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How should eth2 pledge participate?

2022-02-03 23:28:31 Q & A of Denglian community

ETH2 The beacon chain has started , The benefits look good , How ordinary users participate in pledge ?

Take the answer 1:

Risk warning

First of all, a warm reminder : Just talk about income Don't talk about risk That's playing hooligans .

ETH2 Still in the verification stage , Participate in ETH2 Pledge also has potential risks , For example, due to the problem of client implementation, the funds are confiscated .

I myself am involved in the pledge , Because I've been following Ethereum technology myself , Also optimistic about Ethereum 2.0 , If you like it too , The earlier you participate, the more you can get a bonus .

Also because of the risk , The amount of participation in the pledge should be within the range that you can bear the loss .

How to participate :

ETH2 Pledge still has a little threshold , however , Community users , Most of them should be programmers , Refer to this tutorial : There should be no big problem .

Multiple ways of participation

The following recommended methods are from high to low :

  1. The most recommended way is to run , This is the most profitable , It can also make the network more robust , At that time, it tested everyone's ability to continue operation , Is the real key , You need to ensure that the node and verifier program 7 * 24 On-line , In addition to hosts with stable networks ( There are cloud service providers ), You may also need to monitor the restarted Application ( Maybe you need to write it yourself ).
  1. Trust friends to pledge together , Some students don't have enough pledge chips , Want to participate in , Can share part of the capital and operation pressure , There are ways to ensure the safety of funds .

  2. Find the first 3 Escrow pledge , Comprehensive consideration should be given to 3 Our operational capability 、 Reputation and handling charges . Personally recommended to find the first 3 Several principles of escrow :

    • Try to find centralized hosting services ( I wonder if there is any ).
    • Try to find a provider who has done other pledge Services .
    • Try to find a third party who has used the provider's products for a long time 3 Fang .
    • Try not to pledge on the exchange , Exchange departure ” Black money “ A more recent , Money is less secure ( If the private key holder is lost ), The exchange itself has a lot of money , Not conducive to decentralization .

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