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Founder of ENS: not only Eth, to be the domain name service provider of every digital resource in the world

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Following 2019 After year ,Web3.0 This concept is mentioned again , And quickly spread , Just a few days ago , Internet KOL Pan Luan presided over a debate about Web2.0 And Web3.0 The discussion of the , The maximum flow is close to 20 ten thousand . obviously ,Web3.0 It is no longer only concentrated in the blockchain industry , Start telling new stories in the global Internet technology industry .

Ethereum Name Service(ENS) It is one of the important infrastructures of Ethereum network , Of course. Web3.0 The important infrastructure of the network . In Ethereum Ecology , More and more protocols are beginning to support ENS, use ENS Make a name , use NFT Be a Avatar , use mirror Record life , use AR Store content , It's already Web3.0 People's standard configuration , And a lot of Web3.0 The foundation of social applications .

that ENS How did the founders of ENS Wish Jinghe Web3.0 The story of , He was a guest a few days ago The Defiant, Talked with the host about what he did ENS The story and original intention of , as well as ENS The future of . Rhythm BlockBeats Translate the full text as follows :

Camila Russo( host ): Nick yes Ethereum Domain name service (ENS) Founder and main developer of , It is ENS yes Ethereum Domain name version , He will also talk about all the details in a later interview .ENS allow Ethereum Users link readable domain names to their Ethereum Address , This allows sending and receiving Crypto It's easier . however , This is just ENS The starting point of the road map and future goals . Basically , you are here Crypto Twitter Anything you see on the has .eth All domain names come from ENS. therefore , Before we begin to discuss ENS Before the story and development goals , I want to know what made you start ENS?

Nick Johnson: Remember it was 2016 In the year , I was still working at Google , And as a software engineer , At that time, a well-known financial services company contacted me and said :「 You want to find a job Ethereum Work on the ?」 I replied :「 I don't want to , but Ethereum Sounds like fun .」 Then I wrote some code first , Then I created several libraries . Then I got Ethereum The phone number of the foundation , They asked me ,「 You are willing to Go Ethereum or Swarm Go to work ?」 It sounds more exciting , Because I've never worked remotely , I haven't done any contracting work , So it will be a full challenge for me , But I decided to choose this job .

I just started at Swarm To work on , One project requires a domain name service to provide domain names for decentralized content , For example, you are in Swarm and IPFS What I saw on the . So I just wanted to do a sideline at first, and then I established today's business ENS, But then it quickly evolved from a small sideline to my full-time job at the foundation . Then we separate it , Set up their own organization , And created today's ENS.

CR: Can you tell us something about Swarm Do you ?

NJ:Swarm Is a similar to IPFS Decentralized content storage . It's a Ethereum Native programs , And in Ethereum An incentive system is built on . They recently launched a Token Delivery mechanism , But even if they put a lot of effort into it , It's not as hot as IPFS.

Ethereum The foundation is for ENS Funding  

CR:ENS It was originally made by Ethereum Funded and guided by the foundation ?

NJ: Yes , It was originally me in Ethereum The foundation (EF) Last authorized sideline project . But then as it grew , I can't finish all the work alone , So the foundation suggested that I set up a team to be responsible for ENS The business of , Why don't you set up your own team , And they gave us a lot of money . We used this money to recruit the first people who were willing to work with me , These people are ENS He also did some volunteer or paid work for us when he belonged to the foundation . Then we developed step by step , Now there is a stable registered income .

CR: Is this kind of thing common in foundations , Let an internal project stand alone , Set up your own company ?

NJ: I think they want to encourage this , But we haven't really happened anything like this before , Because sometimes , This is not realistic , Such as Go Ethereum Such core infrastructure , It doesn't seem to bring any benefits if you stand alone . It's hard to see how they will benefit from a completely independent organization . But in other cases it makes sense , For example, for us , The initial funds provided by the foundation can give us a firm foothold , Let everything go smoothly , And we made significant progress in the first two years .

ENS I haven't considered the issue of income , The registration fee is set to reduce the number of spam and illegal occupation , But it does bring us considerable income , This is a surprise .


Nick Johnson

CR: That sounds interesting , I'd like to ask how much the foundation has given you ?

NJ: They gave us a million dollars . This was probably the case at that time , They asked me to draw up a grant , So I thought about how many employees I needed to hire , How much should I pay them and what else I need , wait . Finally, the result of my calculation is , The first year's operating expenses need 50 Thousands of dollars , however , The final decision is still in Vitalik in the hand , He said :「 This is not enough , Give them a million dollars .」

I'm really grateful to them for giving us so much money , The money helped us through a difficult time , Let us have a foothold . Without this grant , We may not have what we have achieved today . They later gave us a special grant , It also means a lot to us .

CR: Does the foundation now own ENS What about your shares ?

NJ: did not , That's just the money they gave us .Ethereum The foundation is a non-profit foundation , So the reason why they give us money is simply to protect ENS Can work properly .

ENS The operation mode of

CR: Can you talk about your business model and the income from registration ? You mentioned before , When you take your ENS When you stand alone , Did not consider the issue of income , But your company does have a stable income , So what's your vision for the future ? Do you want to build it into a for-profit company ? Can you tell me how much you actually earn now ?

NJ: I've always wanted to put ENS Build a public welfare undertaking , Not a profit-making enterprise , Or trying to profit from it , Because I want people to use the domain name system . however , When building a domain name system , The first problem you need to solve is , How to ensure that names that people find interesting or useful are not immediately robbed by speculators , Then resell in the secondary market .

When you're building a neutral system , You can't completely eliminate this situation , But what you can do is set some costs , Make the stolen name not cost-effective , And force speculators to pay more attention to what they think is most valuable .Namecoin Such a system has been invaded by speculators , So that it is very illiquid —— It's hard for you to find a favorite domain name on it , Because speculators have long used extreme premiums to resell them , And the secondary market is also very inefficient . therefore , We want to try to avoid this situation , At the same time, it can not affect ordinary users .

stay ENS The first version of has an auction based system , If you win the auction , So as long as you hold this domain name , You can't get your deposit back . Of course, this is not for profit , It's just the cost you should pay for using the domain name , This will have a positive effect in theory .

But the problem is , Squatters and speculators know they will sell the name and get back the deposit . However, any long-term project investor defaults that he can no longer get back the deposit , Because for them , Giving up domain names is not realistic , This situation further aggravates the phenomenon of unauthorized occupation . therefore , We have decided to adopt the model of annual registration fee , And the fee is also charged symbolically . about 5 Domain names with more than characters , The annual registration fee is 5 dollar —— Now? Ethereum The transaction cost has been several times higher . Even so , This model does limit speculation to some extent , Unused domain names will be returned to the registration pool , And it also provides us with higher income than expected .

At today's etheric price ,ENS In the multi sign and soon after DAO in , Have a value of about 4000 Million dollars in assets , among 2000 Million is the money we have made . Because, for example, someone registered a two-year domain name a year ago , So now the first year has passed , We've got half the money , The other half of the money will be recognized as income in the future . Later DAO launched , It will also have its own Token, To reward people for participating in governance , Or have done something that meets ENS Projects with development ideas .

CR: So this 4000 Million is the net registration fee income , And the income is similar to ENS Token The vault is separate ?

NJ: Yes , About 1000 Ten thousand is USDC, The rest are now ETH. But of course , once DAO After taking over , They will take over all the management work .

The road to decentralization

CR: Can you talk about creating DAO Your vision or goal ?

NJ: From the first day , Our goal is to build a decentralized system , This means that we need to get rid of artificial control to the greatest extent , I firmly believe that this is the most feasible way to establish a decentralized system . meanwhile , We should also minimize the number of systems that need to be executed by the trusted party , So , We build a system that is managed in an encrypted way with the help of certificates , And gradually remove some permissions that will no longer be used . therefore , Even with ENS For management ENS Root key holder , Nor can it affect existing registrations , Because they don't have this permission anymore . Even if we end up with DAO Took over , They can't do that .

The second thing we have to do is to change our original from 70 The mode of management of individual holders has shifted to a more decentralized mode , In the future DAO Will control the overall development . We have raised enough money so far , We will release enough funds beyond our operating expenses , Used to fund other public welfare undertakings and Ethereum Other undertakings in the ecosystem . secondly , We'll also be interested in ENS Make constant upgrades and adjustments , So as to ensure its normal operation .

When we were founded ,DAO It's a new thing , And I don't think it's mature enough , So I don't really want to ENS To a budding DAO. But from then on , Even in the past six months to a year , The ecosystem has matured , Not only built many tools , But also has a wealth of practical operation , And the smart contract system , For example, we are using OpenZeppelin Components ( It is based on DAO Composite model of ), In addition, we have successfully removed human manipulation from the management function , We are confident that we will return control to the community .

CR: For a founder , Have the confidence to entrust the organization established over the years to a group of decentralized Token Holder is a very interesting thing . You just mentioned that the management no longer has management authority , I think it sounds a little disturbing , Because that means no one can control ENS The operation mode of . How will you deal with these risks , Why do you think decentralization is the right decision ?

NJ: Part of the reason is ,ENS It's been like this since the first day of creation . Since launch , We have seven key holders , This is certainly not enough to decentralize , But it's better than me alone . and , We are not a group of several people from the same company , Several of us come from the whole Ethereum Community , And a group worthy of trust and respect .

We hope , If someone ( Not necessarily me ) Propose to upgrade or change ENS, They will look at it critically , And assess whether this is a good idea . This mechanism can not only prevent someone's key from being leaked , It's also a way of self-control . The committee or board of directors will be responsible for reviewing any proposal , And make sure they always Ethereum Keep the best interests of the community in mind .

therefore , In a way ,ENS Hand over to DAO Just another step in this direction . I can't control the direction of things anymore , And I have to convince others that it's a good idea . however , As more participants continue to join , We may inevitably make some serious mistakes . But at the same time , There are a lot of DAO Are developing very well , And achieved success in decentralized governance , In the process of learning from them, we also regained our confidence , Let's be sure that we didn't put ENS In danger .

in my opinion , The worst case we may encounter is the misallocation and misuse of funds , But there is no guarantee ENS It is important for user safety and the normal use of the domain name without being misappropriated .

CR: Can you talk about how you designed ENS Token Assigned ? Why is it designed like this ?

NJ: Token The design of distribution mechanism is also very important to achieve our long-term goal , As the first public welfare product to serve the community , Our goal is to provide users with the most effective and convenient services . stay Token How to allocate the above , We will mainly look at the number of domain names registered by users or the number of years of registration . But there is also a problem with this allocation , Some people who want to seek self-interest through the system will get a lot of governance Token, This is not conducive to the development of the system , Those who have been using the system will not receive much reward .

therefore , We want to set a set of parameters , To identify those who have been using the system , And distribute airdrops to those who do use the system . More Than This , These parameters have to be difficult to forge .

So we split the airdrop into two halves , Half of them are based on the number of days that the account has a domain name in the past . therefore , If you own this domain name from the first day , Then you can get the biggest airdrop . But if you are Snapshot Registered the day before , Then you won't get any money . It's hard to fake this number of days , You had to be four years ago ENS I began to think about airdrop on the day of Launch , It is possible to forge success , So this is a very good allocation plan .

But the first mock exam has ignored those enthusiasm and just joined. ENS Participants , So the other half of the airdrop will be allocated according to how long your last expiring name has been registered . We think this is a good indicator , Because if you don't think ENS Can achieve long-term development , You may not register for ten or eight years , Two more years . So , If you are willing to register for a long time , That means you believe ENS, I also think this domain name can be valid for a long time . But the registration time can't be as long as you want , Up to eight years , Because if someone wants to register for thousands of years , Then we have to put the whole DAO Give it to him .

The last point is whether you have set your domain name as the main DNS domain name , If you're logging into an apple account or voting , If the domain name appears , That means you are really using the domain name , In this way, we will double the amount of the other two parts of the airdrop .

CR: In general Token In Supply , How many are assigned to users , How much is allocated to ENS What about the domain name holder ?

NJ:25% Assigned to domain name holders by airdrop ,50% Stay here DAO In the vault , And by the Token Holder Management .

CR: ENS Of Token What is the economy like ?Token How to accumulate the value of ?

NJ: The Token Designed as a governance Token,DAO Additional functions can be added to it , But our main goal is to get those who have helped ENS Successful people participate in governance , And make sure they can help manage the whole system . therefore , Its function is , If you get ENS Of Token, You can delegate your voting rights to others , Then this person can vote on proposals such as how to use treasury funds to fund other public welfare undertakings , You can also vote on how the system should be modified .

CR: Next... In the vault Token How will it be distributed ? Whether there is an inflation mechanism ? What's your plan ?

NJ:  In the vault 500 m Token You can use it at any time , And the rest of the 4500 Wan Ze has a four-year cashing period , In case all the money in the vault one day 5000 ten thousand Token All transferred .Token Equipped with 2% Inflation rate , signify DAO From next year 11 Voting begins in... Month , take Token Of the total 2% Assign to an address , And this behavior can be carried out once a year .

CR: So you have a built-in 2% The annual inflation rate of ?

NJ: Yes , And at most 2%, They can also choose to exercise or not to exercise .

CR: then Token The holder may at any time determine the specific amount of its issue ?

NJ: Yes .

ENS Airdrop

CR: Has the airdrop been going on for a month ?

NJ: We are in 11 month 1 The air drop announced on the th , The actual airdrop is in 11 month 8 Japan , And today is 11 month 24 The day , So it's been about three weeks since we announced it .

CR: In the meantime , What interesting governance proposals have you received ?

NJ: See things start to get on track , I'm really happy . As we expected , In the activation of 「 Article zero 」 Some of the discussions before the Charter basically explained the Charter and why ENS DAO Can be placed outside the rule system . Although this is only a draft proposal , But I'm glad to see that the community is also actively involved . We also want to see about the transfer of the treasury from multiple signatures to DAO Proposal , And this will be a formal petition from the multi signature key holder .

But there are some things we didn't think of , for instance , We encountered a subtle problem when calculating the airdrop multiplier . If the account receiving airdrop has a major ENS Domain name settings , Then the account can get the airdrop multiplier , But someone pointed out , Some people's accounts ENS The domain name is probably someone else's domain name . I know a lot of people do this for security reasons , However, these accounts are still unable to obtain airdrop multipliers , Although they also use ENS.

therefore , At present, there is a very popular proposal under discussion , We plan to use the value of about 20 Thousands of dollars in DAO Token Send additional airdrops to these users —— After getting airdropped 13.7 Of 10000 users , There are about 2000 Users get the extra airdrop .

next step , I'll think about how to set up a working group , And give them a budget , So they don't have to do it for 5 individual ETH Capital of , And seek the whole DAO Approved by , Because if so ,DAO It will be difficult to manage .

CR: That sounds interesting , What role do you play in it ?

NJ:  I'm still running True Names, This is a development company ,ENS Most of the infrastructure is built by it . Sometimes , We will also ask DAO Apply for a budget to continue operations . More Than This , I'm also involved in governance , Ensure the smooth progress of the work , So that people's proposals can really get attention , And finally implemented by vote .

CR: You think your development company will be the future construction ENS The only organization in the world ? Or since it has become a DAO, Other development companies will work with your company or ENS To compete ?

NJ: I certainly hope we won't be the only company , But I think , As long as we do well enough , Then we can cooperate with other companies , Instead of competing with each other , This will be more effective . But if we don't do well , Then I hope others can stand up . And I hope anyway , I hope someone can stand up and say ,「 If you give us part of the budget , Then we can do a lot 」.


CR: I'm interested in these from DAO The emerging business model developed is of great interest . I know it's only three weeks since the airdrop , But I want to ask you where ENS increase Token What lessons or initial gains have you learned in the process of ?

NJ: Our operations director Brantley The content posted on Twitter has now become an online mystery . He said ,「 You're not just dropped Token, You were airdropped a responsibility 」. I think it's funny , Of course, it immediately resonated with people . I jokingly said , This tweet is helping people understand ENS DAO The effect of , More than all our previous efforts combined .

Many people now choose to entrust others to deal with their own Token Related matters , Therefore, we have established the corresponding claim process , To encourage people to delegate . future Token How the Commission will develop remains to be seen , Because it depends on DAO Want to give Token What functions besides governance .

CR: I have been in Twitter Post on to ask people to ask me questions , One of the problems is ,「 The Token Will you need a pledge ?」, It's too early to think about this ?

NJ: Yes , I have no idea about this problem . in my opinion , We should find out first ENS and DAO Development objectives , If pledge is needed to achieve these goals , Then we'll let people pledge . A more interesting suggestion I see is , We can change the current voting mechanism , Let the mechanism identify when you hold the vote , Doing so encourages people to keep their ENS To vote . therefore , If they are ENS Long term users of , Not those who vote only because they are interested in something , Then they will have more say .

ENS Used as a digital identity

CR:ENS What is your long-term vision ?

NJ: Our long-term vision is , We want to be the domain name system of all digital resources in the world . We are DNS Improve on the basis of Technology , Make it more decentralized and convenient . So what we want to do is not just Ethereum Domain name service , What's more, I want the domain name to be part of your decentralized identity , For example, we have launched Sign-In With Ethereum service , It allows you to use your Ethereum Account as personal identity , And show your name and personal photos , And ENS Well combined .

CR: So you want to provide domain names for all blockchain addresses , Not just Ethereum The address? ?

NJ: Yes , We have supported more than 100 A popular blockchain .

CR: You are trying to make ENS Become a digital identity , And hope it can replace Google or Facebook Log in , So will you log in with your blockchain address in the future ?

NJ: It is so , And unlike those systems , You can manage your identity with your own encryption key , Without relying on third-party service providers .

CR: What do you think of this improvement in user experience ? You think people will have their own digital archives , There are all your assets 、NFT, And different from DApp Interactive history of ? What will blockchain users' profiles look like ?

NJ: We recently released some pictures of the redesigned Manager , It contains a lot of this content , It's very much like what you said , It can manage users' profiles and update them , But it can't generate history yet , But this is what we will build in the future .

CR: I think the avatar is in the user's wallet NFT, Am I right? ?

NJ: Yes , But you can also use any image you like , But we are NFT More interested in , We'll let you set NFT It becomes more convenient as a avatar .

CR: Do you think this new user profile will be related to Web 2.0 Integration ? I can use ENS Sign in Twitter Do you , Then the profile photo is my avatar ? Can such integration go smoothly ?

NJ:  That's what we want to see , It's also Sign-In With Ethereum The direction we are working on . We are building OAuth gateway , It works with Google 、Facebook and GitHub The authentication provider used for login is basically the same , This means that you only need to deploy any of them , Then update the existing Web 2.0 Applications , Use this specific gateway to log in , And integrate with all existing protocols that use it .

CR: That sounds interesting , What effect will it have ? Continue with Twitter For example , Maybe you can ask others Twitter The user sends an encryption prompt ?

NJ: Yes , Our idea is , You have only one unified profile in all services , So you only need to set the data once , This information can appear in all services , People who want to follow you can see what services you are using .Twitter You can choose to automatically provide personal data to their users , therefore , Your existing Twitter Login can be used as ENS File to use , The domain name is your user name plus, You can use it in any other service , And it will automatically get your Twitter Avatar and profile .

CR: I look forward to it very much , Once we start using DeFi and Web 3.0, And use MetaMask or Ethereum Wallet to log in to different DApp, that Web 2.0 Your login method is completely dwarfed . Because in that way , We have to divulge our email and personal information , More Than This , You have to memorize the password again and again , But if we can all use Ethereum Wallet or blockchain wallet to log in , Everything becomes much easier .

NJ: That's nature .

take ENS And Web 2.0 Integration

CR:ENS How will it be integrated with Internet domain names and website names ?

NJ: I think this will involve two aspects . One is , Use today's ENS, You can IPFS Or other content storage hosting websites , And link to your ENS On the domain name . such as , If you use a with MetaMask Browser , Then you just need to enter .eth domain name , And in ENS Add a slash after the domain name , It will load in your web browser , Like the others DNS Domain names are the same . If you don't use this browser , Or you want to link these words to other places , Then you can go to ENS Add... At the end of the domain name .link or .lambo, After that, it will be parsed by a gateway service that can be used by people all over the world .

On the other hand ,ENS And all the DNS Namespaces are integrated . therefore , As I mentioned before In the example of ,Twitter Can be in ENS Claim in China domain name , So they can use As ENS name , instead of twitter.eth 了 . therefore , They can use the wallet address to set up , But what's more interesting is , They can host a website on it , So they can create subdomains for all users .

therefore , Every user can have their Address , Or any other domain they want to use . therefore , We will all these existing DNS Namespace integration into ENS in , Because we believe , Improving the existing domain name service is the starting point for the effective establishment of the future system .

CR: So now , whatever Web 2.0 Domain name owners can be in ENS Set their .com、.org Or any other suffix domain name , And link their existing domain names to blockchain accounts ?

NJ: you 're right , Most of them are like this . But there are some top-level domains , Especially domain names with country codes , It cannot be set yet , But the rest 97% To 98% Domain name of , You can set and link freely .

CR: So I can use And in ENS Search it in and link it to my account ? I think I already have TheDefiant.eth Your email address .

NJ: Yes , Then you can do anything .

CR: That would be great. , So what can I do with it after I link it to my account ?

NJ:  Basically , All that can be used .eth The domain name can basically do everything . You can link them to IPFS Content or personal wallet , You can also use contracts to issue subdomains , So you can send sub domain names to users , Or you can manually distribute your domain name for other purposes .

If you want to TheDefiant.eth Send subdomain names to people , Then people can keep the domain name forever , So as to obtain a certain sense of security . but DNS Domain names can't guarantee this , Because its ownership depends on the outside DNS Registrar and DNS Actual owner of domain name . however , In the use of ENS Other applications of , You can also be in Create a profile on . thus , When you log in , The file will be displayed .

CR: therefore , If I could give all The Defiant Our users provide their specific ENS URL name , Then the name will be used as The profile on exists ?

NJ: Yes , you 're right .

CR: Can they keep this domain name permanently ? It is also said that the functions and attributes of different data pages are also different , For example, paying users will get special domain names , Give them access to paid content , The website can recognize these names and give them access ?

NJ: Yes , Of course .

CR:ENS Director of operations Brantley Milligan Once posted a tweet , Attracted a lot of people's attention , He said :「 I hope everyone understands , Most of the suffixes of these encrypted domain names do not recognize global namespaces , And in the future DNS and ENS For different people ..ETH It's already occupied , So it can't be used for people anymore , But it's .sol、.crypto And other domain names can be used by everyone 」. Can you explain this tweet ?

NJ: therefore , When we think of domain names with suffixes , Our main consideration is the existing DNS Namespace ——.com、.net、.org, But more than a thousand new top-level domain names have emerged . And that's all because ICANN( Internet domain name and digital address distribution organization ) Issued and managed . The reason why these domain names exist today , Because the agency held an auction a few years ago , At the meeting, bidders can bid to register a new top-level domain name , Then the organization will issue these domain names to the successful bidder . And almost certainly , In the next few years , They will hold another such auction .

These domain names are recognized in every browser and application in the United States . therefore , Other blockchain domain name systems are also launching dozens of different top-level domain names , Sometimes there are many top-level domain names in a system . This raises a problem , That is, two identical domain names are linked from different sources . Now Crypto It's very hot ,.crypto Domain names will also be very popular in auctions , So among many decentralized domain name systems , It is not known who will eventually win the domain name .

.eth The suffix is not so lucky , because ETH The three letters are also the country code of Ethiopia , But we are not going to give up this domain name . We are still trying to maintain cooperation with the online community , And promise them :「 We need our own namespace , But we will not damage the global namespace . contrary , We are integrating with it , So as to provide people with more functions , And I think we are doing well in this regard .

CR: ok , But it's a little confusing . So , Although you can integrate ENS All existing Web 2.0 domain name , Link it to your address , And put the routine DNS The domain name is linked to the blockchain address , But the existing Web 3.0 domain name , Such as .sol and .crypto, Can you still do this ? Although they exist in Web 3.0 On , But can they be in Web 2.0 Appear on ? Will there be another auction ? And what's uncertain is , If you have ENS Upper .crypto domain name , Do you really have it ?

NJ:  therefore ENS Committed to issuing only .eth domain name , therefore , If I can issue to someone .crypto domain name , Then this will become ENS An internal top-level domain name , And managed by this person , Not by claiming to own .crypto Blockchain naming system for domain names .

CR: well , So this is for today's .crypto What does it mean for the owner of ?

NJ: Well, I mean , There are likely to be two competing servers in the future , Both claim to have the same domain name , But their domain names actually belong to different servers , Therefore, it will cause great trouble to people . for instance , People may think they are using the same language as .crypto The same system , But it's actually other systems , Then they are likely to suffer losses . Although this situation is dangerous , But it's also inevitable , because ICANN It's impossible to ban people from using their own domain names . therefore , Some domain names must have more than one owner , In a DNS, One in their own proprietary domain name system .

A lucky coincidence

CR: What are you going to do with .eth What about the coincidence ?

NJ:  It's really a coincidence , because eth It's also a country code , At present, the country code used in many countries is only two letters , Such as .uk、.ch、.nz wait , So although the country code is retained , But it can't be released . We hope to cooperate with Ethiopia , On how to deal with .eth To reach an agreement .

CR: It's really interesting .

NJ: Yes , you 're right . I think for any naming system , These collisions should be minimized . And I think , We can't issue top-level domain names with buzzwords , Because this is bound to lead to conflicts among Internet giants .

CR: You mentioned in the conversation that , Now? Ethereum Of Gas The fee is ENS Many times the actual registration fee . How are you going to solve this situation , Will consider using Layer 2 Do you ?

NJ: Yes , We do have plans in this regard , We discussed it at some meetings , Also listened to Vitalik The advice of , And on the basis of it, it is extended . Our basic idea is , We want people to choose what they want to host Layer 2 agreement , Instead of having to be used uniformly ENS Of Layer 2 agreement . It can be TheDefiant.eth Such a secondary domain name , It can also be Optimism、Arbitrum Or whatever network you think is right .

In the long run , We will study how to .eth The registration of such new secondary domain names will be transferred to L2. But in the short term , We will focus on how to make L2 Participate in managing and creating subdomains , We expect many users to pass L2 Obtain a subdomain name provided by the wallet provider or a third party , Instead of registering your own secondary domain name .

CR: that ENS What will be your next step ? What kind of products are being developed recently ? What kind of products do you expect to launch in the near future ?

NJ: We hope to launch the just mentioned... In the near future L2 project , At least for private deployment , Then maybe first in Optimism go online . We have made great improvements to the manager , So as to effectively improve the user experience and provide some new functions . meanwhile , We have also improved a large set of smart contracts , This will allow Name Wrapper With limited permission , Easier to publish subdomains . We have also improved some core contracts , Improve its availability , And reduced. Gas fee . These improvements have effectively improved ENS User experience of registering and managing domain names .

CR: Do you think Web 3.0 When will login become popular ?

NJ: I think we can see preliminary signs in the next two or three months , because Sign-In With Ethereum It is developing rapidly and maturing , Many websites will start using this program . I've also heard of some large Web 2.0 The company will also begin to adopt and deploy it , And bring us more relevant talents . It's like ENS Like anything else ,Web 3.0 Login is adopted and accepted by everyone, which will not be completed overnight , But we've got a good start , I hope it can produce a certain snowball effect , So as to achieve more efficiency 、 Rapid development .

CR: That reminds me Discord A tweet from the chief operating officer , In another tweet, he suggested that people can use Ethereum Log in , But this has also been resisted , I'd like to hear your opinion on this matter .

NJ: I think Sign-In With Ethereum The appearance of is really exciting , So I'm very disappointed at the resistance of some people . I find that some people have hated Crypto For joy , They are indiscriminate , For all the Crypto The development of all hold a hostile attitude . indeed ,Crypto Communities and Crypto There are still many problems to be solved , But it also brings us a lot of convenience , So I really don't want people to fall into a dead circle —— If they don't like something , Think everything about it is evil and meaningless .

CR: I agree with you , It's really disappointing , I hope more people can put Ethereum Login is seen as an empowerment tool , Can manage our digital identity . I have another question , stay ENS in , What is the most misunderstood or underestimated thing ?

NJ: In my submission ENS The most misunderstood thing is , People think that ENS Your domain name is only .eth, But in fact ENS Also have DNS domain name . And that is , People think that ENS Can only be used to provide domain names for wallets , In fact, you can use it for IPFS Content , It can also be used for data information 、 User discovery and digital identity, etc .

CR: This conversation is very wonderful , You make us look forward to Web 3.0 and ENS The future of , I also hope more people are willing to understand ENS.

NJ: It's my pleasure , Thank you . 

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