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[recruitment] [Beijing] [listed company] blockchain project (three and a half years of commercial exploration, DAPP has been implemented) recruits trust architects

2022-02-03 23:31:14 Q & A of Denglian community

Responsibilities :

1、 According to the business needs of the company , Responsible for the core technology development of the company's blockchain platform , Including consensus algorithm 、 Access control 、 Security encryption , Participate in the design and implementation of digital asset issuance 、 Management and trading API etc. ;

2、 Be responsible for tackling key technical problems and pre research of blockchain , Verify technical feasibility , And implement the prototype , Guide R & D to carry out specific design and implementation ;

3、 According to business needs , Participate in the research and implementation of blockchain economic model technology ;

4、 According to business needs , Design a reasonable authentication and access mechanism of blockchain network , Realize smart contract design 、 Development 、 Deploy 、 test , And encapsulate the general functions into Baas The interface is provided to the front-end business call ;

5、 Build the underlying architecture of blockchain based on various industries and business scenarios , Can realize the public chain 、 Side chain 、 League chain , And provide application layer call ;

Post requirements :

1、 Bachelor degree or above , More than five years working experience , Three years of blockchain development experience ;

2、 Have a good command of Rust development language ;

3、 Have the ability to dominate the blockchain system , Can be based on Substrate Secondary developers are preferred for the project ;

4、 Have a good command of Bitcoin、Ethereum、PolkaWorld、EOS、HyperLedger、Fabric And other mainstream blockchain technologies ;

5、 Understand all kinds of mainstream consensus algorithms , Including but not limited to PoW,PoS,DPoS,PBFT,Paxos,Raft etc. ;

6、 Familiar with various data structures and algorithms , Pair cryptography 、 Research on security protocols ;

7、 Master safety system optimization , Including terminals 、 The Internet 、 Memory 、 Storage and key security management ;

8、 be familiar with HTTP,TCP/IP Network protocol ;

9、 be familiar with Linux operating system , Have a good command of Docker The principle of container technology , Deployment and usage optimization ;

place : Beijing chaoyang

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