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What Ethereum projects are suitable for beginners to learn solidity?

2022-02-03 20:47:06 Q & A of Denglian community

What Ethereum projects are suitable for beginners to learn Solidity?

Take the answer 1:

Follow the document

Solidity Of Official documents It is undoubtedly the best learning material , Students whose English is not very good , Can read translated by many top practitioners Chinese version , The document provides several good examples to get started , Reference link : Learn from examples Solidity - Solidity Chinese document

in addition Token( It's often called token ) It's usually the same DAPP An important part of , You can learn these two articles :

  1. ERC20 Tokens,  
  2. ERC721 Tokens,

In the process of learning, gradually understand Solidity The grammar of 、 characteristic . To view the document : In depth understanding of Solidity - Solidity Chinese document


Interested students can challenge this game :CryptoZombies - Learn to code games on Ethereum.

Contract interaction

After the contract is written , Then learn how to interact with contracts and in the application , It is necessary to use  web3.js  or  ethers.js , web3.js It's the official communication library ( There are also some historical burdens ), Now more and more projects use ethers.js . ethers.js The interface is beautiful and elegant , Here is a copy of ethers.js Documents .

There are many examples in this document , Yes js It's easy for my classmates to get started .

choice web3.js Interaction , Here are some articles :

Original question and answer link .

Block chain in depth - Build a high-quality blockchain technology blog , All the school district chains come here , Focus on You know Microblogging .

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