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Practical application of blockchain

2022-02-03 22:48:23 Q & A of Denglian community

Ask a question , I can fully understand the application of this blockchain in the field of coin issuance or public chain , But in the application of alliance chain , I haven't found any difference between it and traditional database ?

If only limited nodes are used for bookkeeping ( How can we embody the advantages of blockchain ), And how to distribute the bookkeeping right ? Some of its nodes may not be bookkept at all ( For example, some state-owned enterprises )

Simply speaking , I just don't quite understand the practical application of blockchain ( Enterprise level applications other than coin issuance ).

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The cost of trust between enterprises is also very high , This uses the application space .

for instance : When you take the card of China Construction Bank to the Agricultural Bank of China to withdraw money , Your money is in CCB, but now ABC has given you money , At this time, the Agricultural Bank of China and China Construction Bank need to settle behind , CCB needs to settle the money advanced by ABC . CCB will not say that ABC will give as much as it remembers ( vice versa ).

The real settlement system is very complex because of multi-party participation , Using blockchain will be much simpler .

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