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Please ask a question about voting to switch accounts

2022-02-03 20:55:43 Q & A of Denglian community

bosses , Ask a question , I create a vote , Create success , But when I switch to another account to vote , Report errors not authorized to sign this account This feels a little strange , Don't know what the problem is ?

I use a little fox metamask, I switch accounts , Got the corresponding account number account

The following is the corresponding contract code

 function createCampaign(uint minimum, string memory name) public {        address newCampaignAddress = address(new Campaign(minimum, name, msg.sender));        CampaignStruct memory newStruct = CampaignStruct({            campaignName : name,            minimumContribution : minimum,            campaignAddress : newCampaignAddress            });        campaigns.push(newStruct);    }
// vote  function contribute() public payable {        require(msg.value > minimumContribution);        contributors[msg.sender]=true;        contributorsCount++;    }

Take the answer 1:

It's a little strange , MetaMask Reset your account in the .

account number -> senior -> Reset account

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