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Three minutes to understand why arbitrum TVL can lead in layer2

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Data sources :Footprint Analytics - Arbitrum Dashboard

Arbitrum It's Ethereum Layer 2 among 1 A network , Since its launch, it has attracted the attention of many encryption users and project parties . according to Footprint Analytics Data show that , Due to the 2021 year 12 month 8 Number ,Arbitrum Take all Layer 2 Of TVL The proportion of 41.88%, total TVL by $22.5 Billion , In many Layer 2 In the network ,TVL Far ahead in .


Data sources :Footprint Analytics -  various Layer 2 TVL Proportion

From all Layer 2 In the course of development ,Arbitrum 2021 year 9 month 1 It was announced on the th that the main network was fully launched , Compared with most other Layer 2 It's relatively late , however Arbitrum Of TVL All the way up , Far more than people expected .


Data sources :Footprint Analytics -  various Layer 2 TVL Growth trend

Arbitrum Why can in many Layer 2 Stand out ? This paper starts from 3 Analyze the three aspects one by one .

Arbitrum Lead cause analysis

Low cost of technology migration

Arbitrum Adopted Optimistic rollups programme , comparison ZK rollups Technically complex solutions , It is more popular with developers in the short term .Arbitrum Is currently the most compatible Ethereum EVM Of Layer 2 Solution , Developers can easily migrate existing Ethereum protocols , No need to rewrite the code , Greatly reduce development costs and time costs , Therefore, it is more popular DeFi Project favor , More willing to cross the chain to Arbitrum. But in the long run ,ZK rollups Your network may be faster and more secure , There may be a possibility of catching up .

Gas fee The cost is low

Arbitrum Because of the processing per second 40000 A transaction request , Far greater than Ethereum Of 15-30 A request , Greatly reduce the network congestion , Speed up , Reduced transaction costs . According to external data ,Arbitrum The transaction cost is 1.8 Gwei, and Ethereum by 64 Gwei, yes Arbitrum Close to 36 times .

More open ecological strategy :Degen Earth dog project blessing

Maybe a lot of people will ask , That's also using Optimistic rollups The use of the scheme Optimistic Why is the Internet not so good ? This is to benefit from Arbitrum The starting strategy of —— Before it opens to the public , Already with 400 Multiple DeFi The project has reached cooperation intention , At the beginning of its launch , Dozens of projects have been launched at the same time . This means that users can complete various operations in their ecosystem . and Optimistic The white list mechanism is adopted , Only projects filtered through the white list can be deployed on their main network .

because Arbitrum Loose deployment mechanism , Cause to sound Arbitrum The first shot was not the head of the regular army DeFi agreement , But all kinds of local dogs and mines . Due to the super high income of the local dog project , The participation of various funds is also unusually high , attracted Arbitrum Initial start-up assets and user traffic .

Arbitrum Initial TVL The growth of is largely due to ArbiNYAN, It attracts investors to pledge its native tokens with a return of thousands of percentage points . Although the earth ore is disgusting , But behind the prosperity of soil and mineral resources is especially inevitable , It has laid a certain foundation for the birth of a new ecology .

Arbitrum Introduction to ecological project

Arbitrum As Layer 2 The leader of , from Footprint Analytics See on the data , The number of online projects is not very large , Only 44 individual , Not too much . Among them DeFi Capital construction is the main type , Such as DEX、Lending、Asset.

among DEX Of TVL Account for the 56%,Asset Proportion 18%,Lending Proportion 17.8%.


Data sources :Footprint Analytics - Arbitrum All kinds of DeFi Proportion of projects

From each DeFi Project TVL ranking , Now in the top 5 The local dog project has disappeared from the project , Mainstream head projects have risen , and TVL It's not much different . among Curve Of TVL by $4.2 Billion in the first place .


Data sources :Footprint Analytics - Arbitrum Of Top 5 DeFi project TVL


Arbitrum As an indispensable role in the expansion of Ethereum , Has been deeply concerned by capital , Before and after AB From two rounds of financing $1.24 Billion dollars , Estimated to be $12 Billion . At present Arbitrum No money was issued , Its development team Offchain Labs The co-founder of has said that there is no plan to issue money in the short term .

At present Arbitrum Still in an early state , It is expected to continuously enrich its ecological construction , Discover more developers , Attract more investors .Arbitrum What's the follow-up? , Let's wait and see .

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