutorial

Ethereum Oracle development

  • understand chainlink Technology Architecture
  • be familiar with chainlink Deployment process
  • Price reference contract and link Price feeding contract
  • VRF Random number process
  • Understand Chain Governance
  • be familiar with solidity Grammar and Ethereum Basics

Boca Oracle chain development

  • understand substrate and rust
  • be familiar with pallet technological process
  • understand Babe and offchain worker
  • Understand Chain Governance collective
  • Familiar with startup node and configuration chain parameters
  • understand ink contract

Front end development of poca Oracle

  • be familiar with polkadotJS
  • be familiar with react and vue
  • Understand the interaction details between the front end and the chain
  • Familiar with Boca extension Plug in wallet use
  • Familiar with Ethereum DeFi The front-end development <p/>

Contact information Contacts :Keric contact number / WeChat :mm7436528 Email address for sending resume :[email protected]

The core of the team comes from New Zealand , Members are distributed in Germany , Auckland , Beijing .Ares protocol It is the first decentralized cross chain Oracle service agreement of Boca ecology , It is also the first new generation Oracle service protocol to realize verification on the data link , It is the first time to open up a compensation channel for data users when they suffer business losses due to using Oracle data . As an infrastructure builder connecting the real world and blockchain network , stay WEB3.0 Under the grand vision of the times , Provide safe and reliable data services for the development of ten thousand chain interconnection and digital economy .

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