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Bitcoin 6 block confirmation problem

2022-02-03 20:52:03 Q & A of Denglian community

Bitcoin if 6 If a block is for people , Isn't that a deal? At least 1 Hours (6*10 minute ) To confirm ?

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6 A block is a conservative value . In the actual , Wallet services generally do not use such a large number as a confirmation height , So the usability of the wallet is too poor .

Talk about numbers 6 The theoretical basis . Is not so much 6 Block , It's more like 1 Hours (6*10 minute ), The meaning of this value is , Even if the computing power of the first node is stronger , It's impossible to get the second place ahead of time 1 Hourly mining , Then I can dig it out before the second place . Suppose bitcoin has no mining difficulty adjustment mechanism , Well, with the oligopoly of computing power , I Believe ,6 It's not enough .

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