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What is an event?

2022-02-03 20:47:38 Q & A of Denglian community

What is? Event( event )?

They are only in Solidity Is it used in ?

events How events are defined ?

events How events are initialized ?

about events Event call , Is there a standard term description ?( You mean :events event “happened( happen )”、“was called( Called )”、“was invoked( Awakened )”、 still “triggered( Be triggered )” Well ?)

In the block header ,Event Where will the event end ?

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A blockchain is a list of blocks —— They are basically made up of transactions . There is an additional receipt for each transaction (receipt), It contains zero or more log entries . These log entries represent the results generated after the events in the smart contract are triggered .

stay Solidity In the source code , To define an event event, It needs to be preceded by event keyword ( Be similar to function Keyword usage ) To mark it . then , You can call or trigger the event in any function body you want to generate the event . ( I think it should have a standard saying ). You can use... From any function emit Keyword trigger event .

Someone might add about how to “ monitor ”DAPP Information about events in . It USES Web 3.0 Filter function of (filtering functionality of Web 3.0).

You can check the latest by Johannes Pfeffer released Etheruem Ontology—— Many Ethereum concepts have been explained in great detail above .

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