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Can a blockchain generate blocks in milliseconds?

2022-02-03 23:18:41 Q & A of Denglian community

I've seen a lot of blockchains and IoT Combined papers , But I still can't understand . For scenarios with low delay tolerance ,IoT The communication between devices must wait until the transaction is successfully linked , The transaction uplink is related to the generation speed of blocks . So I want to know that blockchain can achieve millisecond block output speed ? What consensus mechanisms are working on this ? I once built Ethereum PoA The chain of private , The fastest is just 1 Second block , So apply blockchain to IoT It will cause a great delay

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This is a typical “ Impossible Triangle ” problem , That is, scalability cannot be achieved at the same time (Scalability)、 De centralization (Decentralization)、 Security (Security), Three can only get two .

If you want to pursue decentralization and security , You need to sacrifice fast

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