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Metamask transfer error

2022-02-03 20:51:58 Q & A of Denglian community

I use ganache-cli Open an Ethereum network , Then I am metamask Connected to this network , And imported an account , The normal display balance is 100ETH, But there was a mistake in the transfer . EthQuery - RPC Error - Error: [ethjs-rpc] rpc error with payload {"id":3715053778334,"jsonrpc":"2.0","params":["0xf8720485012410110082520894c8fb523ca95721bf3408f6e6ef0ed8e7c3f65488880de0b6b3a7640000808602df64fab56ea052b79e6fe25a6bd073f48d853c053d35b0d4de1e3f1e77e7e82c520bd24d9783a059bf550c3fa7fec8a93584f77b0998545b936e7e583bb53076fb2eac9664725d"],"method":"eth_sendRawTransaction"} [object Object] Tried method

  1. use geth Connect to ganache-cli Start up the network , Then check it out web3.version, See the following information I will network Fill in the following figure chainId in Still report the same error

2 . I'll take the following picture chainId Fill in the figure above and still report the same error Then I tried to fill in directly 539, Or convert to decimal 1377 It's no use

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You are directly in Metamask In the connection configuration of , Don't fill in ChainID

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