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Introduction and of nodes

2022-02-03 20:54:02 Q & A of Denglian community

Hello Teacher , I've been learning code for a while , There is a doubt. : Blockchain is supposed to have multiple nodes ( Distributed storage ), But the learning code doesn't seem to mention much Interact with other nodes . Simply speaking , I don't understand External node , How to join the built blockchain .

use Python It's convenient to understand my question just now , Because I'm still Python A little more familiar .

Take the answer 1:

This is related to the code you learn .

If you look at the application layer code , You can't see this code , The routing and communication of nodes are encapsulated in the communication of nodes , Application layer development usually does not need to pay attention to .

In addition, the communication module , It is a mature module in network technology , It is not a prominent technical point in blockchain technology , The key is the consensus mechanism , The chain structure , This is the point that many codes will focus on , And the communication is carried by ( Usually use http replace ).

Usually we need to develop a chain , In particular, we should optimize the channel utilization , Will involve this piece of code .

About how nodes join , You can have a look :  Analyze bitcoin networks : A kind of decentralization 、 Point to point network architecture Learn more about blockchain P2P The Internet

If you are interested in network communication code , You can see :libp2p  Code for .


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