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About blockchain soft bifurcation

2022-02-03 22:46:32 Q & A of Denglian community

After blockchain soft bifurcation , Blocks on the short chain are discarded , I have two questions about this situation , Please answer :

  1. How to deal with the transaction information in these abandoned blocks , Does the trader need to restart the transaction ? For example, there are now ABC Three transactions , Miner a got AB, Miner B got BC, And the two miners completed the calculation at the same time , At this time, the blockchain will append these two blocks at the same time , There is a bifurcation , According to the principle of the longest chain , There is bound to be a block abandoned , Suppose it's a transaction C The block is abandoned , How does the blockchain deal with subsequent transactions C Of ?
  2. Will the rewards received by the miners corresponding to these abandoned blocks be recovered ? If it is taken back , So there's no reward for hard mining before ?

Take the answer 1:
  1. When two miners complete the calculation at the same time , First, the miners will immediately broadcast the block for confirmation , For miners who receive block broadcasts , There are two situations : One is that the block numbers of the two blocks are the same , One is different .

  2. The two block numbers are different , It shows that there is a reason ( For example, broadcast reception delay ), As a result, the block number of a miner is not updated to the latest , At this time, the large block number will be confirmed by the miner , The small ones will be discarded .

  3. When the two block numbers are the same , The miner will choose a block , The principle of selection can be determined by the miners themselves ( This will lead to selfish mining , Selfish mining is another problem ). When most miners ( More calculation ) After determining this block , This block will be confirmed .

  4. When the block number mentioned in the previous article is the same , Unselected blocks become isolated blocks , In bitcoin , Due to the fast speed and slow speed , It's very unlikely , Miners in your block will lose rewards if they are not confirmed by other miners at this time . In Ethereum , Is more likely , Ethereum has set up a tertiary block mechanism , Subsequent blocks can reference the previous isolated blocks into tertiary blocks , Isolated blocks are applied into blocks , The corresponding packaged miners will also be rewarded ( According to the number of block number intervals , The closer you get, the more rewards you get ), At present, the reward issued through uncle block accounts for about... Of the mining reward 7%.

  5. After the block is confirmed , The miner will also remove the transaction in the confirmation block from the transaction queue , Other transactions will continue the mining process . The transaction mentioned in the title AB, At the miners in the confirmed block , The content of the block will be confirmed according to , Remove... From the transaction queue ,C Because it is not in the confirmation block , Therefore, it will be packaged in subsequent blocks .

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