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A piece of land is 32 million. Why do real estate tycoons buy land in the virtual world?

2022-02-03 16:11:03 Chain NEW

author : Chain NEW Wang Shengyu

The price of yuancosmic real estate has reached a new high .

12 month 8 Japan ,《 Forbes 》 reports , Hong Kong real estate giant new world development (00017.HK)CEO Zheng Zhigang announced , He has personally been in the metauniverse game The Sandbox Buy virtual real estate in .

comprehensive 《 Hong Kong Economic Daily 》 and 《 China economic weekly 》 reports , Zheng Zhigang plans to buy The Sandbox Digital plots are built into “ Innovation Center ”.

The report quoted people familiar with the matter as saying , Zheng Zhigang's investment in this virtual land is about 500 Thousands of dollars . This is the largest single investment in yuancosmic virtual real estate known .

since 10 month 28 Japan Facebook Announce the change of name Meta, After fully entering the meta universe track , The concept of meta universe has rapidly become a global hotspot . In addition to the major Internet giants have announced their admission to the meta universe , The price of virtual land in the yuan universe chain continues to break new highs , Become a hot topic .

According to the Dappradar Show , stay 11 month 22 The day is coming 28 Within a week of , The total trading volume of the four main yuanuniverse real estate trading platforms is close to 1.06 Billion dollars .

This makes the outside world question , Is the core value of the meta universe lies in land speculation ? And it's virtual land ?

what's more , It is often not the retail investors who have a simple understanding that invest a lot of money in yuancosmic real estate , But entrepreneurs and rich people with considerable strength and multi layout . For them , What is the core logic of spending a lot of money to buy virtual real estate ?

01  Chain change sandbox game

Although metauniverse has been a hot word this year , But the development of the meta universe began a few years ago .The Sandbox and Decentraland These are two projects with relatively mature ecology in the metacosmic world .

11 month , Lin Junjie announced the purchase of virtual land ,Metaverse Group With a record of 243 The virtual land purchased for $10000 comes from Decentraland. And then ,The Sandbox It created again 430 A new record of $million in land purchases . in fact , At present, the sky high price land purchase news for the meta universe world almost comes from these two projects .

The Sandbox By San Francisco based software company Pixowl Development , The company was founded in 2012 year ,The Sandbox It was originally a 2D Sandbox game , And have more than 4000 Million registered users .

2017 year ,Pixowl Announce that the plan will The Sandbox Change to Ethereum based 3D game , Each in-game item created by the user is an irreplaceable token (NFT).

This year, 11 month ,The Sandbox Get a new round 9300 $10000 financing , Led by Softbank vision Fund .

Sandbox is a game that allows players to design from the scene 、 Game rule setting 、 Character design and other all-round games . Previously popular sandbox games in the world 《 My world 》 And The Sandbox High similarity in game experience .

In short , That is, the game production provides a blank virtual space for players , And all kinds of materials and design tools needed for construction . Players can play like Lego , Use these materials to create your own virtual space , And design a set of game rules exclusive to this space .

In a traditional sandbox that does not involve blockchain Technology , Players enjoy the experience of being God by giving play to their creativity . But these experiences usually only stay online , Without any real benefits .

When The Sandbox Integrate blockchain and NFT After introducing it , Everything has changed .

For landowners , because The Sandbox Land Co ownership in 16 Ten thousand pieces , It has certain scarcity . By selling land , Earn the price difference and get the income .

By designing the objects in the space , You can also use items as a kind of NFT sell . Like a chair , A monster with a unique shape , Can be cast into the only NFT sell . Those players who don't have the ability to design , You can buy other people's designs NFT goods , Decorate your space .

besides , For owning land , For players who have completed excellent design . It is equivalent to designing a blockchain game , You can sell props to other players or charge tickets to earn money .

Of course , The number of ordinary players without land is the largest .

Ordinary players are basically divided into two types , One is to follow their favorite IP Get into , You can interact with your favorite stars in this virtual space . In recent days, , A paragraph is in The Sandbox The video of Jay Chou's concert is widely spread , Even if it turns out that this is just a player's own recording , Not Jay Chou's debut in the meta universe . But it still caused heated discussion among netizens , And be The Sandbox The founder likes to forward .

According to the The Sandbox Official expression , At present, it has more than 165 A brand 、IP Cooperation with artists , Include Snoop Dogg、DeadMau5、Avenged Sevenfold etc. , The number of people covered exceeds 10 Billion .

The other is like participating in other blockchain games , Go into each scene , Players who earn income by playing gold . obviously , The chain game effect created by players is difficult to compete with the products designed by other mature chain game teams . at present The Sandbox It is attracting more users through officially designed games .

02  How the giant whale plays

The foregoing is The Sandbox The official game path , For individual players . And for enterprises willing to invest a lot of money 、 For Stars , Selling game props is not the best choice .

According to the 《 Chain NEW 》 Observe , This kind of “ Whale player ” There are several ways to play .

The first is the big brand side .11 month 23 Japan ,The Sandbox Announce Adidas brand on its official twitter Adidas Originals land The Sandbox Meta universe , And invite Adidas Originals Co organize creators in The Sandbox Under construction .

The way to do it , It's more like advertising on the NASDAQ big screen , Or open a flagship store in Manhattan . If the metauniverse can really be as expected by the world at present , Become the next generation Internet web3.0 The final form of , Can win a space to show the brand in the meta universe , Enterprises are obviously willing to .

The second is the flow .9 month 24 Japan , American rap Superstar Snoop Dogg The announcement is based on The Sandbox cooperation , Plans to further launch NFT, And in-game concerts .Dogg Will release 1000 individual NFT Party passes are available to fans .

This appropriately makes up for the impact of the epidemic on the performing arts industry , In addition to choosing live broadcast to bring goods to increase revenue , Foreign stars choose to hold online concerts through metauniverse world, which can also have a similar effect .

The third is the meta universe infrastructure provider . According to Forbes , If a construction company designs a project in the meta universe, it can earn nearly 30 Thousands of dollars . size 、 Location, height and other indicators will also affect the specific price .

This is more like the establishment of a meta cosmic economic model , Many new industries , For example, Yuan universe decoration company , Yuan universe real estate brokers, etc . As a deep participant in the meta universe , In the most conspicuous place , Owning a piece of land is a way for this type of enterprise to quickly open up the market , And find ways to target users . also , This permanent billboard , There may be more room for appreciation .

Whether it is the one who has set a new high price before Metaverse Group The company is still Zheng Zhigang who bought virtual real estate this time , All show that we should deeply participate in the construction of the meta universe .

Of course , these “ Whale player ” It's not what it looks like , Don't care .

at present , stay The Sandbox The largest plot on the is 24*24, The total area is 576 Unit land . And now the lowest price for sale 1*1 The land price is 3.13 The etheric fang , renminbi 7.5 Ten thousand yuan . At this price , Buy normally 24*24 The price of the extra large plot is 4300 About ten thousand yuan . And Zheng Zhigang actually only spent 3200 Ten thousand yuan to buy the same area of virtual land . therefore , In a way , His purchase of this land is not only not a high purchase , It's even equivalent to playing 7 fold .

03  Who will win ?

From a market perspective , The metauniverse may be the future , But the future obviously hasn't come yet .

at present The Sandbox and Decentraland And other projects . Because of its early layout, it has the advantage of running ahead , It doesn't mean that such projects are the final form of the meta universe .

With Facebook And other Internet giants , Their user traffic and development capabilities are likely to have an impact on the existing leaders . When the , The threshold is getting higher and higher The Sandbox They compete with internet giants who are good at burning money and robbing users , Will face the real test .

According to the The Sandbox Data show that , The total amount of land available for sale is 166464 block , At present, it has not been fully sold . Based on the current floor price , When this part of land is sold completely , The market value of its land alone will reach 125 RMB 100 million . About... At its initial price 6360 Yuan calculation ,The Sandbox The company's income from the sale of land will at least reach 10.6 One hundred million yuan . at present , The latest sale of dog Godfather Theme ordinary plot, the lowest price is 4.2 Ten thousand yuan .

According to The Sandbox The official Foundation 10 Monthly data shows , In addition to land income , It also holds about 2 A billion dollar token .

obviously , Yes The Sandbox and “ Whale player ” Come on , Their business is clearer and more cost-effective . Today, the players who choose to pick up the high plate , Where are you going to find a new receiver ?

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