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What else does the meta universe lack? Immersive sound hasn't been customized for avatars yet

2022-02-03 19:04:56 Xinzhiyuan

Mention the meta universe , Most people will focus on 「 see 」, See what kind of virtual world . 

However , Few people care about themselves 「 listen 」 To what . This is where people neglect in the meta universe . 

Don't believe it ? You can feel it . 

If there is no sound in the metauniverse

2013 A science fiction movie in 「Her」 About the otaku writer Theodore (Theodore) Fall in love with artificial intelligence system Samantha (Samantha) The story of that slightly husky sexy voice . 

 virtual world

at that time , The director Spike Jonze Gave up the original dubbing actor , Instead, , Jean Scarlett · Johnson came to dub . She never appeared in the play , But her voice was named the sexiest voice of the year . 

We all know that those who have seen movies , Although the computer operating system Samantha has never appeared in real people , But seize the opportunity to create three dimensions figure The emotion required for image is very important . 

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Sound is not just the key to creating a flesh and blood character , It is also a key element in the explosive universe . 

just as 《 Washington post 》 Noted , Many key elements of the metauniverse already exist in the world of video games . In the world of games , Sound plays an increasingly important role . 

Roblox Of CEO Dave Baszucki I said , Want to build a metauniverse , The following characteristics need to be met : 

A virtual identity ; Realistic real person social ; You can log in from anywhere ; Very low latency ; Large and diverse content ; Complete economic system ; It has security and stability . 

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If the metauniverse wants to be complete , In high texture 、 Immersive and smooth experience also needs flexible digital sound , otherwise , It's not a complete virtual world . 

What else is missing in the metauniverse ?

Zuckerberg Facebook Renamed as Meta Post acceptance 《 Washington post 》 In an interview , Many futuristic experiences in the metauniverse can already be found in the game , But these experiences are still separate from each other . 

and Meta Our mission is to unite these experiences in some way , Make these experiences as easy as clicking a link on today's Internet . 

For example, famous virtual platform games Roblox, This is a very powerful virtual reality game platform , Its internal experience and Meta The declared metauniverse is quite similar . 

 virtual world

Roblox Is a large multiplayer online game creation platform , Users can design their own games 、 goods 、 Look and dress , You can also play different types of games created by other developers , These games use programming languages Lua code . 

 virtual world

Close to another and metacosmic experience 《 my The world 》 comparison ,Roblox It's a similar Steam Same game sites and apps , The above is mainly a Lego building block style social network virtual world game . 

And in the game world , Voice plays an increasingly important role . Without rich high texture 、 Realistic digital sound , The primordial universe is incomplete , Unable to provide inclusiveness and be personally on the scene Experience . 

for instance , If the player encounters a bearded person in the game 、 A burly Knight , You want the character's voice to be low 、 Thick . To achieve this , Carefully crafted by dubbing actors and audio experts NPC The sound of , To provide an immersive experience . 

 virtual world

however , In the future meta universe , Players will have a very different experience . You may be surprised to hear an unexpected clear sound , Instead of the expected hoarse mature voice . Serious inconsistencies between sound and vision can undermine the immersive experience . 

In addition to immersion , Sonic recognition technology also allows players to enter 「 real 」 Cover status . This state can be a protection in a hostile online environment . 

For example, you can cover up your regional accent , Achieve a smoother integration of the player community . And for people with voice defects , Can cover up physical defects that you don't want to reveal . 

 virtual world

Voice change technology can also help reduce online discrimination and harassment .2019 Years published in 《 International Journal of mental health and addiction 》 Upper One study noted that , Female gamers are often reluctant to communicate with other players . And voice changing technology can make them play more freely . 

 virtual world

《 human-computer interaction 》 The researchers were as early as 2014 Came to a conclusion in ,「 Voice has fundamentally changed the experience of online games , Make virtual space more social .」 

A truly immersive experience requires that 3D Visual effects combined with real-time audio , Let people express themselves in the way they want to be heard . 

Not only Avatar To be unique , Experimenters in the metauniverse also want their voices to be unique , Well tailored . As the saying goes 「 No one has been seen , Let's hear it first 」 The experience expressed is the same . 

 virtual world

「 Real time voice 」 Can show people their ultimate personality , It has also become a great equalizer for the virtual world . 

Unfortunately , The current voice experience also faces challenges , Can't really immerse players in the virtual world . 

Because the tools to shape a person's voice to match their avatar are limited , The sound quality cannot match the visual quality . 

For all that , Many platform and game developers strive to provide the latest solutions available , Make writers 、 Producers and audio engineers can incorporate voice modification technology into their games , Generate natural and fantastic sounds on demand in real time . 

If there's no sound , The primordial universe will be incomplete .

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