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[Hangzhou - Recruitment] blockchain head company, coordinates the CBD of future science and Technology City

2022-02-03 23:47:24 Q & A of Denglian community

Blockchain Development Engineer 【 Job description 】1. Be responsible for the maintenance and development of the original chain ;2. Lead the team to conduct high-performance research based on blockchain 、 High stability enterprise application development system transformation ;3. be responsible for Dapp Intermediate key development with blockchain ;4. The responsible architecture is based on docker、k8s Microservice system of ;【 Post requirements 】1. Bachelor degree or above , Experience in system transformation and team leadership ;2. Familiar with the design and application of distributed system , Distributed cache 、 news 、 Search for 、 monitor 、 Log and other mechanisms , It can be used in distributed technology , solve the problem ;3. Have a deep understanding of blockchain , Read bitcoin or Ethereum white paper and source code ;4. Strong language expression and communication skills , Serious work 、 rigorous 、 dedicated , Have a sense of almost stringent requirements for system quality .

Blockchain technologist 1. Computer related major , Bachelor degree or above ;2. Master C/C++,Golang,Python Other languages ;3. be familiar with Linux System ,TCP/IP Network protocol ;4. be familiar with Bitcoin,ethereum,fabric At least one agreement ;5. Familiar with cutting-edge technologies such as lightning grid , Intelligent contract , Side chains, etc ;6. Good communication skills , have a lucid brain , Strong hands-on ability and logical analysis ability ;7. Recognize the value of blockchain , And previous experience , Experience in public chain development 、 Excellent oral English is preferred .

Block cryptography engineer / Experts 【 Responsibilities 】1. Responsible for the research and development of data security and privacy protection related technologies , Be able to give a plan according to the demand and promote the landing ;2. Responsible for designing the security architecture of complete key management system , The existing management mode can be improved and optimized 3. Research and application of cryptography leading edge technology 、 Implementation and performance optimization of cryptographic algorithm , As homomorphic encryption 、 Application of zero knowledge proof in blockchain field , And can produce theoretical or technical achievements .【 Job requirements 】1. Recruit full-time masters 、 Doctorate degree , cryptography 、 Major in information security or applied mathematics ;2. Familiar with cryptography , Understand and be able to use common cryptographic algorithms , Familiar with relevant password standard system ;3. Master at least one common programming language , Such as C/C++、JAVA、Go, Master the use of open source libraries related to cryptographic algorithms ;4. Master the principle of hash function and code implementation , Proficient in symmetric encryption 、 Common algorithm principles of asymmetric encryption 5. Familiar with ring signature 、 Aggregate signature 、 Homomorphic encryption 、 Zero knowledge proof and post quantum cryptography are preferred ;6. The number of papers published in international journals and conferences on cryptography or information security is limited ;7. Good English , Have the ability to study abroad 、 Working experience is preferred .

Contact information Contacts :Cindy contact number / WeChat :15268090832 Email address for sending resume :[email protected] Workplace : Hangzhou Yuhang District future science and technology city dingchuang Wealth Center

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